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Kingdom Come Deliverance My Friend Timmy: Find Mirka at the Windmill and Thwart the Bandits

My Friend Timmy is the quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance where all your hard work finally pays off, and you get the information you need to find the bandit camp. Unfortunately, first you have to track down yet another ne’er-do-well, and My Friend Timmy also presents you with a moral dilemma. You can get the info you need in this mission one of two ways, and we’ll take you through each one. If you’re stuck on My Friend Timmy because Timmy died in Kingdom Come, just follow along below and we’ll get you out of a jam.

Kingdom Come Deliverance My Friend Timmy: Inquire about Timmy at the Windmill

At the end of your last quest, On the Scent, Reeky told you that Timmy works at a windmill. You’ll find the windmill in between Merhojed and Ledetchko, and it’s plainly marked on your map. You really can’t miss it.

Once you get to the windmill, take a look around. You’re not going to find Timmy anywhere, but you will find a woman named Mirka. Talk to her and ask after Timmy. She’ll play dumb, but if you pick “Someone wants to kill him” in the dialogue and pass the simple speech check, she’ll agree to meet you behind the windmill to talk further.

Kingdom Come Deliverance My Friend Timmy: Meet Mirka Behind the Windmill

Kingdom Come Deliverance My Friend Timmy

You can follow Mirka behind the windmill to speak to her. However, if you wait too long she’ll return to her regular routine, and you’ll have to ask her to meet you again.

Mirka will let you know that she’s Timmy’s sister and that there have been other people looking for him. No sooner than she tells you that than a group of four bandits approach you.

There are a few options on how to proceed once the bandits start talking to you.

Kingdom Come Deliverance My Friend Timmy: Save Timmy (Option 1)

If you have a high enough speech stat, the easiest option is to tell the bandits that Timmy is in Rattay. Three will disperse, and you can take out the last one and rush to Timmy’s actual location at the nearby Kolbens’ Farm.

Alternatively, you can attack the bandits on the spot if you think you can take out all four. To make killing all four a little easier, you can tell them Timmy’s real location, and as they travel there, you can kill them one at a time.

Once the bandits are taken care of you can go talk to Timmy. He’s a simple man, and can’t describe exactly how to get to the bandit camp, but he can give you directions and a series of landmarks to watch for. This is all you need to find the location of the bandit camp.

Kingdom Come Deliverance My Friend Timmy: Side With the Bandits(Option 2)

You can also choose to side with the bandits. Once you tell them where Timmy is and they kill him, they’ll take you to the main bandit camp at which point you can complete the quest by returning to Sir Radzig.

Kingdom Come Deliverance My Friend Timmy: Find the Camp Yourself (Option 3)

Kingdom Come Deliverance Nest of Vipers Pribysalavitz

If you really screwed things up and the bandits killed Timmy, and then you killed the bandits, you’re up a creek without a paddle as far as the bandit camp location goes. No one is going to be around to help you figure out where it is in a worst-case scenario

Fortunately, you can fail pretty much all of the objectives this mission and still pass it. The map above shows where the bandit camp is located: Pribyslavitz. You’ll have to go there yourself if you haven’t gotten the info from Timmy or the bandits, and once you do, you’ll be able to head back to Radzig and tell him where it is.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance My Friend Timmy: Report the Location of the Bandit Camp to Sir Radzig

Head back to Sir Radzig’s camp outside of Merhojed. You’ll get a chance to tell him what you’ve learned, and the quest will conclude.

After your conversation with Radzig is over, you’ll trigger the next main quest, Nest of Vipers.

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