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Kingdom Come Deliverance On the Scent: Find Reeky’s Stash and Hideout

On the Scent continues the Kingdom Come Deliverance main questline from Mysterious Ways. In the On the Scent main quest, you’ll be looking for a man called Reeky, who ran with the bandits that attacked Neuhof. You can follow below to find out the various paths to finding Reeky in On the Scent, and where to find Reeky’s stash and his hideout in Kingdom Come.

Kingdom Come Deliverance On the Scent: Track Down Info on Reeky

After you complete Mysterious Ways, you’ll learn that Limpy Lubosh used to hang with a lecherous individual named Reeky. The only thing you have to go on to find Reeky is that he lives in Ledetchko. Anything more you’ll have to learn when you get there.

Head to Ledetchko, which will be highlighted on your map. It’s just a bit northwest of Rattay, so you won’t have to ride for long to get there. Once in town, you can ask pretty much any villager about Reeky, and they’ll immediately give you a few leads on where to find him.

You’ll learn that Reeky’s real name is Hynek and that he’s the local tanner’s son. Reeky doesn’t have many (if any) friends, but he does live with his father and favors one of the local bathhouse wenches. You can talk to either one of them to get info on where to proceed next, but since they’re so close together, why not speak to both? We’ll start with the wench.

Kingdom Come Deliverance On the Scent: Talk to the Wench About Reeky

Kingdom Come Deliverance Ledetchko Map

Head over the to Ledetchko bathhouse and talk to Adela. She’ll be pretty forthright about Reeky’s goings-on after you pass a small speech check. She’ll let you know that Reeky has come into a little coin lately and that he’s made a living in the past poaching animals.

However, Reeky recently came into a lot more money than he usually makes by poaching according to Adela. She’ll give you a clue of where you need to go next by providing the information that Reeky has sold animals to the innkeeper, and that he has hung out with the woodcutters before. She’ll also tell you about Reeky’s stash where he hid the extra money he had left over.

Kingdom Come Deliverance On the Scent: Find Reeky’s Stash Location

Kingdom Come Deliverance On the Scent Reeky Stash Location

If you passed all the speech checks with the bathhouse wench, you’ll know that Reeky buried his stash in the western corner of his father’s property. To get Reeky’s Stash in Kingdom Come, all you have to do is head to the area marked on the map and dig it up. In the highlighted area around the quest marker on the map, you’ll need to head to the upper left corner. You’ll see a bunch of rocks around where you need to dig. However, if you don’t have a spade, you’ll have to come back later or try and find one about town.

While you’re grabbing the stash, have a talk with Reeky’s father. You’ll need to make a The old man is depressed at the choices his son has made in life and gives you additional clues as to where in the woods Hynek might be hiding.

Kingdom Come Deliverance On the Scent: Ask the Innkeeper and Woodcutter Where Reeky is

We can follow up on the information we got from Adele and Reeky’s father by heading over to the innkeeper or the woodcutters. The closest person is the innkeeper, but you have to pass a speech check before they tell you anything.

If you want to cut right to the chase, or you failed the speech check while talking to the innkeeper, just head to the woodcutters. Talk to the woodcutter, and he’ll point you to the next locations you should search.

Kingdom Come Deliverance On the Scent: Go to Reeky’s Hideout

You’ve narrowed down Reeky’s location to one of three possible caves. Reeky uses a cave as a hideout so he can skin the carcasses of the animals he poaches. You can either search through caves until you get lucky or head straight to the one northeast of Ledetchko in the forest.

Once you enter the right cave, which is easy to spot since it has animal hides drying in the son in front of it, you’ll find Reeky. Talk to him and go through all the possible dialog choices and you’ll learn who your next target is. On the Scent will end after the conversation with Reeky, but you’ll have to fight off some bandits that have come to silence Reeky before you can continue on your way.

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