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Metal Gear Survive Classes Breakdown: How to Unlock All Four Classes

With a massive survival game like this pseudo-follow up to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, there’s no surprise that there’s four Metal Gear Survive classes to choose from. Being that it is a survival game that is centered around jumping online with your friends and surviving together, these four classes are very different from one another.

Strangely enough, you can jump into the online cooperative mode with friends and still be the base Survivor class with no sign of how to unlock the four “main” classes. Unlike other games of this nature, you can go hours and still not see how to unlock the four Metal Gear Survive classes. But we know how.

Metal Gear Survive Classes Breakdown: How to Unlock All Four Classes

Metal Gear Survive Classes Assault

Like we mentioned at the start, everyone starts out with the typical Survivor class. However, there are four other specializations Metal Gear Survive classes called “sub-classes” that you can unlock, but it does take a significant amount of game time before you can.

In fact, you have to beat the entire main singleplayer story before you can even access the mission to unlock the Metal Gear Survive classes. Once you’ve beaten the main story, you will be tasked in the post-game with collecting Memory Boards by Virgil. One of the first ones you have to collect is in the second map and is guarded by two mortars.

Upon collection, you will have the four sub-classes available to you. But what are the Metal Gear Survive classes? The four classes are Assault, Jaeger, Medic, and Scout. Let’s do a quick class breakdown so you know which might be best for you.

Assault is your basic fighter Metal Gear Survive class. They specialize in up-close and personal combat with a skill tree that allows them to lead the pack and even grant bonuses to their teammates.

Jaeger (or Hunter in German) is your typical sharpshooter Metal Gear Survive class. The Jaeger doesn’t just specialize in guns you would expect like rifles, but others like bows and more. Their skill tree revolves around maximizing their long-range potential.

The Medic Metal Gear Survive class is a support class that specializes in healing methods. One of its core skills is the aptly named Cure Knuckles ability that sacrifices some of your life to give life to your teammates and damage nearby enemies.

The last of the Metal Gear Survive classes is the Scout class. This class is your scouting master and possible lone wolf class. If you are in need of a quick glance at what’s ahead or someone to get in and get out quickly, the Scout is your class. It specializes in camouflage and other techniques that make it extremely versatile in even the most dangerous situations. Good luck!

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