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Fortnite Blitz Event: What Is Special Event Blitz Mode?

If you’re a little confused about the new Fortnite Blitz event, which has suddenly appeared in the game’s quest list, don’t worry, as you’re not alone! A lot of folks seem to have been stumped by the mysterious new addition. Well, fret not, for its time to get to the bottom of Fortnite Blitz, and what exactly it means!

Fortnite Blitz Event: What Is Special Event Blitz?

The Fortnite Blitz event is a limited time mode, which is not yet available. In fact, the Blitz quests aren’t even supposed to be in the game right now! They were unintentionally introduced with update 2.4.0, and now Epic Games is “working to remove this from [players’] available quests.”

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You can see the Fortnite Blitz event mentioned in the “Known Issues” section of the 2.4.0 patch notes:


  • Chests occasionally have no loot in them
  • Sometimes the first weapon found cannot be equipped
  • Players will receive quests for “Blitz Mode” LTM
    • This mode is not currently available
    • We are working to remove this from available quests
  • You cannot open the pause menu if you go into the DBNO state while in build mode.

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Fortnite Blitz Event: When Is the Special Event Blitz?

As it’s an LTM (limited time mode), we’ll likely learn when the Fortnite Blitz event will go live, shortly before a new patch is released.

Keep an eye on GameRevolution for regular Fortnite updates, and we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available to play!

I’m expecting Fortnite Blitz to feature the new minigun, which is super fun to use. Cover just doesn’t stand a chance!