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Kingdom Come Deliverance Riddler: All Riddle Questions and Answers

With a game filled to the brim with story and side quests to complete, there’s no surprise that there are more than a few secrets to uncover, including the Kingdom Come Deliverance Riddler. This Riddler will occasionally run into you while you are traveling along the road. He is noted by his brown hood and robe and peaceful nature.

The Kingdom Come Deliverance Riddler simply wants to play a game of riddles with you when he sees you on the road. Like playing cards or dice, you bet a few coins that can be doubled should you successfully figure out his tricky riddles. Now, for those that want a little “help” from the internet, here are all of the riddle solutions.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Riddler: All Riddle Questions

Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit Conciliatory Cross

Upon meeting with the Kingdom Come Deliverance Riddler, he will give you one of four possible riddles for you to solve. We will first give you the four riddles, followed by the solutions to all four riddles in the same order. This way, we can save spoilers and give you one last chance to figure it out on your own. Here are the four riddles:

  1. In the feast hall on the table are ten candles. Suddenly, a gust of wind throws open the window and blows out two candles. A little later, another candle goes out. The Servant therefore closes the hall window. Now the wind cannot blow out any more. So how many candles can the servant find to relight the following morning in the hall?
  2. A man’s coin pouch doubles the amount of coins put in each day. When it has sixty coins, it’s full. How many days has it taken for the pouch to be full?
  3. A man encounters 3 people. One is Falsehood who always lies, Truth who always tells the truth, and Wisdom who says the truth only sometimes. The man asks which one is standing in the middle to all three. The one to the left replies “Truth.” The one in the middle replies “Wisdom.” Finally, the one to the right replies “Falsehood.” You must answer the order of all three.
  4. A bishop gave a nobleman a harsh sentence. He must pray every day, and each session of prayer must be two hours long. How many hours a week does he pray at minimum?

Kingdom Come Deliverance Riddler: All Riddle Answers

Here are all of the Kingdom Come Deliverance Riddler answers in the same order:

  1. Three
  2. 59
  3. Wisdom, Falsehood, Truth
  4. Eight

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