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Fortnite Servers Down: Stuck on Logging in, Login is Banned and Waiting in Line Error Messages, Pointing to Emergency Maintenance

Fortnite servers seem to be down as of right now. Some players are getting a baffling message saying, “Login is banned or does not possess the action ‘PLAY’ needed to perform the requested operation for platform,” while others are just getting stuck waiting in line or on logging in. For what’s going on with the Fortnite servers and what that ominous message means, read on below.

Fortnite Servers Down: Stuck on Logging in Fix and Waiting in Line Error

If you’re trying to log onto Fortnite right now, you’re probably getting stuck on the logging in screen. When the servers are down, you sometimes just don’t get a message telling you that when trying to play Fortnite. Instead, it’ll just sit there stuck on the same screen forever. The only fix for this is just to wait for the servers to come back up.

If you’re getting messages telling you that you’re waiting in line, that usually means so many people are trying to log in that the Fortnite servers can’t handle all the request at once. Sometimes you’ll get this message when the servers are down, but it’s actually more common when the servers are back up, and everyone is trying to log in. The best thing to do when you get this message is just to wait it out and hope the line moves forward so you can log in.

Fortnite Servers Down: Login is banned or does not possess the action “PLAY” Error

So you tried to log into Fortnite, and you got a sinking feeling in your stomach when you got the error message, “Login is banned or does not possess the action ‘PLAY’ needed to perform the requested operation for platform.” Take a deep breath. More than likely this message doesn’t actually mean you’re banned.

The critical part to focus on in this error message is, “does not possess the action ‘PLAY.'” All of the accounts of everyone that plays Fortnite are hosted in a database. One of the actions that these accounts are normally assigned is the “PLAY” permission. When your account has this permission, it means you can log in and play as usual. Whatever error is affecting the Fortnite servers right now has disabled the PLAY permission for some accounts. The Fortnite official Twitter has stated that they’re aware of the situation and it’s part of the server issues. When servers are restored, your account should be fine.