Box art - Fortnite

Fortnite Patch 2.50 Notes: 4K on Xbox One, New Grenades, and More

Epic Games is sharing the love on Fortnite post-Valentine’s Day. Fortnite Patch 2.50 comes with new grenades, changes to the map and, in a move that will delight Xbox One X owners, full 4K resolution.

Let’s talk about the explosive new addition to your arsenal: Impulse Grenades. No, not for when you suddenly get an urge to blow things up (though it’s great for that too). Impulse Grenades – which you can see in action below –  act as pulse grenades to knock a small area of enemies flying. Perfect for clearing out a group in a hurry, though they’re blue in rarity so keep your fingers crossed.

For those who want their Battle Royale shenanigans to be a little more eye-meltingly beautiful, then you’re in luck (on Xbox One X, anyway). Full 4K resolution support is now live, as is dynamic resolution, to keep the game chugging along at a stable frame rate for when things get a bit more hectic.

Fortnite Patch 2.50 also tones down the likelihood of you getting your hands on more powerful weaponry. The Crossbow, Minigun and wonderfully-named Chug Jug have all seen their drop percentages fall. There are, however, new places to loot in the form of shrines dotted around the map.

Elsewhere, there are a bunch of nifty changes and fixes. The button used to open the map is now available on your HUD, reducing the need to fumble around with your controller or keyboard in the heat of battle. Also, enemy footsteps will now be approximated via your actual position rather than the angle of your camera.

Away from Battle Royale, Save The World has also been given a welcome injection of fresh content, with the main new inclusion being the Spring it On event. The full list of 2.50 patch notes can be found on Epic Games’ blog.