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Monster Hunter World Cross-Platform: Does it Have Cross-Play?

Cross-platform play is a feature that players are demanding more and more as time goes on and many are wondering if one of the biggest games of the season, Monster Hunter World, supports cross-play. Microsoft is killing it with their Xbox Play Anywhere initiative that not only allows Xbox One and PC gamers to play together but gives you both copies for the price of one.

Unfortunately, that program isn’t one that many third-party studios are participating in right now, and it’s mostly first-party Microsoft games that support Play Anywhere. Below is everything you need to know about Monster Hunter World cross-platform play, and what the future may hold concerning it.

Does Monster Hunter World Support Cross-Platform Play?

Even though fans are clamoring for more cross-play capabilities in games, hardware, and software, manufacters continue to turn a deaf ear. Capcom’s Monster Hunter World is no exception. As it stands now, Monster Hunter World players are locked to the platform they purchased the game for with no cross-platform support.

Part of the reason for the lack of cross-play for Monster Hunter World (and other games) is that hardware manufacturers are generally uninterested in working to support their rival’s playerbase. From their perspective, if you’re playing on another console then you bought the wrong version, and you need to pony up the dough for a second copy.

Microsoft is a special case because they make both Xbox and Windows, and have a digital storefront on both platforms. Microsoft doesn’t mind giving two copies of the game out for one purchase because either way, you’re using the Xbox Live service to play. That’s just twice the chance to entice you into buying more games.

Will Monster Hunter World Get Cross-Platform Support in the Future

With the way Sony has been adamant against offering support for cross-play, owners of the PS4 will likely never get the chance to pair up with players from PC or Xbox One. However, Monster Hunter World does have cross-region play, so at least you’re not locked to one region for your whole adventure.

The future is a bit murkier for Windows PC and Xbox One. It’s entirely possible for a game to join the Xbox Play Anywhere program after launch, but the developer would have to be willing and put the work in to do it. As to whether Capcom will do that, only they know.

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