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Kingdom Come Deliverance Nest of Vipers: How to Scout the Bandit Camp

Nest of Vipers is the Kingdom Come Deliverance quest where you finally get to start planning to lay some hurt on the bandits that you’ve been hunting down since Neuhof. Nest of Vipers can either be a hard mission or an easy one, but beware that what you do in this quest will affect the next one. Below we’ll show you the easy way to complete Nest of Vipers in Kingdom Come. If you’re feeling up to extra work, we’ll also tell the proper way to do the mission so it’ll have positive benefits when you actually attack the bandits in the next quest.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Nest of Vipers: Find the Bandit Camp

Your little pal Timmy didn’t remember precisely where the bandit camp is, but he gave you the directions and landmarks he remembers. Head to the waypoint at the woodcutter’s camp north of Talmberg that appears on your map after talking to Timmy and then follow his directions to reach the bandit camp.

The directions are:

  1. Straight along the path to the east of the woodcutter’s camp.
  2. Left by the abandoned house.
  3. Left at the tall beech tree by the clearing.
  4. Straight at the crossroads by the flat rock.

Once you pass the crossroads by the rock, you won’t have far until you get to the bandit camp. If you want to skip following the directions, just go to Pribysalavitz on the map below.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Nest of Vipers: Scout the Bandit Camp

Kingdom Come Deliverance Nest of Vipers Pribysalavitz

Now here’s the tricky part. You need to survey the camp so that you can find the best area to attack from, size of the bandit forces, what kind of arms and armor they have and possible avenues of sabotage. The easy way to do this is to find the little bridge that crosses the stream, ride your horse at full speed into the camp until you get a notification that the objective is complete, and ride back out and head to Sir Radzig.

The proper way to complete this mission is a bit more dangerous. You need to first circle around Pribysalavitz and look for entrances into the abandoned village. There should be two you can find. Then, you need actually to get into the camp and scout it. I found the easiest way to do this was to wait until one of the Cuman soldiers was by themselves. You can take them out with a bow, loot them, and hide their bodies before another sentry comes around on patrol as long as you observe and time your attack right.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Nest of Vipers Henry Cuman

Put on the Cuman armor, and head up into the camp. A guard there will challenge you if you try to get too far in, and you’ll have to make a speech check. I was able to get in by just grunting loudly at them. If that doesn’t work for you, try to find the Cuman captain patrolling outside and wear their uniform. You can tell the captain because they have a helmet that completely covers their heads with a decoration on the front that looks like a metal face.

By this point, you’ll likely have already completed the objective to scout the camp. However, there are a few more things you can do to help even the odds for the next mission.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Nest of Vipers: Sabotage the Arrows and Poison the Bandits (Optional)

Kingdom Come Deliverance Nest of Vipers Arrow Sabotage

You don’t have to do any sabotage on the camp before you head back to get Sir Radzig and his army. However, while it may seem like you have a limitless supply of allied troops when you’re attacking, you don’t. In fact, you can fail the next mission if too many of your allies are killed.

The two things you can do to sabotage the enemy involve setting fire to their stock of arrows and poisoning their food and wine. The best time to do both sabotages is when it’s dark, and most of the camp is asleep.

You’ll want to use the poison first since it’s a lot less noticeable. If you don’t have any poison, you’re in luck. One of the Cuman tents in front of the church has a lockbox you can pick to get some to use. All you have to do then is head over to a pot and put the poison in it. Then you can go take care of the arrows.

You’ll find the arrows in big baskets on the ground marked on your map. Just sneak up to them and when no one is watching, and set them on fire. I found that this always alerted someone in the camp, so be ready to run back out where you entered the camp. It’s easy to get surrounded during this part, but remember, you can ignore enemies and call your horse during combat. Just get on your horse as fast as you can and gallop away down the road.

Once you exit combat, you can fast travel to Sir Radzig to report your findings.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Nest of Vipers: Report Your Findings to Sir Radzig

Kingdom Come Deliverance Nest of Vipers Radzig

When you reach Radzig’s camp, you’ll need to tell him what you’ve seen. You need to make sure you give him an accurate report; otherwise, your forces will be at a disadvantage in the next mission.

Tell him that you’re back from scouting and that the camp is in overgrown ruins. He’ll let you know some of the background on Pribysalavitz. Tell him you tried to count the bandits and that there are a lot of them. Also, tell him in addition to bandits there are Cuman mercenaries stationed in Pribysalavitz. Finally, let him know that they’re well positioned and that they’re making ladders in the camp, possibly for a siege.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Nest of Vipers: Request Reinforcements from Sir Divish in Talmberg

After you speak with Sir Radzig, he’ll make the decision that he needs to deploy all of his troops plus reinforcements from Talmberg. Head to Talmberg Castle and talk with Sir Divish. He usually hangs out on the first or second floor if you’re having trouble finding him.

When you talk to Sir Divish, he’ll agree to supply reinforcements and ask you to tell him when you’re ready to join with Sir Radzig’s forces. Make sure before you say you’re prepared that you’re fully stocked on Saviour’s Schnapps, Merigold Concoctions, and arrows. You should also have a good bow, a sword, and shield, and have your arms and armor fully repaired. Sir Divish will wait for you indefinitely, so if you have to take a while to do this, then take your time.

Once you tell Divish you’re ready to go, one of the most frustrating quests in Kingdom Come begins: Baptism of Fire.

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