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Civilization 6 Switch Online – Does It Have Online Multiplayer?

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 is out now on Nintendo Switch. The surprisingly fully featured port will literally have you forming and raising civilizations in your pocket. Is Civilization 6 Switch online, however? Beyond their single-player campaigns, the new Civilization games have added online multiplayer PvP modes to the list of playable modes. Find out below whether or not you can take the Nintendo Switch port of Civilization 6 online below.

Can You Play Civilization 6 Switch Online?

As stated above, the latest entries into the Civilization series has allowed us to take the classic turn-based world-building gameplay online, against another player. Sadly, however, we cannot play Civilization 6 Switch online. For whatever reason 2K Games and Firaxis Games decided to leave that feature out. While most will be fine playing Civilization 6 on the Nintendo Switch primarily as a single-player title, the option to play the game online would have been nice. Oh well, at least for now we can play the game in local multiplayer, which honestly works better than online in handheld mode, at least.

Will We Ever Be Able To Play Civilization 6 Switch Online?

While there is no option to play Civilization 6 online on the Nintendo Switch as of the time of writing, this doesn’t mean Firaxis and 2K Games will never add the feature to the game. In these days of updates, patches, and DLC, there’s a never-say-never atmosphere regarding missing features in games. Who knows? Perhaps the game’s developers will add online play into the Switch port of Civilization 6 at some stage down the line. Fingers crossed. If not, perhaps Firaxis and 2K Games will add online multiplayer into any potential Civilization games on Switch in the future. For that to happen, however, more people might have to pick this one up first!

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