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Monster Hunter World Street Fighter Event Quest: How to Get Ryu and Sakura Armor, Emotes, and Other Items

Monster Hunter World is getting a Street Fighter event quest that will allow you to get Ryu Armor, Sakura Armor, Hadouken and Shoryuken emotes, and other Street Fighter-themed items. This Monster Hunter cross-over is to promote the newly released Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. For a limited time, players can go on a unique Challenge Quest in Monster Hunter World to get the Ryu Armor, Sakura Armor, and other goodies. However, for now, the quest is limited to certain players.

Find out below how to get the Down the Dark, Muddy Path quest in Monster Hunter World so you can get the Street Fighter-themed armor and items.

How to Get the Street Fighter 5 Event Quest in Monster Hunter World

Right now, the Street Fighter cross-over quest in Monster Hunter World is only available to players who have a Street Fighter 5 save game on their PS4. This early access period is only available on PS4 right now, and other PS4 players, as well as Xbox One and PC gamers, will have to wait for the quest.

If you meet the criteria to access the quest, namely an SFV save, you can head over to the Gathering Hall to start the quest. It’s called “Down the Dark, Muddy Path” and it’s a three-star quest that has you facing off against a Barroth. However, this Barroth is enormous and can be a challenge to take down.

There is a way around the early-access wait on PS4 though. You can join friends or strangers that post the quest on the Quest Board. Just head to the nearest quest board and put a search filter for event quests and you’ll likely find someone has listed it. You get the same rewards if you join someone else’s quest as if you posted it yourself, so this way you can skip the requirement of the SFV save file.

How to Get Street Fighter 5 Ryu Armor and Other Items in Monster Hunter World

Once you take out the Barroth and complete Down the Dark, Muddy Path, you’ll get the SFV Tickets you need to craft Sakura and Ryu Armor as well as other Street Fighter-themed items. Each armor takes seven SFV Tickets to craft, so you’ll have to run the quest more than once to earn enough to craft them.

The Ryu and Sakura armors are one-piece sets that completely swap out your armor for the appearance of one of those characters. Not only will you look like them, but your voice will also change as well. The Street Fighter 5 Armors also give you attack boost, defense boost, health boost, and level two latent power. They’re pretty potent but not as good as some of the high-level armor sets.