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Monster Hunter World Warm Pelt: How to Find Kelbi and Stock Up Quick

There’s a host of items that you’ll need to keep on hand for crafting in Monster Hunter World. One of the most essential starting out is the Warm Pelt. You’ll want to get a steady supply of Warm Pelts so you can continue to upgrade your armor and other items often. Below we tell you how to get Warm Pelts in Monster Hunter World and the best place to find the monster that drops them.

How to Get Warm Pelts in Monster Hunter World

Fortunately, warm pelts are extremely easy to get in the game once you find out the best source. While multiple animals will drop the warm pelt when you kill and carve them, one of the easiest to take down and most common is the Kelbi.

The Kelbi is a small deer-like creature that eats grass. In almost every area they inhabit they’re the bottom creature on the food chain and are hunted by even the smallest carnivores. Because of this, they startle easily and run at the first sign of danger. Kelbi are fast creatures, but not particularly smart or resourceful, so even if you have to chase them down, it’s not too much of a struggle.

These small creatures travel in herds and besides running will also sometimes try and ram their foe with the horn on their head. It usually doesn’t work that great for them, but it highlights another useful item you can get from them. In addition to the warm pelt, the Kelbi’s horn is a valuable item for crafting medicine and potions.

Also, be wary, sometimes Kelbi like to play dead, which also is a horrible move on their part. However, sometimes when they fall over you still need to finish them off. Once you do, you can carve their body and get a warm pelt.

Since Kelbi travel in herds you’re usually best off just farming for multiple warm pelts at a time instead of just one. You can find these little fellows all over the world, so a source of pelts is usually always somewhat near.

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