Sea Of Thieves Shares Swordplay Behind The Scenes Ahead Of Launch

Sea of Thieves marks the first time Rare, the original creator of Banjo-Kazooie and GoldenEye 007 among other classics, has been able to create a game with pure developmental freedom since its acquisition by Microsoft in 2002. Its goal is to deliver the world's first AAA quality online pirate adventure game, and so far it looks spectacular.

Development has apparently been moving along nicely as Sea of Thieves heads into its final months prior to launch. However, some gamers have wondered if there will be more to the game than sailing and firing cannons. Rare has taken this as an opportunity to show off its swordplay mechanics, and more specifically give a behind the scenes look at how it's being designed. The video can be seen above.

As mentioned on the game's official website, Sea of Thieves is all about "adventuring into a treacherous shared world" as you hunt treasure, and other players if you wish. You can make friends and group up with them before battling players in a free-form landscape that incorporates ships, guns, and swords. And, of course, you can drink liquor.

Sea of Thieves will release sometime this year for PC and Xbox One.