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Monster Hunter World: Palico Gadgets List and Locations

In addition to doing damage to your foes, your feline friends have the ability to use Palico gadgets in Monster Hunter World to help you out. Palico gadgets can make the different between life and death in Monster Hunter World, and are a great asset to have during your hunts. Below we’ve put together a list of all the gadgets you can find in-game and what benefits they bring you.

List of All Palico Gadgets in Monster Hunter World

When equipping you Palico with a gadget, there is one limitation you need to keep in mind. You can only equip one gadget at a time, so you’ll want to make sure you choose the one that is the most significant asset in combat against whatever creature you’re targeting.

To change gadgets, you can go to your room and talk to your Palico. You’ll find the list of their available gadgets in the Change Palico Equipment menu.

Vigorwasp Spray

Location: Initial Gadget

If you need a handy heal, the Vigorwasp Spray is the tool you need. Your Palico starts with this gadget, and they’ll automatically summon it to heal you when you’re in need. Once you level up the Vigorwasp Spray to level 5, you’ll be able to manually request a heal whenever the tool is available.

Flashfly Cage

Location: Ancient Forest

Once you’ve played Monster Hunter World for a bit, you’ll notice Flashflys flitting around here and there. These insects will blind monsters if hit in their proximity and are useful for stunning foes so you can rush in and attack. Your Palico can get the Flashfly Cage as a gadget if you accomplish a simple task.

To get the Flashfly Cage you must first unlock all the camps in the Ancient Forest. You can then head towards Area 17. Along the way, make sure to investigate the Grimalkyne markings along the way. Once you hit the top of the big tree in Area 17 of the Ancient Forest, you’ll find the Bugtrappers tribe of Grimalkynes. They’ll ask you to chase a small animal nearby to its den. Do so, and you’ll get the Flashfly Cage.

The initial ability of the Flashfire Cage Palico gadget is pretty useful. Your Palico will send out a Flashfly which will blind your foe for a short period. When you level the item up to Level 5, you’ll gain the ability to ask your Palico to release a Flashfly manually, and there’s a chance it’ll also set a weak Shock Trap for you. The biggest boon and the one that makes it worth leveling up this gadget comes at Level 10. Once the Flashfly Cage reaches that level, you’ll be able to place a Shock Trap without doing any crafting, which is incredible if you’re looking to capture a bunch of monsters.


Location: Wildspire Wastes

In the Wildspire Wastes, you can find the Grimalkyne tribe in Area 15. Make sure to investigate the doodles along the way, and their location will be highlighted. Once you get there, you’ll find them, and you’ll have to follow them to their camp. You can talk to the chief, and they’ll give you a quest to find three Protectors in the Wildspire Wastes.

Once you see the Protectors on the map head after them and capture them using the Capture Net. Once you’ve caught all three, you’ll need to head back to Astera to hand in the quest, then set out on another expedition to Wildspire Wastes and speak with the chief again to complete the Grimalkyne tribe’s quest for this area.

When you speak with the chief, they’ll give you the Shieldspire Palico gadget. The Shieldspire allows your Palico to summon a shield and draw monster aggro by taunting them. While the monster is attacking your Palico, it’ll leave an opening for you to launch your assault. It’s also helpful if you need a moment to catch your breath and heal.

That’s the gadgets we’ve found so far. We’ll be adding more as we discover them.

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