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Civilization 6 Rise and Fall Governors List: Civ 6 Governors Explained

Civ 6 Governors are a new addition to the series, introduced in the latest expansion: Rise and Fall. Whereas in previous iterations of Civilization, players would set a Governor for a city they own and the AI would act independently using a set behavior, this version of Governors released alongside the expansion changes how the system works significantly.

Instead of the player having to rely on AI to control the city, the Civ 6 Governors can now be sent out to rule the city in a more specialized way. Similar to Districts in the base game, the Governors allow you to specialize your cities with specific bonuses. Let’s dig even deeper into what they do.

Civ 6 Governors Explained

Civ 6 Governors

Since you already know the basics behind the purpose of the new Civ 6 Governors, let’s dig deeper into their purpose in the game. As you play a match, you can earn up to seven total Governors to be used across your Civilization. Each Governor in the game has their own unique skill tree that grants bonuses and lets you shape how you want them to affect the city they are in.

The Civ 6 Governors can move between cities should the need arise and they each grant bonuses to different things, be it building Wonders, beefing up trade routes, and more. How you use Governors is something you should think about. While it is possible to gain up to seven in a match, it may not always be best to use all of them.

For some players, they will want versatility so that means spreading out Governor Titles (skill points) between all of them. However, others may want to max out one or two specific Civ 6 Governors and have them be the most powerful ones in the whole game. We recommend testing it out and finding what suits you best.

Civ 6 Governors Full List

  • Amani The Diplomat: Messenger (Default Title)
  • Liang The Surveyor: Guildmaster
  • Magnus The Steward: Groundbreaker
  • Moksha The Cardinal: Bishop
  • Pingala The Educator: Librarian
  • Reyna The Financier: Land Acquisition
  • Victor The Castellan: Redoubt