Monster Hunter World Famitsu Review Gives it a Near-Perfect Score

An early Monster Hunter World review from the Japanese publication Famitsu has given the game a near-perfect score, rewarding it a 39/40.

Famitsu rewards its games in four separate categories, with Capcom’s upcoming action RPG receiving a 10/10/10/9.  This makes it the highest-rated game since Super Mario Odyssey, which also received a 39/40 back in October 2017.

This will be encouraging news for Monster Hunter fans, who have been excited to see what the series can bring to the table in its first PS4 and Xbox One release. The game’s beta went down well with players, and if Famitsu’s review is anything to go by, the final game looks set to be a real treat.

Other games reviewed in the new Famitsu issue includes the popular physics-based game Human Fall Flat, which received a 27/40, and the PS Vita game Katahane: An’ Call Belle, which received 32/40. The high score for Monster Hunter World kicks off an impressive 2018, with there being plenty of games over the next year to look forward to. You can check them all out in our Most Anticipated Games of 2018 list.

Capcom recently debuted some new gameplay footage, detailing Monster Hunter World‘s Coral Highlands area. You can check it out below:

Monster Hunter World will launch on PS4 and Xbox One on January 26th. The release date for the PC version of the game has yet to be announced.

(H/T Gematsu)