Far Cry 5 Shovels are Allowing Players to Show off Their Creativity

If someone had told us that Far Cry 5 Shovels would be one of the most popular ‘weapons’ to be used in Ubisoft’s newest game, we would have probably laughed ourselves silly. But no, in a strange (if somewhat amusing) turn of events players have been using shovels in extraordinary ways to dish out damage and cause general havoc to any poor NPC that get in their way. We suppose you could say that the shovels in Far Cry 5 certainly are groundbreaking, right?

In all seriousnsess, it’s impressive that in only a few days players have been able to discover and create the most extraordinary things. While it may not seem as impressive as creating a PUBG map in Arcade mode, players have morphed a garden tool into something similar to that of a javelin. It’s almost as if it’s become a new sport in Far Cry, a sport that includes lots and lots of blood and fire. There are, of course, other melee weapons that can cause damage such as baseball bats and lead pipes. Though none of them can cause your enemies to be impaled on a metal shovel, killing them instantly. Scary.

It seems like a pretty neat, even if a little cumbersome, way to clear out your enemies. Funnily enough, fans have already started calling the game Shovel Knight instead of Far Cry 5, and there has even been a review on Steam that has rated the game on its shovel-play. At the rate it’s going, we expect to see shovel-throwing as some sort of Olympic challenge sooner or later.  In the video below you’ll see how to use the shovel to your advantage.

As you can see the player simply equips the item from the weapon wheel, holds the left trigger to aim, lines up the shot with the aiming reticle, and then let it fly with the right trigger – sending it soaring with the power of Thor throwing his hammer.  Unfortunately, you still need to go pick the spade up after you’ve thrown it, but that doesn’t seem to be putting a damper on the players fun. If anything, it seems to be adding to it.