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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Lockpicking: How to Pick Locks Successfully

So you want to be a scoundrel in Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Lockpicking will help you accrue equipment and money quickly, but this game has much stricter punishments for stealing than other open world titles you may have played. If you’re going to make your way as a vagabond in Kingdom Come, you’re going to have to practice your hand at lockpicking or get caught.

Below we’ll show you the basics of how to pick a lock in Kingdom Come so you can become the best thief in Bohemia. There are some small (but necessary) spoilers below, so if you’re just starting the game, wait until you’re in Rattay if you want to play the game from an entirely fresh perspective.

How Lockpicking Works in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Unlike The Elder Scrolls, you can’t just grab a lockpick and start stabbing at the nearest lock hoping to crack it. First, you have to learn the basics of lockpicking. You won’t get the opportunity to do so until an hour or two in the game, so if you’re still running errands for mom in Skalitz, don’t expect to run around breaking into houses and chests.

When you finally reach Rattay, you’ll find you’ve been taken in by Theresa and her uncle, Miller Peshek. Millers in Kingdom Come are usually who you want to see if you’re looking to learn about something unsavory, and Miller Peshek will give you your first introduction into the world of vice in Bohemia.

When you talk to Miller Peshek, he’ll ask you to steal a ring from the town executioner. When you accept the mission, he’ll ask you if you know how to pick a lock. Henry will reply in the negative, and then Peshek will take you around to the back of the mill to show you how.

Lockpicking in Kingdom Come: Deliverance isn’t too hard, as long as you have steady hands. When looking at a lock, you’ll notice a silver circle in the middle of the lock. You can move this circle (representing the lockpick) around inside of the lock mechanism. As you come closer to the sweet spot, the circle will grow, and when you’re in the right place, it’ll turn gold.

How to Pick a Lock in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Once you get the lockpick circle to turn gold, you can rotate the lock to begin opening it. The trick is that you have to keep the circle in the sweet spot the entire time you’re opening the lock. So you’ll have to use the cursor to follow the locks rotation with the circle as it turns.

While the lockpicking system is a bit forgiving of you slipping out of the sweet spot, if you stray too far, or are out of it for too long, your lockpicking attempt will fail. If you fail at lockpicking, your lockpick will take damage and possibly break. It will also make a loud noise that can alert nearby people to your presence.

Locks come in a variety of difficulties from very easy to very hard. The higher your lockpick skill is, the more locks you can open and the easier they’ll be to unlock. Eventually, as you continue to improve your skill, you can gain a perk that will make easier locks open automatically, which is immensely useful as it means you don’t have to take the risk of making a noise.

Note, you can always return to Miller Peshek and ask to practice lockpicking. This will let you accrue XP towards the skill without the risk of someone catching you.

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