Attack on Titan 2 Predator Mode out Today

It’s time to munch on some pesky humans because Attack on Titan 2 Predator Mode is out today! The game from Koei Tecmo has only just released a week ago and it already has some fans saying that it’s better than the actual series, an achievement that the developers are no doubt proud to hear. The game revolves around you taking direction in the fight against the Titans, a giant race of cannibalistic monsters who are only sated by the taste of human flesh. We can only speak from experience and say that killing Titans is fun, but now Koei Tecmo has invited players to turn away from your Titan-slaying goal and instead destroy humanity.

Attack on Titan 2 isn’t the first game to do a mode that allows you to fight as the enemy, we recall Dragon Age: Origins doing the same with a Darkspawn expansion pack, but being the bad guy doesn’t truly get old now does it? What’s more, this online multiplayer mode lets players take control of these Titans with up to three additional people, allowing you all to have more fun with friends than ever as you gobble up any pesky humans that get in your way.

As you can tell from the trailer, the developers have added more to the mode than simply ‘eat every human you see.’ There look to be missions, timed-events, and mini-games where you have to eat more people than the rest of your friends. What also seems particularly interesting is missions involving familiar characters in the anime/manga series, such as Commander Levi, and how you can potentially be an end to them. Of course, it isn’t true to the actual universe, but that won’t stop potentially killing the characters you dislike any less fun.

What was also included in the video was a look at future skins for the characters. Erwin as a knight, Hange as a doctor and Ymir as a pirate, along with many other new cosmetics, look to be keeping up the trend for Attack on Titan games having extra skins that are added later on. Whether it will be DLC, however, remains a mystery.