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Kingdom Come Deliverance 1.4.1 Patch Notes: How to Fix Corrupted Saves

It’s time to go medieval once again. Kingdom Come Deliverance has recently launched its 1.4 update, involving a slew of changes and even a literal Easter egg hunt. However, developers Warhorse has also released the 1.4.1 update due to a serious error involving save games created using the previous update. Read on for patch notes and how to fix this problem.

Kingdom Come Deliverance 1.4.1 Patch Notes: How to Fix Corrupted Saves

Many players may encounter problems with the 1.4 update (of which, you can see full patch notes below). The main story quest Baptism of Fire may lead to many users receiving a game-ending bug, with the following quest, Questions and Answers, being unable to start. Warhorse gives the following advice in their patch notes:

  • Fixed various errors due to obsolete data having been published as part of 1.4. (e.g barber shop not working, issues with quest progression in Baptism of Fire & Question and Answers)

    There is a distinct possibility that the save files created with version 1.4 might be corrupted. We highly recommend going back to your old save files that were created with version 1.3.4 or older.
  • If you finished main quest Baptism of Fire and the following quest (Questions and Answers) did not start, reload any save from Baptism of Fire and progress through the battle. The quest Questions and Answers should start after the duel with Runt.

Kingdom Come Deliverance 1.4 Patch Notes: What Changes Have Been Made

The headline changes to Kingdom Come Deliverance are undoubtedly the inclusion of haircuts and beards, which give a charisma boost every time you get a fresh trim, as well as a few Easter-themed treats: a traditional Czech weapon and a golden egg hunt. There’s even a bonus for PC users in the form of a free HD pack, giving a boost to textures and audio clips.

General Patch Notes 1.4:

  • New Hair and Beard mechanics.
  • Customize your style in bathhouses and gain extra charisma with freshly cut hair.
  • Unarmed mercy kill added for a more “subtle” way to solve quests.
  • Real Easter eggs added. The hunt for the golden egg can begin!
  • Traditional Czech Easter-themed weapon to be found, called “Pomlázka”.
  • Resurrection day is upon us! Some NPCs that have died due to the physics glitches have risen from their graves.
  • Fixed problems with the “Mightier than the Sword” quest related to the scribe.
  • Rattay archery competition works on advanced difficulty.
  • Fixed save issue for the “House of God” quest.
  • Another 200 major bugs fixed
  • Free PC DLC – HD Texture and Audio Pack