Box art - DRAGON BALL FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ Switch Release Date: Is Dragon Ball FighterZ Coming to Switch?

The Nintendo Switch community is alive and well, so it makes sense for more and more games to come to the console and handheld hybrid. But is Dragon Ball FighterZ Switch a real thing? That is a question that many fans of the anime/manga series and fighting games, in general, would like to know.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Switch would be a perfect fit together, as you could complete the story mode and compete in online matches from the comfort of your bed or toilet using the system’s handheld mode. Owners of Xenoverse 2 on Switch are also sure to be even more excited about more games related to the anime and manga series. So let’s dig into if this is real or not.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Switch Release Date: Is Dragon Ball FighterZ Coming to Switch?

Put simply, there has been no confirmation that Dragon Ball FighterZ Switch is a real thing, unfortunately. That is the bad news, but there is good news, too. The story doesn’t end there, as we do believe that the game is almost certainly going to be coming to Switch in the future. This is because of a few different reasons.

First and foremost, Dragon Ball FighterZ Switch wouldn’t be too demanding for the console, be it graphically or performance-wise. Though different platforms, it doesn’t take much at all to run it on PC. This leads us to believe that with some tweaks, a port of the game should definitely be doable on Switch.

More importantly, it’s in Bandai Namco’s best interests to make Dragon Ball FighterZ Switch a reality. With Xenoverse 2 already out for the system, it makes sense to keep the ball rolling with the next game. Surprisingly, it was recently revealed that Xenoverse 2 sold better on Switch than it did on PS4 in Japan (via MyNintendoNews), so Bandai Namco will not want to miss out on that money.

Most likely, development for FighterZ began long before Switch was announced so we believe that a port for Dragon Ball FighterZ Switch is sure to be on its way eventually.