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Kingdom Come: Deliverance: How to Heal and Get Health Restoring Items

Healing in Kingdom Come: Deliverance isn’t as easy as popping ten potions in the middle of battle. Instead, there are very specific ways and restrictions that affect how to heal in the game. Because of how particular the healing system is in Kingdom Come, you’ll want to keep a good handle on the options available to you. It’s easy to stumble into an enemy in the game, and given how vicious combat can be in the game, you’ll be at a significant disadvantage if you don’t know how to heal often.

How to Heal in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

There are several avenues available to heal in Kingdom Come. Unfortunately, each of them requires some planning to be useful. The most obvious way to recover is by eating food. However, Henry gets penalized if you overeat, and the amount of health that food restores is very small. Your two best bets if you need to gain a lot of health back is to either sleep or use a potion.

Sleeping can be a problem in and of itself. Henry has an energy meter which goes down the longer he doesn’t sleep, so finding a bed now and then is essential merely to keep living. However, you can’t sleep in any old bed. You’ll have to use one of your personal beds, find an inn and rent a room, or hope you come upon a bedroll in an area you’re not trespassing in.

Once you sleep you’ll slowly gain back health for each hour you rest until it’s full. Sleeping is the cheapest way to heal, but sometimes you just aren’t in the position to hit the hay. For healing on the go, you’ll need to buy or craft potions.

How to Buy and Craft Potions in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

There are many different kinds of potions in Kingdom Come, but the most useful for healing is the Marigold Concoction. When you take this potion, it will regen your health over a short amount of time. Unfortunately, you can’t use it during battle, so if you’re wounded, you’ll either have to run away or try and kill your enemy before they can finish you off.

To find Marigold Concoction for purchase, you can approach any alchemist, barmaid, or innkeeper. Any of these merchants should have at least a few of these potions in stock, though they’re on the expensive side.

You’re best off purchasing the Marigold Concoction recipe from the alchemist in Rattay early on. The potion isn’t difficult to make, and the ingredients are easy to find and cheap to buy. By taking the time out to brew your own, you can make sure you have a large supply and save quite a bit of Groschen in the process.

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