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Fortnite Under Maintenance: How Long are the Servers Down For?

Players are encountering a Fortnite under maintenance error, with players unable to access the Battle Royale game after a new update was released.

The Fortnite V.3.0.0 update was launched by Epic Games, but there have been a few problems attached to the launch that gamers weren’t anticipating. Let’s take a look at what exactly is going on:

How Long is Fortnite Going to be Down?

fortnite under maintenance

Servers were initially planned to experience downtime starting from 4:00 AM EST, with Battle Royale matchmaking being brought offline from 3:35 AM EST. Earlier this morning, Epic Games tweeted that Fortnite had been brought back online and that the V.3.0.0 update had been deployed.

However, issues with the update have brought the game offline. Shortly after update V.3.0.0 was released, Epic Games tweeted: “We are currently investigating issues with this release and we are going offline while we investigate. We will be back as quickly as possible.”

Fortnite has gone under maintenance in order to bring players the new update, which brings about season 3 of the hugely popular survival game. The patch notes for the release detail the introduction of a 60 FPS framerate on PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X, along with the introduction of hoverboards, a hand cannon, build mode improvements and a brand new orchestral score.

The survival game has proven to be a big success for Epic Games since its launch, with it rivaling PUBG and frequently being among the most-viewed games on Twitch.

With Fortnite having already been brought back online following its downtime, it seems that it shouldn’t be long before the servers are enabled once again, though no set time has been given. Looks like Fortnite players will just have to remain patient!