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Sea of Thieves Kiwibeard Error Fix

Sea of Thieves just launched and players have been getting Kiwibeard error messages. Here’s what the common Sea of Thieves Kiwibeard error means, plus what to do if you’re confronted with other Beard error messages. Read on below for possible Sea of Thieves Kiwibeard fixes.

Sea of Thieves Kiwibeard Error Fix

Unlike most games applying a series of nonsensical numbers, Rare has seen fit to spice the error codes up a little, by adding the suffix ‘beard’. The message that most players will have encountered is Kiwibeard. If you that message pops up, it means the following:

  • The servers are down (the most likely scenario)
  • You have more than one Gamertag signed into your console

Sea of Thieves Chest of Sorrow

Another set of familiar error messages include the pair of CinnamonBeard and BronzeBeard. To fix this, press your guide button, quit the Sea of Thieves application and then re-launch the game from your dashboard.

Other miscellaneous Beard codes are also fairly simple in their meanings.

  • AvocadoBeard (You are not signed into Xbox Live)
  • AlabasterBeard, AllmondBeard, CyanBeard (You require an Xbox Live Gold Membership)
  • BeigeBeard (Your Sea of Thieves client needs updating)
  • DaffodilBeard (Something has happened on Rare’s end)
  • FluffyBeard (Servers are down for an update)
  • LavenderBeard (Check your anti-virus and firewall settings, or stop using network manipulation software)
  • Lazybeard (You’re lazy. You’ve been removed from your session due to inactivity)

There you have it. Everything you need to know about the Sea of Thieves Kiwi Beard error, and the near-dozen or so error messages that can crop up during the current beta. You should now be free to set sail and take to the stormy seas. Avast, ye mateys!