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Monster Hunter World Rainbow Pigment: How to Unlock Rainbow Pigment

If you’re looking to be the most colorful hunter out there, then you’ll need some Monster Hunter World Rainbow Pigment. This dye lets you customize your armor with the most colorful and challenging dye out there, rainbow. Unfortunately, it is one of the most challenging tasks to complete in the entire game.

The requirements for the Monster Hunter World Rainbow Pigment are extensive and basically meant to be one of the most prominent endgame goals. If you see someone around with rainbow-colored armor, you can rest assured they are one of the most diligent and dedicated players to game. Let’s get started.

How to Unlock Monster Hunter World Rainbow Pigment

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If you haven’t figured it out already, unlocking Monster Hunter World Rainbow Pigment will take some serious gameplay time and dedication. Unlocking the Rainbow Pigment is a tough and pretty arduous task that will take you quite some time. Here is the full list of requirements necessary to unlock it:

  • Be Hunter Rank 49 or higher
  • Capture all monsters
  • Complete every single optional quest
  • Achieve at least Research Level Six for 15 monsters or more at the Ecological Research Center

Now, those are some steep requirements to unlock the Monster Hunter World Rainbow Pigment, but we do have a few tips to share with you regarding this. While the Hunter Rank 49 or higher requirement is pretty self-explanatory, there are some tips for the others.

To know if you have successfully captured all possible monsters in the game, simply go to the Monster Field Guide then the Ecology section. From there, you can see the full list of monsters and whether or not you have actually captured them. Some monsters, like the Elder Dragons, aren’t able to be captured so they aren’t necessary to get the Monster Hunter World Rainbow Pigment.

Next up for getting the Monster Hunter World Rainbow Pigment is completing every single optional quest in the game. You can check to see if you’ve accomplished by going to the Quest Board and checking each difficulty level. If the “Complete!” icon to the right of the level is an orange color, then you have successfully completed every single quest for that difficulty level. You must complete all quests for every difficulty level.

Once you have completed all of those objectives, complete the quest Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands which will unlock one more quest. Upon completion of that challenging quest, you will finally have yourself the Monster Hunter World Rainbow Pigment.

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