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Fortnite Shooting Test Update Explained: What is Shooting Test for Fortnite?

Epic Games is trying something really different right now with its limited time game mode, Fortnite Shooting Test #1. This shooting test shows a willingness on Epic Games’ part to adapt and change the ever-popular Battle Royale mode to match player’s expectations. Instead of a cool and fun limited time mode like Sniper Shootout, this shooting test for the game is meant to enhance its future.

You might have jumped into the game today and asked yourself, “what is shooting test for Fortnite?” This limited time mode wasn’t given nearly as much fanfare as recent limited events, and that’s because of the nature of the shooting test #1. Let’s dig into what the shooting test #1 is and how it changes the future of the game.

Fortnite Shooting Test Explained: What is Shooting Test for Fortnite?

What is Shooting Test for Fortnite?

What is shooting test for Fortnite? Well, it’s very different than previous limited time events like Sniper Shootout and 50 versus 50. Basically, it’s like a live test server mode that is a prototype for some changes that could very well come soon to the game.

Explained in a recent Epic Games blog, the Fortnite shooting test #1 is a testing grounds for potential changes that the community can help the developer decide on. Shooting Test 1 is called “First-Shot Accuracy.” First-Shot Accuracy is available to be played right now in the game for a limited time only.

What is this Shooting Test for Fortnite? First-Shot Accuracy will allow your first shot to have a red glow on the reticle when aiming, standing still, or haven’t fired recently. Headshot critical hits have been reduced, damage for guns like the scoped assault rifle has been increased, and other notable balances.

These changes are totally dependent on the community. The Fortnite Shooting Test #1 is but the first of several tests that Epic is releasing in order to create the best online experience possible for the game. The developer asks that you participate, see the changes, and share your thoughts with them on social media. Have fun!