Nintendo Switch Outsells PS2’s First Year and Surpasses Total GameCube Sales in Japan

The numbers don’t lie. After a stellar opening year, the Nintendo Switch has skyrocketed past some of the biggest consoles of the 21st Century to land a top-5 spot for first-year sales among its console rivals both past and present in Japan. According to data collected by Game Data Library, the first 56 weeks of the Switch saw it edge over 4 million in total sales in Japan. This not only surpassing the GameCube’s lifetime sales of 4.04m, but also the PlayStation 2’s first 56-week total of 3.6 million.

As well as being able to sell lots, the Switch is able to sell quickly, too. Only the Nintendo 3DS and GBA were able to sell more than 4 million units in under a year, with the Wii and original Nintendo DS reaching the 4 mil mark at 54 weeks compared to the Switch’s 56 weeks. Either way, it’s fine company that the Switch is keeping; every console in that sales bracket can be considered elite.

In fact, the only consoles to best the Switch’s impressive numbers were all from Nintendo: the Wii sold 4.4 million in its first 56 weeks; the GBA 5.1 million and the 3DS 5.3 million. That makes the Nintendo Switch the second-fastest selling home console in Japanese history.

After a disappointing tenure for the Wii U (which sold just shy of 3.5 million units in Japan), this is yet more proof that Nintendo is back to its very best. With Pokemon and a new Smash Bros. on the horizon, expect those numbers to escalate even further.

For now, just bask in the insane statistic that the Switch sold 4 million over 3 times more quickly than the PS3, PS4 and Nintendo 64.