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Monster Hunter World Plunder Blade: How to Get This Palico Tool

One of the most useful tools for your Palico in Monster Hunter World is the Plunder Blade. Your feline friend can use the Plunder Blade to help chop off those monster parts you so vitally need to craft with. Keeping a steady supply of items to make new weapons and armor can be a pain, but with this item, your Palico can help ease the grind and make gathering in Monster Hunter World a lot simpler.

How to Find the Plunder Blade in Monster Hunter World

Before you can get the Plunder Blade in Monster Hunter World, you’ll need to play through quite a bit of the story. You’ll have to make it through the quest “Into the Bowels of the Vale” in which you gain access to the Rotten Vale area before you can find this item. Once you’ve finished that mission you can start seeking out the first NPC you need to find to begin the process of getting the Plunder Blade.

Once you can, go on an expedition to the Rotten Vale, that way you don’t have to worry about any pesky timers or anything. Before you leave, grab some raw meat, you’re gonna need it. You’ll want to head to area 13 of the Vale and look for the Lynian Researcher. He may not appear there, though that’s where he hangs out most often, but if he doesn’t don’t sweat. You can reload the map by leaving to Astra and then coming back to the Rotten Vale until he appears. If he doesn’t appear, you may have to fulfill his requests in previous regions of the New World before he will.

Once you track down the researcher, talk to him and then wait for a little bit. You’ll eventually see an Odogaron dragging around a dead Legiana. Once that happens, leave the region then return to find a Grimalkyne near the Lynian Researcher. Once you get close, the Grimalkyne will run off and then you’ll need to head to area 15 to get the Plunder Blade.

Check your map, and you’ll notice a new icon in area 15. Go there, and you’ll find the Grimalkyne again. Your Palico buddy will exclaim that the Grimalkyne looks like it’s hungry. Leave some raw meat in the middle of the room, and the Grimalkyne will come back with a few of its buddies. If they don’t show up back away from the food a little bit until they do.

Once the Grimalkyne and its friends are eating, you can then approach. Talk to it, and it’ll reward you with the Plunder Blade for your Palico. Congrats, you now have one of the most useful items in Monster Hunter World.

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