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Kingdom Come Deliverance Night Raid: Find Radzig and Stephanie

In the Night Raid main quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance, you’re tasked with trying to sneak into Talmberg Castle to rescue Sir Radzig and Lady Stephanie. Night Raid is likely going to be one of the most frustrating missions you undertake in this game. There are several quests in Kingdom Come that don’t make too much of an effort to make it clear exactly what your objective is, and Night Raid is the top offender. Below we’ll tell you how to get through this mission in Kingdom Come with some of your sanity intact.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Night Raid: Talk to Captain Robard and Get Ready to go to Talmberg Castle

When you speak with Captain Robard, he’ll let you know that he’s planning a rescue operation to rescue Sir Radzig and Lady Stephanie. Your objective is to approach Talmberg Castle under cover of darkness, sneak in, locate the hostages, and extract them. To cover you, a detachment of soldiers led by Sir Hans Capon will be joining the operation.

Unfortunately, you can’t go jangling around in your plate armor if you want to sneak into Talmberg. You’ll need to grab some dark-colored, lightweight clothes. This means cloth and leather armor, no chainmail or plate. When you’re appropriately outfitted talk to Captain Robard and tell him you’re ready to go.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Night Raid: Find Sir Radzig and Lady Stephanie

Follow your fellow soldiers as they sneak towards the castle. When you reach the walls, wait for your allies to raise ladders and kill the sentries. You’ll have to wait a bit for them to do their job. Once they’re dead, you can scale the walls with Sir Hans.

Now here’s the confusing part. There’s no way to actually get a good outcome on this quest. You’re not going to find Radzig and Stephanie here. Robard told you they’d likely be in a house in the inner bailey. Well, they’re not.

The only way I could find to complete this quest was to fail it. The best and quickest way to do this is to wait until you get the objective to take out the two guards at the gate and just let them spot you and raise the alarm. You’ll then fail the objective. Run back to the ladder and get out of Talmberg to move on in Kingdom Come‘s story.

You get a slightly better outcome by continuing to play along, but eventually, Hans and Henry will come to the conclusion that Radzig and Stephanie aren’t at Talmburg, and you’ll make a bit more of a dramatic escape. This mission isn’t the best thought out or most fun and just do yourself a favor and get it over with as soon as possible.

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