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Battlefront 2 1.2 Update Patch Notes: What Does the Update Do?

The Battlefront 2 1.2 update is now live across PS4, Xbox One, and PC, implementing a great deal of changes and improvements to the game.

Following the update’s launch, Community Manager Mat Everett shared a full list of patch notes. You can read the highlights below:

Battlefront 2 1.2 Update Patch Notes: Highlights

  • All Classes – Fixed an issue on Blaster Rifles and the S-5, weapons that can be toggled with a high zoom level through Dual Zoom, where the scope glint would always appear when zooming.
  • All Troopers have now received two default emotes.
  • Reduced the time it takes until you can shoot after executing a melee attack
  • Assault – Vanguard Shotgun – Lowered start damage per bullet from 14 to 12
  • Assault – CR2 – Fixed an issue with inconsistent Super Success triggers compared to other blasters
  • Heavy – Supercharged Sentry – Reverted the heat per bullet tweak made for 1.1 patch, from 0.17 to 0.15
  • Officer – Blurrg-1120 – Lowered start damage from 37 to 35 and end damage from 20 to 16

In addition to changes to classes, special units, and infantry combat, the patch makes huge changes to the dodge mechanic, Heroes & Villains, location design, bug fixes, and more. You can read the full, lengthy list of patch notes here.

Different to previous lists of patch notes, DICE has gone into extreme detail about not only every specific change, but also the reasoning behind the tweaks and improvements. It’s like the developer actually wants players to understand why things are happening, which may help lessen the friction between player and the creators. I think this is a wise move, and we’ve seen it work well for other developers, such as Blizzard with Overwatch and Hearthstone.