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Monster Hunter World Commemorative Gift: How to Claim It and What it Gives You

Monster Hunter World players are being treated as a “thank you” from Capcom, with a commemorative gift being handed out from the company granting them access to a celebration item pack.

Released to mark the game shipping 5 million units worldwide, the Celebration Item Pack is available from January 31st until February 15th. Capcom will be gradually rolling out the bonus, so if you haven’t received it yet, keep checking in daily to see whether or not it’s been sent to you. If you’ve already obtained your login bonus for the day prior to the update, then you’ll have to wait until the next day to retrieve your items.

Here’s what’s in the Celebration Item Pack and how to get your hands on it:


What’s in the 5 Million Celebration Item Pack?

Your Monster Hunter World commemorative gift continues the following items:

  • 50 Mega Potions
  • 20 Lifepowders
  • 10 Demon Powders
  • 10 Hardshell Powders
  • 5 Steel Eggs


How to Claim the Monster Hunter World Celebration Item Pack

The Celebration Item Pack appears as a login bonus when you play the game online, though how you actually get a hold of items isn’t explained (Monster Hunter World being awkward and vague? Who would have thought!).

It turns out that to get the items you need you need to visit your Housekeeper after claiming your login bonus. The Housekeeper can be found in your room, and you’ll need to select the ‘Claim add-on & bonuses’ option in order to access the Celebration Item Pack.

There you have it! All of those items are now yours. While the potions and powders will serve as useful resources, you can trade in the Steel Eggs for a nice cash bonus, making this a lucrative selection of items.