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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Kunesh: How to Collect the Debt in the Unexpected Visit Quest

The very first quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance throws you under the bus by asking you to deal with Kunesh. Part of the Unexpected Visit questline has you confronting a debtor of your father’s, Kunesh, and asking him for the money he owes for an ax, a hammer, and some nails. There’s a couple of ways to deal with Kunesh in Kingdom, some peaceful, and some not so much so.

How to Deal with Kunesh in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The first thing you need to realize when you’re trying to collect Kunesh’s debt in Kingdom Come is that this is an open world game. The real objective of this quest isn’t to teach Kunesh a lesson or even get money from him. It’s to bring your dad some ale and charcoal. With that in mind, let’s look at some ways you can handle this.

Fight Kunesh

If you go and speak to Kunesh, it’s obvious he’s full of disrespect, and the only two outcomes of talking to him (most of the time) are going to be getting in a fistfight or getting told off and leaving empty-handed. You’ll likely not have high enough stats to use the dialog options to prevent a fight and still get what you want, so most of the time you’re going to have to fight him.

Kunesh is an ox of a man and is way better at fighting than you. But, there is a way to win. Kingdom Come’s unarmed fighting system doesn’t allow enemies to hurt you unless your stamina is drained. As long as you don’t have to perform many blocks or miss too many punches, you can wear him down. Remember to alternate between jabs and haymakers, and keep backpedaling.

The game hasn’t taught you anything at all about combat at this point, so don’t feel bad if you mess this up a few times.

Talk Kunesh into Giving You the Tools

When you’re talking to Kunesh, there is a chance for a speech or strength check in the dialog. More than likely, unless you put all your points into one of those at the start of the game in the conversation with your mom, you’re going to fail either of them.

On the off chance that you do pass it, he’ll begrudgingly give you the ax and hammer so you can sell them for the money for the charcoal.

Bypass Kunesh Altogether

As I said before, you don’t even have to deal with Kunesh to pass this quest. You can’t actually steal the tools since you don’t know how to lockpick or pickpocket at this point in the game, so that’s out. Search around Skalitz, though, and you’ll find enough stuff lying around to sell and make the cash for the charcoal. If you’ve tried fighting Kunesh and you just can’t take him down, then just go around him and don’t talk to him at all.

Once you get the charcoal, you can head to the tavern and get the ale for your dad. Once you get it and return home, then you complete the Unexpected Visit quest whether you met Kunesh or not.

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