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Monster Hunter World: How to Get a Pet

In Monster Hunter World you’ll have a constant companion in the form of the feline Palico, but that’s not the only friend you’re limited to. You can get a multitude of pets that you can keep in your room by catching them when you’re out on your journey. Below we’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting pets in Monster Hunter World.

How to Get a Pet in Monster Hunter World

You start Monster Hunter World with the item you need to equip to capture a pet. If you cycle through your inventory with the D-Pad, you’ll notice that you have a capture net. To get a pet you’ll need to trap it in the capture net, which is easier said than done.

The capture net is controlled a lot like the slinger is, so if you’ve gotten practice with that, you should be good to go. To ready the net you hold down LT on Xbox One or L2 on PS4. You can throw it by pressing RT on Xbox One or R2 on PS4. If you happen to see a small critter running around during your travels, then it’s likely you can capture it and keep it as a pet.

Once you’ve trapped a suitable animal, you’ll notice its details will display on the right side of the screen in a tooltip. Once you see that, you can head back to the resource base and go to your room. In your room, talk to the housekeeper, and they will have an option you can use to display your new pet. Choose whichever one you want from the list and from then on when you visit your room you can see your pet hanging out.

We’re still working on a full list of pets you can have in Monster Hunter World. So far we’ve seen carrier ants, grasshoppers, and shepherd hares, but there’s sure to be plenty more.

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