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Monster Hunter World: How to Get Monster Hardbone and Monster Bone Plus

You need to get Monster Bone Plus and Monster Hardbone if you want to craft some of the armor and weapons in Monster Hunter World. Monster Bone Plus is an item that will come in handy during the mid-game, while Monster Hardbone is used for high-rank weapons and armor upgrades. Both of them can be obtained by defeating large monsters in Monster Hunter World, and we’ll tell you exactly how to get them below.

How to Get Monster Bone Plus in Monster Hunter World

You can find Monster Bone Plus in Monster Hunter World by defeating certain large monsters. The creatures that drop this Rarity 4 item are some of the biggest in their habitats, so you’re not going to be able to start farming it until you’ve gotten some potent weapons and armor.

Several of these monsters are the apex predators of a region and can put up a tough fight long after you take them out for the first time. The following beasts drop the Monster Bone+ in Monster Hunter World:

  • Rathalos: Seen in the Ancient Forrest.
  • Diablos: Found in Wildspire Waste.
  • Legiana: Can be found in the Coral Highlands.
  • Odogaron: Located in the Rotten Vale.

These monsters respawn each time you fast travel, so once you have the right equipment, farming Monster Bone+ is easy.

How to Get Monster Hardbone in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hardbone is a Rarity 6 item that can be tough to find, and you’re going to have to fight two strong high-rank monsters to obtain it. Make sure before you try and farm this crafting resource that you equip your strongest weapons and armor because the two beasts you have to face aren’t pushovers.

You can find the Monster Hardbone in Monster Hunter World by defeating:

  • Uragaan: Found in the Elder’s Recess.
  • Black Diablos: Located in the Wildspire Waste.

Once you have a steady supply of Monster Hardbone, you can craft and upgrade to some seriously powerful weapons and armor, so the hard work getting them is worth it.

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