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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Pickpocketing: How to Pickpocket While Going Unnoticed

Learning how to pickpocket in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is essential if you’re looking to take a more roguish playstyle. Pickpocketing isn’t as easy as just crouching and sneaking up on someone though. You’ll have to learn the intricacies of how to steal from people and practice before you can hope to pickpocket anyone besides the town drunk. We’ll take you through the basics of pickpocketing in Kingdom Come and how to steal items from under people’s noses without them knowing.

How to Pickpocket in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

You won’t be able to pickpocket until you reach a certain point of the game and learn the skill. Before you can learn about pickpocketing in Kingdom Come, you’ll need to enter Rattay. There, as part of the story, you’ll meet Miller Peshek. Peshek and his miller brethren are go-betweens for the seedy underworld of Bohemia.

The first thing Miller Peshek will ask you to do is steal a ring from the town execution. Before you go on the mission, he’ll teach you about lockpicking. When you get the ring and come back, he’ll start the tutorial for pickpocketing.

Pickpocketing is a bit more difficult in Kingdom Come than in similar games. Instead of just taking into account your sneak/stealth skill and your pickpocketing skill, you have to complete a small mini-game to steal items.

The first thing you’ll need to do is crouch and enter sneak mode. Then you’ll need to approach your target from outside of their view. For a standing person that means from the rear, but if they’re asleep, you can basically approach from any direction.

Once you’re near a target, you’ll get a prompt to search their purse. When you hold down the button a circle will appear in the middle of the screen with a number on it. This number represents how much time you’ll get to spend rummaging around in a target’s pockets before they notice you’re there.

If you charge this timer for too low a number, like 1-2 seconds, you’ll instantly be caught. If you try to charge it for too long, you’ll have the same issue. When you’re first starting to pickpocket a good number to shoot for is 10 seconds.

Once you’ve charged your timer, you’ll get a prompt with a circular pattern with the timer in the middle. There will be a series of circles inside the circle, and one or more of them will have a question mark icon.

To pickpocket an item, you’ll need to move the icon to a space with a question mark. You can then reveal the item in that blank and see if it’s something you want to steal. If it is, you can hit the prompt again to select it. Then you must bring the icon back to the top circle that has the open door in it. Once you do that, you’ll have stolen the item, and your target should be none the wiser. However, if the timer depletes before you can complete all the above steps, you’ll be discovered and have to face the consequences.

How to Get Better at Pickpocketing in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

As with all skills in Kingdom Come, the more you pickpocket, the better you get. However, this is one of those awkward skills where practicing it might just get you a night in jail. That’s why there are two better options for you than just running around making people mad at you.

If you ever want to practice pickpocketing, you can hit Miller Peshek up again. He’ll let you steal his dagger from him as many times as you want. Each time you successfully take it, you’ll gain more XP towards your pickpocketing skills, and eventually, you’ll raise its level.

If you want a quick boost instead, you can also pay Peshek to train you in pickpocketing. Each time he trains you, you’ll gain a level in the skill, but there are limitations. You can only receive training once every five levels of the skill, so you can’t buy your way to being a better pickpocket.

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