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Kingdom Come Deliverance A Bird in the Hand: How to Avoid the Nightingale Trap Bug

A Bird in the Hand is one of the first side quests you can pick up in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most obtuse, and it can be hard to figure out just what you need to do. Additionally, it seems like the A Bird in the Hand side quest has a nightingale bug that makes it sometimes impossible to pick your traps back up. Below, we’ll tell you how to place the traps in A Bird in the Hand, and complete one of the more irritating side quests in Kingdom Come.

How to Start A Bird in the Hand Side Quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Starting the side quest is easy enough. You just have to wait until you end up in Rattay. At any point, after you wake up at the mill, you can head to the person who gives this mission out: the Huntsman. To find the huntsman you’ll need to head into Rattay and look around in the eastern section of the city. His house is right across from the tavern and will appear on your map as a horn.

Kingdom Come Deliverance A Bird in the Hand Rattay Map

Once you find Huntsman Berthold, you can ask him if he has any work for you to do. Luckily, he does, and it’s a good thing too. If you’re just getting into Rattay, then poor Henry is likely without sword or coin, and you’ll need to get some Groschen if you want to survive.

How to Complete A Bird in the Hand in Kingdome Come Deliverance

When you talk to Huntsman Berthold and ask him about work, he’ll tell you about three nightingales of his that have flown off. These birds are apparently rather valuable, and the Huntsman wants them back so he can trade them to some wealthy nobles.

Berthold wants you to head towards the woods east of Vranik (a place you’ve likely never been before) and set some traps. He’ll teach you the call of the nightingales, and you’ll have a marker on your map to show you roughly where they’re located.

Before you head to Vranik Woods to trap the birds, make sure you have at least one Saviour Schnapps. As I said in the intro, this quest is a bit buggy (like a few others in Kingdom Come), so you’ll want a save very close to the area you need to capture the nightingales in so you don’t lose a ton of time if you have to reload a save.

Ride west to the area highlighted on your map and save. Now you’re ready to wrap up A Bird in the Hand hopefully. What you need to do is walk around the highlighted area and listen for the nightingale calls if you don’t remember what they sound like, take a listen to the audio clip of nightingale song above. (Source: Wikipedia)

Find the three areas where the song is the loudest and drop a trap in each of them. You drop the traps via your inventory just like you would any other item. There are no special prompts that will pop up in the places that you need to put a trap. Make sure each trap appears as a marker on your map. If all three aren’t there after you drop them, you need to reload the game.

Once you’ve gotten all three birds, return straight to the Huntsman and turn into the quest. Do not, DO NOT, save and load a game after you get the last bird. There’s a bug that can happen that makes the quest incompletable.

Once you turn in A Bird in the Hand to Berthold, then you can save and rest easy since this is the buggiest quest I’ve run into so far.

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