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Sea of Thieves PS4 Release Date: Is it Coming to PlayStation 4?

Players on PC and Xbox One are enjoying Sea of Thieves, and PS4 players are feeling left out. If you’re wondering when the PS4 will get to join in on the pirate adventuring, you might be disappointed. Because of who the game is made by, it’s improbable the PlayStation 4 will ever see a release date for Sea of Thieves. To find out why Sea of Thieves PS4 won’t be a thing, read on below.

Will Sea of Thieves Come to PS4?

It’s highly unlikely that Sea of Thieves will ever get a PS4 release date. Rare is developing the game for Xbox One and PC, and given the studio’s relationship with Microsoft, it’s doubtful that it has any plans to bring the game to Sony’s console. For better or worse (most of the time the latter), Microsoft bought Rare in 2002, and it became a first-party developer for the Xbox platform.

Although Rare has released games on Nintendo’s handhelds in the past, it’s not going to put out a product on anything that rivals the Xbox One. It’s basically how Naughty Dog is with Sony, and with the Xbox so hard up for exclusive titles Microsoft is not going to give their competition a step up.

PC players are little luckier though. Sea of Thieves is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, so if you own it for Xbox One, then you can play it on a Windows PC. Sea of Thieves supports cross-play between the two platforms too, so if you own an Xbox, but your friend only games on PC, you can still play together.

When is the Sea of Thieves PS4 Release Date?

As we said above, it’s highly unlikely that Sea of Thieves will ever come to PS4. If it does, then the release date is way out in the future. However, there is another pirate game coming out this year from Ubisoft that will hit PS4 called Skull and Bones.

If you’re a huge pirate fan and don’t have a PC or PS4 Skull and Bones might sate your salty soul. As for the PC and Xbox One Sea of Thieves release date, those players can set sail on March 20, 2018.

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