Sea of Thieves Chest of Sorrow

Sea of Thieves Crying Chest: How to Stop the Tears of the Chest of Sorrow

In Sea of Thieves, when you find a chest, most of the time it will just be a typical wood box. However, every once in a while you find a special cursed treasure that requires a little more work. One of these is the crying chest, the Chest of Sorrow. You’ll find out quickly that if you don’t know how to sooth its tears, then they’ll soon fill up your boat and sink it. Below is everything you need to know about the crying chest in Sea of Thieves, and how to transport the Chest of Sorrow safely.

Where Do I Find the Crying Chest in Sea of Thieves?

Trying to find a specific type of chest is hard in Sea of Thieves because the loot is randomized. You can find chests in shipwrecks, in island caves, and by going on quests for the Gold Hoarders. However, during our time playing it seemed like the higher the level (and cost) of the Gold Hoarder voyage we took on, the more likely it was that we’d run into the Chest of Sorrow and other unique treasure chests.

If you want to find the Chest of Sorrow in Sea of Thieves your best bet is to level up and buy access to more advanced voyages. The multi-chapter ones especially seemed to give you a high chance to run across at least one epic chest, but again, it’s likely a random spawn.

How do I Stop the Chest of Sorrow From Crying?

Once you find a Chest of Sorrow, you’ll notice that it’s crying. Unfortunately, those tears aren’t just cosmetic. They’re genuine and the crying chest will flood your boat quickly if you don’t figure out the secret to calming it.

Fortunately, there is a way to stop the crying chest from flooding your ship, though you shouldn’t feel bad if you didn’t figure it out by yourself, it’s not very obvious. Once you’ve secured the Chest of Sorrow aboard your ship, you’ll need to play it a sad song to stop its tears. You can do this by accessing your menu and selecting the concertina (looks like an accordion) or the hurdy-gurdy (looks like a strange violin). Sometimes the chest will stop responding to the music at all. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or a way to encourage teamwork, but if it happens just have another player take over music duty and it should stop crying again.

When you start to play a song, you have to make sure it’s one of the slower tempo minor key songs for the chest to stop crying. If you start playing a faster one, just let go of the play button and press it again, and you should switch songs.

The downside to transporting a Chest of Sorrow in Sea of Thieves (besides it having the potential to flood your ship), is that it puts a crew member out of commission. Someone has to stay with it and play music the entire voyage to an outpost, or it will start weeping again. Additionally, the music can carry on the wind and alert other ships to your position.

The upside is that you can sell this treasure for much more than your run of the mill chest.

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