Monster Hunter World How to Mount

Monster Hunter World: How to Mount Monsters

Mounting is a mechanic in Monster Hunter World that was also present in previous entries in the series. Figuring out how to mount a monster in Monster Hunter World is a bit trickier than in past games though. Below we’ll show you everything you need to know about how mounting works in Monster Hunter World and what actions you can take while you’re on a monster.

How to Mount in Monster Hunter World

If you’re trying to mount a monster in Monster Hunter World, don’t expect any special button prompts telling you when you can do it. To pull off a mount, you’ll have to hit the monster while you’re in the air. The best way to do this is to jump from a ledge onto a monster and press an attack button while doing so. If you pulled it off right, you should grab onto one of two areas (three on some monsters).

You can mount a monster’s head, body, or tail. Mounting counts as a status effect, though it’s hard to tell the enemy is affected. In previous games, you’d get a yellow stroke added to the hit effect to let you know that your attacks are counting as mount damage, but Monster Hunter World doesn’t have any indicator, at least in the beta.

Just because you attack a monster while jumping from the right spot doesn’t mean you’ll mount it. Different creatures have different resistances to mounting, and with each successful mount, a monster will become more resistant.

How to Attack Monsters When Mounted in Monster Hunter World

Damaging creatures when mounted is easy. Just mash attack and you’ll wack it. However, the monster can attempt to buck you off by smashing you against the wall or ground. You’ll have to move from one part of the beast to the other and brace to avoid this.

Also, keep an eye on your stamina. Once it hits 0, you’ll fall off the creature.

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