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Kingdom Come: Deliverance: How to Get a Horse

The map in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is vast, and you’re gonna have trouble if you’re trying to walk across it all, especially in full plate mail. Luckily you can get a horse which allows you travel much quicker. Unfortunately, Kingdom Come doesn’t spell out exactly where you can buy new horses, and even though you’ll eventually get one given to you, it’s the worst one in the game.

Below we’ll show you where to buy horses in Kingdom Come, and how to get the fastest ones in the game. Also, there are minor spoilers below, so avoid reading further unless you’re a little bit into the game.

How to Get a Horse in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The first time you get to ride a horse is when you’re trying to escape the Cuman attack on Skalitz. Unfortunately, after your frantic ride, you only get to use this horse one more time before it disappears forever.

Eventually, you’ll fall under the patronage of one of the Bohemian nobles, and after completing a few tasks for him, you’ll be rewarded with your own steed. Unfortunately, it has the worst stats out of any horse in the game, and it makes the quest sequences where you have to chase down someone else riding a horse utterly frustrating.

Your first horse is serviceable for a while, but when you get the extra Groschen, you’re going to want to take a ride to a horse trader and get a better one.

Where to Buy a Better Horse in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

You’ll run into a few horse traders during your journeys, but I only found one that actually sells horses (though this might change later on). To get your hands on a fast horse, you need to go to Neuhof after you solve the storyline issues there.

You can look around the farm and see the stats of the various horses, but you only really have to keep one thing in mind. Each horse is assigned a level rating you can only see when you go to purchase it. Although level one horses (the worst) are still better than your first horse, you’ll want to save up for a level five horse (the best).

It can be tempting to trade in your horse as soon as you have the cash for it. However, as level one horses cost around 600 Groschen, and level fives cost approximately 2,000, you’re better off saving up. There’s no sense in dropping 600 Groschen and then a few hours later realizing you made a mistake and want to upgrade to a better horse.

There may be special horses out in the world that you have to seek out, and we’ll be sure to cover those as we find them.

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