Todd Howard Won’t Even Tell his son Anything About Elder Scrolls VI

Todd Howard has been the talk of many memes over the few years, particularly surrounding his supposed baby: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Some love him, some hate him and just want him to stop porting Skyrim to everything and just give more details about the next Elder Scrolls game, Elder Scrolls VI. You’d think that badgering Howard enough would make him cave and give out some juicy details about the game, but you’d be wrong about that because not even his son has been able to get that information out of him.

When Skyrim first came out back in 2011, Howard’s son wasn’t old enough to play it and so hadn’t truly got a taste of the world his father had helped create. But now the tables have turned and his son has a lot of questions that he wants answers for. In an interview with The AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook, Howard talked about his son’s recent ownership of a Nintendo Switch. “When Skyrim came out on Switch, I said, ‘Well you’ve played a lot of Zelda, I think you might like Skyrim.'”

He continued. “And I want to do it as the father, like ‘Please, play this game, and see if you like it.’ And the short story is: he got obsessed with it.” Well if you ask us, that’s completely understandable. Skyrim has been a favorite among gamers ever since it debuted, but it is heart-warming to know that Howard’s son has also fallen in love with it as well.

Of course with Skyrim being his son’s newest obsession, it did come with a downside – mainly Howard’s son will now never stop talking about it. Howard says “it was great for a while, and then he got, like every dinner conversation, ‘Dad what’s with the Thalmor? Do you believe in Talos? Is he a god in this? What is this? What are your favorite Daedra?” We have to hand it to him, we admire the kid’s enthusiasm. Especially as excitement for everything Elder Scrolls led him to ask Howard the million dollar question: “okay, when is Elder Scrolls VI coming?”

Howard didn’t answer that question but we’re happy to know that Howard’s son is just as excited as we are. Click here to listen to the full episode.