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Kingdom Come: Deliverance: How to Repair Weapons and Armor

Keeping your weapons, armor, and clothing in good condition is a must in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Not only with they do more damage or protect you better when in good repair, but people will also react more positively towards you. There are several ways you can repair your equipment in Kingdom Come, and you’ll want to learn them all so you can always make sure your gear is working at peak performance.

Below we show you how to get your weapons, armor, and clothes repaired in Kingdom Come, either via a merchant or by doing it yourself.

Where to Get Your Gear Repaired in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The easiest (and more expensive) way to get your equipment repaired in Kingdom Come is to take it to a vendor. Certain gear has to be fixed by certain craftsmen, so there’s no one-stop shop to get your items back to 100% condition, so in some villages, you can only get weapons and armor repaired, but not clothing, and some settlements don’t have anyone who can perform repair services.

To get your weapons repaired, you’ll need to find a swordsmith or a blacksmith. For armor repair, an armorsmith or blacksmith can do the work. Finally, for clothing, you’ll need to find a tailor.

Paying to have your gear repaired tallies up quickly, and the better quality your equipment is, the more it costs to repair. At some point in the game, you’re likely going to be forced to learn the skills necessary for Henry to fix his gear himself.

How to Repair Equipment in Kingdom Come: Deliverance Yourself for Free

Leveling up the maintenance skill allows Henry to repair his gear himself. It’s a lot more convenient, not to mention way cheaper, to just fix your degraded armor, weapons, and clothing yourself. At the beginning of the game you’re going to have to rely on merchants to repair your stuff, but as you build your maintenance skill, you’ll visit them less and less.

The easiest way to level up maintenance near the start of the game is to use the grindstone to sharpen your swords. This mini-game is not dependent on your repair ability and just requires you to successfully hit your weapon’s sweet spot (shown by throwing sparks), and grinding it until all the chips and pockmarks disappear.

Eventually, you’ll run across kits (which you can also buy) that allow you to repair armor, clothing, and your non-bladed weapons. They come in two varieties, small and regular. Small kits will enable you to make minor repairs and can be used a few times before they run out. The regular kits are much more expensive but allow for more extensive repairs.

You can use an Armorer’s Kit to repair armor, a Blacksmith’s Kit to repair weapons, and a Tailor’s Kit to fix clothing. Each time you perform a repair, you boost your maintenance XP a little more. When you’re at a low maintenance level, you can only make minor repairs to inexpensive items. The more XP you gain, the more condition % you can recover and the more extravagant the item you can work on.

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