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Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Valkyrie Profile FAQ/Walkthrough (North American version)

by Captain K. ([email protected])
Copyright 2001-2006

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07-19-2006 Version 3.4  Corrected the Seraphic Gate walkthrough and added two 
item drops there.  Added the Lucid Potion trick to Hints and Tips.  Added the 
Concentration glitch.  More Frequently Asked Questions.

03-01-2006 Version 3.3  Corrected the Forest of Spirits walkthrough. 
Clarified the Tombs of Amenti reverse walkthrough.  Even more Frequently 
Asked Questions (YES, THIS GAME IS EXPENSIVE!).  General formatting cleanup 
in preparation for the VP: Lenneth PSP port.

08-30-2004 Version 3.2  Corrected the Charge Time for Jayle's PWS.  Corrected 
the Tombs of Amenti walkthrough and added a way to get out.  Clarified the 
Seal Rating requirement in the A Ending section.  Added the Demon Sword 
"Levantine" (whoops) and made some notes in the Items section.  Added the 
damage multipliers for spells to the Technical Info section.

04-18-2004 Version 3.1  More Frequently Asked Questions. Clarified getting the 
chests in Gorhia Cult HQ. Rewrote the A ending section to make it easier to 
understand. Added more to the Characters section and changed some ratings. 
Added more to the Technical Info section.

03-08-2003 Version 3.0  Added Technical Info section. Added two more 
Frequently Asked Questions. Added Books of Riddles, Cure Condition, Long 
Sword, Shiny Rupture, and Full Plate to items section. Added info on which 
weapons allow Valkyrie's level 2 and 3 Nibelung Valesti to items section. 
Other minor typos corrected.

07-21-2002 Version 2.0  Retyped large sections of the FAQ. Moved 
Frequently Asked Questions section up to the beginning and expanded it. 
Added Glitches section. Made some corrections on the events that alter 
your Seal Rating. Added a couple more dropped items from monsters. Added 
Darkness Arrow in Tombs of Amenti. Added a few more rooms in Lezard's Tower. 
Added the Status skills and CP costs for raising all skills. Corrected other 
minor misinformations throughout the FAQ.

11-21-2001 Version 1.4  Added the Eye of Heaven in Arianrod. Added more 
dropped items from monsters. Added the Darkness status effect. Added 
third strategy for sleeping Guardian.

8-30-2001 Version 1.3  Corrected error on Arianrod Labyrinth 
walkthrough. Clarified Dark Tower of Xervah walkthrough. Found extra 
room in Palace of the Dragon. Added some info on Artolian Mountain 
Ruins, Tower of Lezard Valeth, and Lost City of Dipan. Filled in a 
significant number of dropped items. Added Lamellar and Silver Mail to 
armor list.

8-12-2001 Version 1.2  Added solo games section. Added spell and status 
effect info the battle section. Added info on character's attacks. 
Filled in some more dropped items. Minor additions throughout the FAQ.

7-14-2001 Version 1.1  Added skills section.  Added a lot of info to 
Transferring characters section.  Filled in many blanks on dropped 
items.  Completed item lists.  Corrected typos.  Improved formatting.  
Revised evaluation of Llewelyn from "very, very bad" to just "very bad".

7-01-2001 Version 1.0  First posting of FAQ.  All Walkthroughs are 
complete at this point.

0) Glossary
1) Introduction
2) Frequently Asked Questions
3) Battle system
4) Crystal tricks
5) Transferring characters to Asgard 
6) Walkthrough - Chapter 0 
7) Walkthrough - Chapter 1 
8) Walkthrough - Chapter 2 
9) Walkthrough - Chapter 3 
10) Walkthrough - Chapter 4 
11) Walkthrough - Chapter 5 
12) Walkthrough - Chapter 6 
13) Walkthrough - Chapter 7 
14) Walkthrough - Chapter 8 
15) Walkthrough - Jotunheim Palace 
16) Walkthrough - Asgard Hill 
17) Walkthrough - Seraphic Gate 
18) Endings 
19) Characters
20) Item Lists
21) Skills
22) Hints and Tips
23) Glitches
24) Technical Info
25) Solo games
26) Thanks

0) Glossary

DME - Divine Materialize Energy.  These are the character's hit points.  
Since the characters are only souls, Valkyrie must use energy to give 
them physical form.  When DME reaches 0, that character's body 

PWS - Purify Weird Soul.  These are extra-strong finishing moves that 
characters can use under certain conditions (see Battle system).

CT - Charge Time.  If a character has more than zero charge time it will 
not be able to use a PWS move or magic.

MP - Materialize Points.  These are the "money" that you use to create 
items with.  Go to the status screen and select Divine Items to spend 

CP - Capacity Points.  These are points you spend to purchase skills for 
your characters.

1) Introduction.

Valkyrie Profile is one of the most unique RPGs ever made.  It features 
half realtime/half turn-based combat, 2-D platform game movement, and a 
story plucked from Norse Mythology.  This guide will show you every nook and 
cranny of the game's three modes.  I have left the story details out of the 
guide intentionally, but there are still numerous spoilers throughout in 
regards to solving puzzles, recruiting characters, etc.  So if you like to 
experience your games slowly, read ahead at your own risk.

When you first start the game, you'll notice that there are three game-
modes to choose from:  Easy, Normal, and Hard.  In each version, you 
will earn varying amounts of experience from the enemies.  Also, the 
dungeons that appear in each mode vary, and there are more characters 
available in the harder modes.  Hard mode is not really that hard, it's 
just longer and has some unique dungeons with more difficult puzzles. I 
really don't recommend Easy mode at all. Normal has everything it has to offer 
and then some. Plus the end of the game is actually harder in Easy than the 
other modes because you can't get any really good weapons.

I've referenced information from three other FAQs for this game, Keith 
Rhee's Best Ending Guide (in the Endings section), Steven Bruck's Hard 
Mode Guide (in the walkthrough for the Clockwork Mansion), and Aryuze 
RV's Debug Mode FAQ (in the Transfer section).

The walkthroughs may look confusing at first.  They are telling you the 
direction you must exit each room.  "Right" means to exit the room on 
the right side.  "Up" means to push up where it says "To the Rear".  
"Down" means to push down where it says "To the Front".  If there is 
more than one exit available on the side of the room, then I will 
clarify which one to use.  "Up and to the right" does not mean exit up, 
then exit right.  It means move to the upper part of the screen, then 
exit right.  This will make more sense when you start playing.  In most 
cases, I will not specify where the treasure chests are in the room.  If I 
list a treasure as being in a room and you do not see it, check behind 
scenery and on top of high ledges.  Note that you can use the X button to 
pick up a hidden chest and walk with it to where you can open it more easily 
(set it down with the circle button).  Also, for artifacts, I have put an 
asterisk (*) by the ones that you should definitely keep. 

But note that you can keep all the artifacts in the game without penalty as 
long as you transfer at least one character per chapter.

2) Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why is this game so expensive?

A:  Supply and demand.  Only 73,000 copies were sold in North America. In 
addition, the game is extremely sensitive to scratches.  The smallest scratch 
can make it unplayable, so not all of those copies work.  Combine that with 
excellent word of mouth that this is a must-play game, and the game is 
suddenly impossible to find for less than $100.

Q:  Where can I find this game?

A:  Ebay is the only consistent place to find it, but be prepared to pay steep 
prices.  If you don't mind importing, it's very easy to find a Japanese copy 
(it was reprinted in 2004).  Be careful about buying this game used - see 
above note about scratches.  If you own a PSP, you can now get Valkyrie
Profile: Lenneth, which is the same game with the exception of the cutscenes 
being changed from anime to FMV.

Q:  Where are the Flame Jewels? (Lotus Gems for the Japanese version)

A:  In the Hard Mode dungeons.  There's one in each of Salerno Academy, 
Dark Tower of Xervah, Citadel of Flame, Sunken Shrine, Arianrod 
Labyrinth, Celestial Castle.  There's two in the Tombs of Amenti.  
Clockwork Mansion does not have a Flame Jewel.

Q:  Which artifacts should I keep?

A:  All of them.  Seriously.  As long as you transfer at least one high
Hero Value character per Chapter, you will suffer no negative effects
from this.  If you insist on sending something to Odin, at least keep the ones 
I've marked with an asterisk (*) in the walkthrough.

Q:  How do I use the Holy Grail?

A:  You don't.  Leave it in your inventory and each Chapter it will produce a 
Holy Drop that you can Use. The Golden Fowl works the same way.  Note that 
having two Holy Grails doesn't increase the number of Holy Drops, so you can 
transmute one into a Bracelet of Zoe.

Q:  Why won't my Seal Rating go down?

A:  You're looking at the Evaluation, not the Seal Rating.  Seal Rating is on 
Valkyrie's Status screen, where Hero Value would be on other characters.

Q:  Who do I transfer in Chapter 3 if I don't have an archer?

A:  Don't worry about it.  You don't have to meet Freya's requirements 
exactly.  Just send someone with a high Hero Value and you'll be fine.

Q:  Easy, Normal, Hard. Which should I choose?

A:  Hard mode is the best overall. You can get every character, and they all 
start at level 1, so you can make them stronger by using Bracelets of Zoe. 
Hard has eight dungeons that aren't in the other modes, and they are all 
puzzle-oriented. If you're not good at solving puzzles, pick Normal, because 
the dungeons are easier to get through. Don't ever play Easy, unless you want 
an extra challenge. Normal has everything that's in Easy mode, and more. You 
can't get any of the good weapons or skills in Easy, so it's actually harder 
than the other modes. Although you can reach the Seraphic Gate from all modes, 
you can only open the locked doors with the Flame Jewels found in Hard mode.

Q:  Will there be a sequel to this game?

A:  YES!!!  Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria is now out for the PS2 in Japan.  The 
North American version is supposed to be released in September 2006.

Q:  What's Attack Trust and Hit Trust?

A:  Attack Trust is the odds that you'll do full damage with your 
weapon.  A weapon with a very low Attack Trust will rarely do its full 
damage.  Hit Trust affects your chances of hitting the enemy and 
performing a Guard Crush.  With a low Hit Trust, you will sometimes miss the 
enemy, even in the middle of a combo!  There is also a Defend Trust stat which 
lowers the opposing person's Attack Trust.

Q:  What are the Xs and Os in the weapon descriptions?

A:  Each character has three potential attacks they can use.  The weapon 
equipped determines which are available.  Valkyrie starts with an O X X weapon, 
so she can only use her first attack.  The weapon Freya gives her at the end of 
the first dungeon is O O O, so she can attack three times.

Q:  Can I beat Brahms in his castle?

A:  Yes, you won't be able to hurt him with physical attacks, but magic 
works on him.  Just make sure you have lots of Union Plumes to bring 
back the people he kills while you wear him down with magic. Note that 
beating him, losing to him, and choosing not to fight him all have the 
same effect.

Q: What do I do at the end of the Cave of Thackus?

A: If nothing happens when you reach the end, you forgot to get the item from 
the wizard's body. Go back to the dead body and search it to find what you 

Q: Why can't I find Lezard?

A: You must complete Lezard's Tower in Chapter 4, and you must not walk 
out of the tower once you enter it. If you walk out, Lezard will be gone and 
you've destroyed your chance at getting the A ending. If you really must leave 
the tower let yourself die in battle and you will reappear outside.

Q: How do I open the bookcase in Dipan?

A: Go outside the castle into the town. Enter the very first building 
that you come to and go upstairs. Talk to the woman there and now you 
can open the bookcase.

Q: How do I stop my weapons from breaking?

A: Stop using them. Most weapons that you find in dungeons have a chance of 
breaking at the end of each round of combat. Don't equip these weapons unless 
you're fighting enemies that they should be used against (like Dragon Zombies 
for the Dragonslayer). Note that the only time the game checks for breakage is 
when control shifts from the characters to the enemy. So if you can kill all 
the enemies in one turn, there is no chance of weapon breakage. Wands use a 
different system however. Wands have no chance of breaking with normal 
spellcasting, but can break anytime you use them in a PWS.

Q:  How can I get better weapons?

A:  In Lezard's Tower(Chapter 4, Normal and Hard modes only) there is an 
accessory called the Creation Gem (*not* the Gem of Creation!  That is a 
totally different item!).  When you get it, equip it on Valkyrie.  Now 
transmute the Fairy Bottle (Normal) or Manual of Resurrection (Hard) to get an 
Orihalcon.  Transmute the Orihalcon to get a Creation Jewel.  If you don't 
have the Fairy Bottle or Manual just try and save up 100,000 MP to buy 
Orihalcon in Chapter 6.  Unfortunately, in Easy Mode you can't get any of 
these goodies.  So you're stuck with what you can Divine.

Once you have the Creation Jewel, equip it on Valkyrie and start 
transmuting away.  Some of the best items:

Broken Armor:  Glare Sword
Broken Blade:  Glare Guard
Broken Spear:  Crimson Edge
Book of Everlasting Life:  Icicle Sword
If you can manufacture another piece of Orihalcon, transmute it into 
Gram, a super-strong sword.

Q:  Any websites for this game?

A:  Check the webring:;action=list
These sites are also good:

Q:  Is Gabriel Celeste a guy?

A:  Yes. This has been debated for some time, but Radiata Stories cleared it 
up for us. He is very definitely male.

Q:  Do I have to do everything that comes up in Spiritual Concentration?

A:  Nope.  You may not want to go through the Caves of Oblivon.  They're 
somewhat random and can be dangerous. Many of the monsters will wipe out 
parties in the early chapters.

Q:  How do I defeat Bloodbane?

A:  Bloodbane is one of the hardest enemies in the game because most of 
his attacks hit the whole party.  First, make sure everyone has level 8 
Guts.  Then give everyone the Auto-item skill and set it so Union Plume 
is at 100%.  Equip your front-line people with any guard that shoots out stuff
like Extreme Guard, Star Guard, Glare Guard, etc.  Bloodbane's accuracy isn't 
that great, so these will sometimes damage him and break up his attack.  
Anything that reduces fire and lightning damage helps, as do Mighty Checks 
(for the status-changing attack Diseased Tempest). 

The second problem is that he casts Heal on himself on every round 
number ending in zero (every ten turns). If you don't combo your attacks 
effectively you won't be able to kill him. Here's one strategy that works 
well. Equip a Fairy Ring on your mage. On Round 1, cast Might Reinforce. Do 
normal attacks with the other characters (no PWS!). On Round 2, Cast Sap 
Guard. Again do normal attacks only with the other characters. On Round 3, 
chain all four of your PWS together for a massive damage combo. This should 
drain about 2/3rds of his life. After that keep attacking him and try to get 
his remaining hitpoints below 30% by Round 10. Once his hitpoints are below 
30%, he will no longer use Heal, but will start wasting your party with the 
powerful Gravity Blessing spell. Just keep attacking and try to kill him 
before he wears through your Auto-Item/Guts combo.

Q:  Where's a good place to level up?

A:  In Chapter 3, you can go to the Oddrock Caves of Camille Cemetary 
(Normal and Hard modes).  It only costs 1 period to visit them.  In 
Chapter 5 you can go to Arkdain Ruins.  There are three ways to fight an 
infinite number of enemies here:

1) Exit the castle (to the woods outside the gate), then go back in.  
All the enemies will reappear.
2) Near the boss room is a trap where you must kill all the enemies to 
escape.  You can keep going in this room and the enemies will reappear.
3) Open a chest, fight the monster, don't take the treasure.  Leave the 
room and come back, and the chest will reset.  This is the worst method, but I 
mention it out of a sense of completeness.

Q:  How do I access the Voice Collection?

A:  On the title screen, go to "Sound Mode", then "Voice Collection".  
It's amazing that this is a frequently asked question.

Q:  Why did my Voice Collection disappear?

A:  It draws from your saved games on the memory card.  If you erase 
your save files your voices go too.

Q:  Are these the same voice actors from Pokemon/Slayers?

A:  Yes.  Go to to learn more about voice acting.  Note that the
PSP version has new actors for the cutscenes (other than Lenneth), but the
other voices are the same as the original version.

Q:  How do I get all the quotes for (boss)?

A:  You can spend hours fighting the bosses and still not hear all their 
quotes. So don't waste your time trying. Instead, try to complete 95% of your 
total voice collection (all characters combined) and the remaining 5% of the 
voices will fill in, including those boss quotes you couldn't get.


Q:  What happens when you lose the War in Asgard?

A:  You can't.  The lowest you can go down to is two Asgard warriors (if you 
don't transfer anyone in all eight Chapters).  You also can't win the war.  In 
other words, it has no effect on the game.

Q:  Is Valkyrie Platina?

A:  Yes.  It should be obvious if you watched the intro.

Q:  How did Lawfer die?

A:  The game does not say. Most players believe he either died breaking 
Roland out of jail or on a dangerous adventure after breaking Roland 
out. Perhaps he was killed chasing down Grey. In the official VP manga, 
he was turned into a vampire and killed by Arngrim.

Q:  Who's Lady Beliza?

A:  She is never mentioned again in the game after the Belenus scene.  A 
dropped plot-thread, most likely.  The text in the Japanese version is 
slightly different for that scene.  It implies that Belenus's wife summoned 
the vampire because she was jealous of Asaka.

3) Battle system.
a) Basics
b) Spells
c) Status effects

a) Basics

When a battle begins, the screen shifts and you will see your characters on 
the right side of the screen and the enemies on the left.  Your characters 
are always in a diamond formation that corresponds to the buttons on the 
gamepad.  Triangle is the top character, Circle the right character (the only 
one on the back row), X is the bottom character, and Square the left 
character.  Enemies will number from 1 to 4, and they will either be in 
diamond (3 front, 1 back), square (2 front, 2 back), triangle (2 front, 1 
back), or line (1 front, 1 back or 1-3 front) formation.  Back row enemies 
can only be attacked with magic or bows.  Very few enemies will attack back-
row characters at all.

At the top-left of the screen there is the word "Target" along with the 
name of the monster currently being attacked and a bar showing that 
monster's approximate amount of hit points.  To change which enemy you 
are targeting, push the directional pad.

At the top-right is a circle with a number in it that tells you the 
current turn number.  This helps you keep track of the duration of your 
spells.  Below that is a diagram of the button layout on the gamepad.  
The buttons that are lit up indicate characters which are eligible for 
attack.  Also, a number is present (1, 2, or 3) which indicates the 
number of attacks that character can make.  The weapon you have equipped will 
determine how many attacks you will get.

Along the bottom of the screen is the information about your party.  It 
will have each character's name, DME, and a bar to show how much charge 
time has been accumulated by that character.  When a character has more 
than zero charge time he/she is not able to use PWS moves or Magic.

When you attack an enemy, the character information disappears and is 
replaced by a circle in the bottom-left corner.  This indicates the 
number of consecutive hits that characters have inflicted on the enemy.  
If too much time is spent in between attacks, this number resets to 
zero.  Alongside this circle is a bar.  When hits are scored, the bar is 
increased (the amount depends on the attack that was used) and a number below 
the bar increases.  When this number reaches 100, characters that participated 
in the attack are eligible to use PWS moves.  This will be referred to as the 
energy bar hereafter.

Each hit in a combo increases the damage by 1 percent.  For example, 
when the number of hits is 25, the 26th hit will do 125% of its normal 

When the energy bar has reached 100 and everyone has stopped using their 
normal attacks, the screen will turn dark.  The energy bar resets to 80 and 
begins draining rapidly.  There is also a bar in the middle of the screen that 
will drain rapidly.  To the right is a display of which characters are able to 
execute a PWS.  Note that characters that have charge time, did not 
participate in the attack, or were blocked by the enemy will not be able to 
use a PWS.  Simply press the button for the eligible character to use the PWS.  
The character will leap forward and do their move on the enemy.  These moves 
will also increase the number of consecutive hits and increase the energy bar 
as well.  If the energy bar reaches 100 again, another character's PWS may be 
executed.  However, this time the energy bar resets to 60.  So it will be a 
little harder to reach 100 again.  After the second PWS, the bar resets to 40.  
If the third character can get the bar back up to 100, the fourth 
character may use their PWS.

If you successfully chain three PWS together, the third one will do 1/3
more damage than normal. The same is true for the fourth PWS in a chain.  This 
is why you should save your most powerful PWS for last (Freya).  There may 
also be a bonus multiplier for an extremely high number of hits (75+), but 
this is unconfirmed at this time.

When battle begins, the first attack is determined by whether Valkyrie 
was able to hit the monster with her sword or not.  If she did, the 
characters will have the first attack and will have zero CT.  If 
Valkyrie bumped into the monster, one of two things will happen.  Either the 
enemies will attack first, or the characters will strike first.  But if the 
characters strike first, they will all start with 1 CT.  Equipping a character 
with a Scout Orb increases the chances that the characters will strike first.

After the characters attack, the enemies will have their turn to attack.  When 
they are finished, it is the characters' turn again.  This continues until 
either all characters or all monsters are dead.  If the characters die, the 
party will be ejected from the dungeon and back to the world map.  This is not 
bad in and of itself, but it does waste time that may be needed for other 

Hitting the enemies in certain situations knocks items out of them.  If 
you hit them in the air (juggling), you may get a magic crystal.  If you hit 
them while on the ground (laying on the ground, not standing and reeling 
backwards), you may get a purple gem.  Each magic crystal 
increases the amount of experience you gain at the end of battle by 5 
percent.  You can get a maximum of 40 crystals which is 3 times the 
normal experience.  Purple gems are distributed randomly by the game to 
reduce CT.  You can't control who gets the gems, so try to knock as many out 
as possible to increase the odds of your mage getting them.  Occasionally a 
treasure chest will be knocked out instead of a crystal or gem.  Each monster 
will only give up 1 treasure chest.  Treasure is awarded at the end of the 
battle, and most monsters have two different treasures that may be given.

Pressing the Select button (or L3 button on a Dual Shock controller) 
brings up a menu.  Here you can change your party's formation, change a 
character's weapon (this uses up their turn), have a character use an 
item, cast a more powerful magic spell that either hits all enemies or 
does extra hits to one enemy, or flee the battle.  Fleeing is a good 
option when you get in a battle that's over your head.  Also on this 
menu you can select end turn.  This lets the monsters go when you don't 
want to use all of your character's attacks.  Some spells like Heal can 
only be cast from this menu.

After a battle is over the characters will gain experience and also 
receive any treasures that they may have knocked out of enemies.

b) Spells

Spells can be cast in one of two ways.  Each mage can have one offensive spell 
selected to cast (choose which one from the "Ability" menu).  These spells are 
cast by pressing the mage's corresponding attack button in combat.  The other 
way to cast spells is from the combat menu (press Select button).  Any spell 
in the mage's inventory can be cast from this menu.  This is the only way to 
cast non-offensive spells like Heal.

Offensive spells cast from the combat menu are identical to those cast 
with the attack button, with the following exceptions:

Mystic Cross, Poison Blow, Lightning Bolt, Fire Storm, Icicle Edge, and 
Shadow Servant will strike for full effect on all enemies instead of 

Also, you usually cannot combo off of spells cast in this way (the hit 
meter and energy gauge do not appear). However some spells like Fire 
Storm cause a long enough hang-time for you to get a combo in.

Offensive spells have two versions for their PWS.  The first is a 
regular PWS which is just the normal spell being cast three times in 
succession.  The second version is called Great Magic, and can only be 
performed by a mage equipped with the following wands:

Element Scepter
Ether Scepter
Infinity Rod
Unicorn's Horn
Wand of Apocalypse
Wand "Mystic Sage"

Great Magic hits all enemies, and is usually much stronger than a 
regular PWS.

Here are all the offensive spells.  After each spell is its charge time 
for normal casting, number of hits for normal casting, amount added to 
energy gauge for normal casting, number of hits for Great Magic casting, and 
amount added to energy gauge for Great Magic casting.  Not listed is the 
charge time for regular PWS or Great Magic (too difficult to determine with 
all the gems flying around) or the number of hits and energy provided by 
regular PWS (it's just three times the normal casting amount).

Note that the number of hits listed is the maximum possible.  Actual 
hits will vary depending on enemy size and shape.

Sacred Javelin     3, 5, 10 each hit, 3, 21 total
Mystic Cross       6, 4, 10 each hit, 7, 70 total
Stone Torch        3, 1,  5,          3, 48 total  May turn the enemy
                                                   to Stone
Poison Blow        3, 1,  5,          3, 51 total  May Poison enemy
Prismatic Missile 10, 5, 10 each hit, 3, 48 total  May cause random
                                                   status ailments
                                                   in enemy
Lightning Bolt     9, 3,  8 each hit, 4, 48 total
Fire Lance         3, 2, 20 each hit, 5, 20 total
Fire Storm         2, 1, 50,          1, 50
Frigid Damsel      5, 3, 15 each hit, 4, 64 total  May Freeze enemy
Icicle Edge        5, 3,  5 each hit, 2, 50 total  May Freeze enemy
Dark Savior        3, 3,  5 each hit, 1, 50
Shadow Servant     5, 3, 15 each hit, 7, 50 total

Here are the support spells and their charge times:

Normalize       (1)  Cures status ailments in 1 person.
Heal            (5)  Restores 80% of maximum DME to whole party
Reflect Sorcery (8)  Causes enemy spells to be reflected
Might Reinforce (3)  Increases attack power of whole party
Spell Reinforce (3)  Increases magic power of whole party
Guard Reinforce (3)  Increases RDM of whole party
Invoke Feather  (5)  Restores slain character with 50% DME
Shield Critical (6)  Completely worthless spell.  Trust me.
Sap Guard       (1)  Decreases enemy RDM and Defend Trust
Sap Power       (1)  Decreases enemy attack power
Dampen Magic    (6)  Attempts to inflict Silence on all enemies

The best offensive spells are Mystic Cross and Poison Blow.  Mystic 
Cross does lots of hits and has the most powerful Great Magic.  Poison 
Blow does very high damage and there are many enemies weak against 

The best support spells are Sap Guard and Might Reinforce.  Heal and 
Invoke Feather are handy also.

c) Status Effects

Poison: slowly lose DME each round.
Frozen: can't move.  Being hit breaks you free.
Faint: can't move.  Being hit breaks you free.
Paralysis: can't move.
Silence: can't cast magic.
Stone: can't move.
Curse: can't perform PWS, can't change equipment (even outside of 
battle!)  It is unknown what negative effect it has on an enemy.
Darkness: I'm not sure what this does. May affect hit rates.

All of these status effects (except possibly Darkness)can be produced by the 
Prismatic Missile spell.  All bosses are immune to status effects except for 
the Sivapithicus in the Forest of Spirits (probably a programming oversight on 
that one).  All can be cured with the Cure Condition skill except for Darkness 
and Faint.

All status effect wear off with time, but some last longer than others.

4) Crystal tricks.

Pressing the square button when inside a dungeon shoots out a blast from 
Valkyrie.  If it contacts a solid surface it will form a crystal.  Shoot the 
crystal again and it will form a large crystal.  Shoot the crystal a third 
time and the crystal will shatter, producing a cloud of dust that lasts for 
five seconds and drifts slowly downward.  You can have up to three crystals 
(large or small) active at one time.  Making a fourth causes the first one to 

Valkyrie can stand on crystals.  Jumping on a crystal once will cause it to 
crack.  Jumping on it a second time will cause it to break.  Large crystals 
crack the second time they are jumped on, and break the third time.  Crystals 
can also be broken with your sword.

A broken crystal turns into 1 rectangular block and 1 small sphere.  
These can be picked up with the X button.  When picked up, they can be 
thrown with the X button or dropped with the Circle button.  These 
broken pieces float in water, and can be used as stepping stones.  I 
recommend ignoring the small spheres and just working with the 
rectangular blocks.  You can have up to three sets of broken pieces at 
one time.  Making more causes the first set to disappear.

To ascend a wall, place a crystal, jump on it, place another crystal, 
jump on it, and so on.

This is the procedure to make something to stand on when you can't reach an 
overhead ledge.  Make three ice crystals on the ground and shatter them with 
your sword so that you have a bunch of ice chunks.  Now, form a large crystal 
on the ground under the end of an overhead ledge (not directly under the 
ledge, inbetween the two ledges).  Pick up a large ice chunk with the X 
button, and lay it on top of the crystal with the circle button.  Repeat this 
with the other two large ice chunks.  All three chunks should be laying in the 
same spot on top of the crystal.  Now jump on top of the crystal, to the side 
of the chunks (not on top of them).  Press the X button to pick one up, then 
drop it immediately with the circle button.  It should stack on top of the 
other chunks.  Press the X button again, and pick up one more chunk.  Drop it 
with the circle button.  Now you should have a stack of three chunks on top of 
the crystal.  This is what it ends up looking like:

x=chunk, C=large crystal


You can now stand on the top of the stack and jump to reach 
whatever you need to.  Note that the crystal will not break if you are 
standing on the broken pieces on top of it.  This trick is referred to
in the walkthroughs as "crystal steps".  In most cases two steps on 
top of the crystal are sufficient to reach whatever it is above you.  
It takes three steps to reach the chests in the bell tower at Gorhia
Cult HQ, and to reach the chest at the end of Palace of the Dragon requires 
you to build your large crystal on top of the artifact treasure chests.

When a cloud of dust is formed from shattering a crystal, Valkyrie can 
jump and stand on the middle of the cloud.  When Valkyrie is standing on this 
cloud, it will not disappear after five seconds.  It will disappear when she 
jumps off or if it touches the ground.  You can use this as a stepping stone 
to reach higher areas.  I will refer to this in the walkthrough as "crystal 
dust" or "dust cloud".

Shattering a crystal when Valkyrie is next to it will fling her away.  
She can shatter a crystal she is standing on and it will fling her 
upwards.  There is no reason to do this, however, as it does not 
increase her jump height.  A more useful application is to shatter a 
crystal on the ground while ducking next to it.  This will fling 
Valkyrie away horizontally, allowing her to cross a narrow horizontal 
distance.  Some dungeons require this trick to advance.  I will refer to this 
trick in the walkthrough as the "crystal bounce."

Although it's not necessary for any part of the game, there is a neat 
trick you can do to walk through the air.  It's useful in the Dark Tower of 
Xervah where you normally have to jump across those shifting 
platforms.  What you do is shoot a crystal onto the ceiling, then turn 
it into dust.  Jump onto the dust platform, standing on the edge of the 
cloud.  Now make another dust cloud on the ceiling and jump onto it.  By 
repeating this, you can slowly make your way across the top of the 
screen riding the dust clouds.

Many of the treasure chests in the game require a combination of step-
building and cloud-riding to reach.  There is often more than one 
solution, so the methods I list in this FAQ are simply the ones I used.

5) Transferring characters to Asgard

In order to get anywhere in this game, you must transfer the warriors 
you've trained up to Valhalla.  Don't worry, in most cases you will get 
them back at the end of the game.  There are certain requirements to 
meet in each chapter for the warriors you send up.  You don't need to 
meet all of the requirements, but try to meet as many as possible (at a 
bare minimum the Hero Value).  You do not need to send people up at the 
beginning of the Chapter.  You can wait until right before the Sacred 
Phase to do so.  Just don't wait too long!

During the Sacred Phase, you will receive a certain number of 
Materialize Points to spend creating items.  This number is increased by 
roughly 1000 points per person you transferred during the chapter.  So, if you 
transfer two people per chapter, you will end up with about 2000 points more 
than if you transferred no one.  But note that Transferring two people may 
prevent you from getting the A ending - see the Endings section for details.

Also during the Sacred Phase, Odin will give you items.  The items that 
you get are determined by the combined Hero Value of all the Einherjar 
you have transferred throughout the game.  Transferring one high Hero 
Value person per Chapter is sufficient to get the best items available.  
If you're not getting all of the "best items" listed in the following 
section, try transferring two characters instead of one.

There are some special scenes you can see during the Sacred Phase if you 
transfer two certain characters at the same time.  They are:

Lawfer and Kashell (Chapter 3)
Badrach and Jelanda (Chapter 7)
Suo and Shiho (Chapter 7)

Note that if you go for the A ending you won't be able to see the 
Suo/Shiho scene and the Badrach/Jelanda one also.

This info originally came from Aryuze RV's Debug Mode FAQ.

Also note that Arngrim, Mystina, and Gandar can never be transferred.

Here are some quick recommendations for each Chapter. Read the section
below for more detail.

Chapter 1: Llewelyn
Chapter 2: Belenus (or Lawfer or Jun)
Chapter 3: Janus (or one of your extra mages)
Chapter 4: Jelanda (or anyone else)
Chapter 5: Yumei (or Lucian)
Chapter 6: Lucian (or Jayle or Grey)
Chapter 7: Shiho (or Lorenta)
Chapter 8: None (or Suo)


Chapter 1:  Hero Value 40.  You have a choice between Llewelyn, Belenus, and 
Jelanda.  I recommend Llewelyn, because he's not too great in combat and his 
Hero Value is too low to meet any other Chapter's requirements easily.  
Belenus will score much higher, however. If you do send Llewelyn make sure he 
is at least level 3 with all of his traits maxed out. Also make sure he is 
wearing some basic equipment.

Best items available:  Element Scepter, Fire Lance, Frigid Damsel, Wait 
Reaction, Normalize, Combo Counter, random weapon (either Lightning 
Edge, Spinning Spear, Elemental Edge, Holy Prayer, Go-Shorai Blade, or 
Supreme Crossbow)

Chapter 2:  Hero Value 50, a Warrior, Tactics, Leadership, Identify.  
Again, Belenus is a good choice as is Lawfer (Normal and Hard modes).  
You might have Jun by this point, and he works as well.

Best items available:  Element Scepter, Lightning Bolt, Shadow Servant, 
Splash, Heal, Throw, Extreme Guard, Emerald Necklace

Chapter 3:  Hero Value 65, an Archer, Find Trap, Survival.  This one's 
simple:  Janus.  Llewelyn can be sent, but I don't recommend it, as Odin will 
not give you the best items. However, there is a chance that you won't have 
Janus by this chapter, so just use whoever's available.

Best items available:  Element Scepter, Icicle Edge, Fire Storm, 
Darkness Arrow, Reflect Sorcery, Auto Item, Faim Fenn, Holy Grail, 
random weapon (either Radiance Sword, Heart Piercer, Ignite Sword, 
Accepter Rod, Ten-Horin Blade, or Crescent Arrow)

Chapter 4:  Hero Value 80, Negotiator, Trick, Demon Int, Hear Noise.  
Anyone can meet the skills requirement for this one.  The negotiation 
aspect can be achieved by equipping someone with the "Angel Lips" 
accessory (+1 to their evaluation for each equipped).  You might want to send 
up Jelanda at this point as you've got both Nanami and Yumei for magical 
support by now.

Best items available:  Ether Scepter, Mystic Cross, Resist Damage, 
Invoke Feather, Bracelet of Zoe, Spell Reinforce, Concentration, Coin of 

Chapter 5:  Hero Value 90, Nimble, Swimmer, March, Attack Pow, Resist 
Damage, Defend.  This is the first of the tricky ones.  Yumei is the 
only Swimmer, but she can't have Attack Pow.  Nevertheless, Yumei will 
score extremely high if you send her with all the other skills listed.  
Other choices for Nimble include Jun and Lucian (Normal and Hard modes).  The 
transferred character also gains +1 to their evaluation for each "Pearl of 
Karula" equipped.  Check the "A" ending section for more information about 
transferring in this Chapter.

Best items available:  Ether Scepter, Guard Reinforce, Poison Blow, Holy Wand 
"Adventia", Stone Torch, Star Guard, random weapon (either Scarlet Forge, Holy 
Halberd, Violet Forge, Absolute Force, Demon Blade, or Shiny Rupture)

Chapter 6:  Hero Value 100, Brave, a Sorcerer, Monster Int, Hit.  
Another tricky one, because there are no sorcerers with either Brave or 
the Hit skill.  If you're only going to send one Einherjar, make it a 
warrior, because sorcerers do not score well in this Chapter.  Options 
for Brave include Grey, Jayle, and Janus.  Also, the transferred 
character gains +1 evaluation for each "Flame Bandanna" equipped.

Best items available:  Ether Scepter, Dark Savior, Prismatic Missile, 
Dampen Magic, Tome of Alchemy, Wand of Exchange

Chapter 7:  Hero Value 110, Undead Int, a High Level Sorcerer, Avoid, 
Resist Magic.  Several options here: Nanami, Yumei, Lorenta (Normal and 
Hard modes), and Lyseria (Hard mode).  Take your pick.  Note that if you 
transfer Lyseria, you will not get her back at the end of the game (it's a 
But on the other hand, you get to see the goofiest picture in the game when 
she's in Asgard (unless you're going for the A ending).

Best items available:  Ether Scepter, Sacred Javelin, Shield Critical, 
Might Reinforce, random weapon (either Ice Coffin, Arc Wind, Bahamut 
Tear, Noble Desire, Ana-no-Murakumo Blade, Last Avenger, or Gram).  You 
might want to reset if you don't get Gram.  It's much better than the 
other weapons.

Chapter 8:  Hero Value 120, March, Brave, Fight, Counter, Leadership, 
Formation.  Although you don't really have to send anyone up in this 
Chapter, it does increase the Materialize Points you're given at the end of 
Chapter if you do so.  Suo is the perfect candidate this time.

It's also been reported that you can get a Great Spear "Dinosaur" in one of 
the Sacred Phases. I've played the game through more than 19 times, and I've 
never seen it. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you get it.

6) Walkthrough - Chapter 0
After the introduction, you will find Arngrim and Lawfer battling a 
Lesser Harpy.  This is an easy fight, just press their buttons to kill 
the creature.

After some more exposition, you will battle the transformed Jelanda.  
Valkyrie, Freya, and Arngrim are available.  You may notice that Freya's 
attack is very slow.  In order to combo with her, press her button first.  
Then pause and press Valkyrie and Arngrim's buttons.

Next is the battle with Lombert.  Again this is an easy battle.

After you use your spiritual concentration, hold the Circle button and 
fly towards the red dot.  Note that you can change the way the map looks by 
pressing the select button.  I prefer the full-screen map myself.  When you 
are looking at the red arrow, press the X button to enter the Artolian 
Mountain Ruins.

Artolian Mountain Ruins 

Lesser Vampire  HP: 400  Weak: none  Drop: Sage, Vegetable Seed
Ghast  HP: 600  Weak: none  Drop: Long Sword, Leather Armor
Pongo  HP: 1000  Weak: none  Drop: Normalize, Fire Lance
Dragon Servant  HP: 500  Weak: Ice  Drop: Chainmail, Broadsword
Elder Vampire  HP: 4800 Weak: None  Drop: Aqua Vitae

Items found (Normal and Hard modes):  Iron-Barred Key, Eye of Heaven, 
Vegetable Seed x3, Book of Everlasting Life, Angel Curio, Savory, Quartz Gem, 
Nightshade, Element Scepter, Fox Glove, Fire Lance, Treasure Search, Lapis 
Lazuli, Sealed Box, Jeweled Blade "Grimrist"

Items found (Easy mode): Iron-Barred Key, Vegetable Seed x3, Book of 
Everlasting Life, Treasure Search, Sealed Box, Jeweled Blade "Grimrist"

Inside the ruins, Freya will give you tips as you move along.  Let's 
take a moment to go over all the menu items:

Press the Triangle button to open up the menu.  You will see your 
current party as well as their DME and experience.  First select skill 
at the top of the screen and press the X button.

In the skill menu you will see a character and the words Learn/Set 
Up/Traits.  First press learn.  You can move the cursor around and spend CP 
for the characters to learn skills.  I suggest for new characters to learn the 
Counter skill from Status skills, and the First Aid skill from Reaction skill.  
After you've learned some skills, go to Set Up to assign them.  Most skills 
will not work unless you assign them!  You can set two Reaction skills, one 
Support skill, and one Attack skill.  Status skill are always available and do 
not need to be set up.  Reaction skills and support skills work automatically 
at the appropriate times.  Attack skills require a certain button sequence to 
be pressed before they will activate in combat.  Status skills work 
automatically except for Counter, which requires a button press in combat.  
Also from the skill menu you can increase a character's Traits by spending CP.  
These increase the character's Hero Value and make them better suited for the 
war in Asgard.  Note that Arngrim, Mystina, and Gandar cannot be transferred 
to Asgard, so increasing their traits is useless, and also increasing any 
Status skill for them that does not have a combat effect is also useless.

The next section in the menu is Use Item.  The first thing you can do 
here is use an item for some special effect.  Note that most items have 
no effect in and of themselves.  The second thing you can do is 
Transmute an item.  This changes the item into a totally different item.  If 
Valkyrie is equipped with either a Creation Gem or a Creation Jewel, the 
things she can transmute changes.  Finally, you can convert items into 
Materialize Points.  This enables you to change unwanted items into MPs so you 
can buy other things.

The next section in the menu is Divine Item.  This allows you to spend 
Materialize Points to create items, weapons, armor, and equipment.

The next menu section is Party.  Here you can change the members of your party 
with any other characters you may have available.  Valkyrie can never be 
removed from the party.  Also in this menu is the Experience Orb.  At certain 
points in the game, you will earn Event Experience.  All such experience is 
stored in the Orb.  When you come to this menu you can allocate that 
experience to whichever party member you choose.  The last item on this menu 
is Practice.  This enables you to fight an unkillable enemy to practice your 
combos on.  Select Flee in order to end your practice session.

The last item on the top row is Ability.  This lets you select which 
spell a mage will use to attack with normally, which order a warrior's 
attacks will come in (if they have more than one attack), and which 
attack they will use to counterattack.  If you find a warrior is not 
connecting with their multiple attacks (like Aelia) come to this screen 
and change the order up.

On the next row is Equipment, which lets you change a character's 
weapons, armor, and other equipment.

Transfer sends a character to Valhalla.  The character is gone from your party 
until the end of the game.  You can transfer a maximum of two characters per 
chapter.  See the Transferring Characters section for more information.

The next item is Status, which shows you each character's statistics and some 
other information about them.

Configure lets you set up the audio and visual aspects of the game and 
also change the buttons on your controller.  If you do not have a stereo 
television, set the sound output to Monaural or many of the voices will be 

The last item on the menu is Data.  This lets you save your game to a 
memory card, or load a previously saved game.  It takes two blocks of 
memory to create a savefile.

Now for the walkthrough.  Note that this dungeon is different in Easy 
mode!  There is nothing past the Treasure Search room, and the boss is 
where the boat would normally be.

Go right, right, up, get the Iron-Barred Key, go down, down, take the 
first passage up, (Eye of Heaven), down, left and up, left.  There is a 
Vegetable Seed and Book of Everlasting Life in this room.  Go down, left and 
up, then climb the wall to find an Angel Curio, Savory, Quartz Gem, and 
Nightshade.  Now go down, right, ride the boat (Element Scepter), right, up, 
(Fox Glove, Fire Lance spell), down, left, left, up.  Take the bottom-right 
exit.  Slash the pillar with your sword, then go left, up and right.  There 
are two Vegetable Seeds and a very important item, the Treasure Search here.  
The Treasure Search is rather hard to reach.  Climb the right wall with 
crystals, then jump off the platform to the left and shoot a crystal on the 
side of the platform with the chest.  Now climb the right wall again using 
only two crystal (a third will make your other crystal disappear).  Jump off 
the platform to the left, land on your crystal, and get the chest.  Watch out 
because the chest is trapped and will hurl you off the ledge.  Now go up, 
slide under the wall, take the lower right exit (Lapis Lazuli), left, take the 
top right exit, save your game, and go right.  Here you will fight an Elder 
Vampire and two Dragon Servants.  Freya will leave for this battle, but loan 
you a powerful sword for the fight.  The easiest way to beat the Dragon 
Servants is for Jelanda to start with her Fire Storm spell.  You may need to 
have her Heal as well, because the Elder Vampire can do some serious damage.  
After defeating them, you get a Sealed Box and the Jeweled Blade "Grimrist"*.

7) Walkthrough - Chapter 1

When you press the Start button on the World Map, each of these things 
will be revealed to you.  The order may vary depending on the game mode 
you are playing.  You do not have to visit each location as soon as it 
is revealed.  You can keep pressing Start until no new locations show 

a) Lassen - Recruit Belenus
b) Crell Monferaigne - Recruit Llewelyn
c) Artolia - Get Arngrim's sword
d) The Forest of Woe (Easy and Normal)
e) Solde Catacombs (Normal and Hard)
f) Cave of Oblivion (All)

a) Go to Lassen and you will recruit Belenus.  After you return to the 
World Map, reenter Lassen and go to Belenus's house.  Inside Asaka's 
room you will find a Pressed Flower accessory.

b) Go to Crell Monferaigne and you will recruit Llewelyn.  After you 
return to the World Map, reenter Crell Monferaigne and you will find 
a Goddess Pendant in the woods.

c) Go to Arngrim's house in Artolia, and you will get a Dragon Slayer 
sword in his room. Don't equip it! The Dragon Slayer breaks easily, 
and you will want to save it for some dragon-type enemies later on.

d) The Forest of Woe. (Easy and Normal)

Lesser Vampire  HP: 400  Weakness: none  Drop: Sage,Vegetable Seed
Ghast  HP: 600  Weakness: none  Drop: Long Sword, Leather Armor
Dragon Servant  HP: 500  Weakness: Ice  Drop: Chainmail, Broad Sword
Insane Yeti  HP: 5200  Weakness: Fire  Drop: Ebony Powder

Items found: Eye of Heaven, Icicle Edge, Flare Crystal, Element Scepter 
x2, Lapis Lazuli, Flare Crystal, Extreme Guard, Phoenix Feather

Head left to get an Eye of Heaven.  Go right to find the Icicle Edge 
spell.  Then go left, up, up, left, left, up (there is a Flare Crystal 
hidden behind the tree), up to find two Element Scepters.  Now go down , 
down, right, up (find a Lapis Lazuli), down , right, up (find a Flare 
Crystal), up, and left.  Save your game.  Now go left, and you will 
encounter 3 Insane Yeti.  Like Valkyrie suggests, just keep beating on 
one until it dies.  Use Jelanda's Fire Storm for extra effectiveness.  
After defeating them, you will get the artifacts Extreme Guard and 
Phoenix Feather*.

e) Solde Catacombs (Normal and Hard)

Lesser Vampire  HP: 400  Weak: none  Drop: Sage, Vegetable Seed
Dragon Servant  HP: 500  Weak: Ice  Drop: Chainmail, Broad Sword
Ramapithicus  HP: 4000  Weak: None  Drop:  Mandrake
Drow Shaman  HP: 1000  Weak: None  Drop: Sap Power

Items found: Attack Pow, Short Bow, Avoid, Fire Lance, Broad Sword, Eye 
of Heaven, Element Scepter, Crown of Felmar, Emerald Necklace, Secret of 
Damascus, Magic Pow, Frigid Damsel

Head right and drop down into the hole.  There is an Attack Pow skill 
here.  Exit left (find a Short Bow), go left, then up.  In this room is 
a pentagram with a demon statue on it.  First destroy the statue with 
your sword.  Then you must push or drag the large slab over to the 
pentagram.  Go up to the slab and hold down the X button to grab it.  
After that head down, left (find an Avoid skill), up (another slab to 
move), down, slide under the wall, go down, right (find a Fire Lance 
spell and another slab to move), down (find a Broad Sword, an Eye of 
Heaven, and another slab to move), right (find an Element Scepter).  
Save your game and go up to face the Ramapithicus and two Drow Shamans.  
The Ramapithicus is very hard to kill, which gives the weaker Drow time 
to blast you with spells.  So use your own magic plus archery to kill 
the Drow first.  After defeating them, you will get the Crown of Felmar, 
Emerald Necklace*, and Secret of Damascus.  There is also a Magic Pow skill 
and a Frigid Damsel spell higher up in the room.

f) Cave of Oblivion (All)

There are many Caves of Oblivion in the game, and the one which appears 
is random*.  The strength of the enemies inside varies tremendously 
depending on which one you get.  So it is best not to fight any enemies 
you encounter inside.  Freeze them with crystals while you explore.  The caves 
are all very short.  Basically, when you come to a deep crevice in the middle 
of the screen, jump across.  If there's nothing on the other side, jump down 
and pull against the left wall.  Sometimes there is a cave there.  After you 
get out of that cave drop down and pull to the left again.  Sometimes there is 
another cave there.  Several of the Caves are one-way only.  Many have no 
treasure, but some have good items like a Mighty Check and a Ring of Learning, 
so it's worth exploring them.  If a cave has no treasure, you can try 
resetting your game and reentering the cave.  This sometimes changes the 
treasures available.

*seems to depend on the game mode. Random in Normal, fixed in Hard, ? in Easy. 
More research is needed on this.

8) Walkthrough - Chapter 2 

a) Artolia - Recruit Lawfer (Normal and Hard only)
b) Hai Lan  - Recruit Nanami (may occur in Chapter 3 or 4 instead)
c) Hai Lan - Recruit Jun (may occur in Chapter 3 or 4 instead)
d) Crell Monferaigne - Recruit Janus (may occur in Chapter 3 or 4 
e) Hai Lan - Recruit Yumei (may occur in Chapter 3 or 4 instead)
f) Dragoncastle Caverns (Easy and Normal only)
g) Nethov Swamp (Normal and Hard only)
h) Salerno Academy (Hard only)
i) Cave of Oblivion (All)

a) Go to Artolia and recruit Lawfer.  Lawfer does not appear in Easy 

b) Nanami may appear in Hai Lan.  If you recruit her, return to Hai Lan 
and you will receive the Dragonbane weapon from Minayo in the 
Pleiades Shrine.

c) Jun may appear in Hai Lan.  Recruit him.

d) Janus may appear in Crell Monferaigne.  Recruit him.  After 
recruiting him go back to his house at Crell Monferaigne and get a 
Raven Slayer.

e) Yumei may appear in Hai Lan.  Recruit her.  Cry a lot.  Then return 
to Hai Lan to get a Fragment of Lapis Gem at the seashore.

f) Dragoncastle Caverns (Easy and Normal only)

Current Fish  HP: 1300  Weak: Fire  Drop: Fresh Meat, Beast's Fangs
Monstrous Viper  HP: 900  Weak: None  Drop: Broken Blade, Aconite
Venomous Spider  HP: 1500  Weak: Ice  Drop: Long Sword, Chainmail
Banshee  HP: 400  Weak: None  Drop: Frigid Damsel, Fire Storm
Lesser Dragon  HP: 9000  Weak: Lightning, Holy, Poison  Drop: Holy 

Items found: Eye of Heaven, Lapis Lazuli x2, Fire Storm, Short Spear, 
Frigid Damsel, Fox Glove x2, Element Scepter, Nightshade, Quartz Gem, 
Vegetable Seed, Long Sword, Savory, Aconite, Slanting Rain, Spear "Dark 
Angel", Scarlet Lotus Sword

Go left, down the ladder, left (find an Eye of Heaven).  Then go right, 
jump off the ladder to the left, left, down the ladder to the left, down and 
to the right, go to the rear.  From this room you can go:
     Left (find a Lapis Lazuli and a Fire Storm spell), right, right, up and 
the left, left (find a Short Spear and a Frigid Damsel spell).
     Up and to the left (find a Foxglove and an Element Scepter), up and to 
the right (Nightshade and Lapis Lazuli), Right (Quartz Gem, Vegetable Seed, 
Long Sword).
Now go left and drop down (Savory), right, right, right, right, save 
your game, right, down and to the left (Foxglove, Aconite, Slanting Rain 
skill), right, right.  Now you fight the Lesser Dragon.  The Lesser Dragon has 
several weaknesses to exploit.  If you have the Grimrist sword from the 
Artolian Mountain Ruins, you can kill it in one shot.  The Dragon Slayer sword 
also does the job.  After defeating it you get the Spear "Dark Angel" and the 
Scarlet Lotus Sword.

g) Nethov Swamp (Normal and Hard)

Figment  HP: 650  Weak: none  Drop: Fire Storm, Fire Lance
Vermin  HP: 530  Weak: none  Drop: Feather, Beast's Fangs
Pongo Robustus  HP: 2300  Weak: Dark  Drop: Long Bow, Short Spear
Mantrap Plant  HP: 1800  Weak: Fire, Dark  Drop: Vegetable Seed,Beast's 
Dragon Zombie  HP: 13,400  Weak: Fire, Lightning, Holy  Drop: Broken 

Items found: Shadow Servant x2, Holy Crystal x2, Cure Condition, Short 
Spear, Quartz Gem, Daemon Slayer, Flare Baselard, Charge, Wait Reaction, Eye 
of Heaven, Element Scepter, Bark of the Dryad, Inscribed Fragment

Go up (Shadow Servant spell), left (another Shadow Servant spell), up (a Holy 
Crystal), down, right, down, down, down, left, left, down.  There is a Cure 
Condition skill, Short Spear, Quartz Gem, Daemon Slayer, and Flare Baselard 
here.  Most of these are hidden under water.  Press the X button while walking 
through the water to pick up the chests.  Then walk to land and press the 
circle button to set them down.  Now go up, right, right, slash the tree and 
jump on it for a ride to the right.  There is a Charge skill here.  Now go up 
(Holy Crystal, Wait Reaction skill, Eye of Heaven, Element Scepter), down, 
down, left, down, and drop down to the bottom.  Note that this is a one-way 
trip, so don't drop down unless you're ready.  Now you fight the Dragon 
Zombie.  Physical attacks will do nothing to him (unless you have a Sap Guard 
spell, but you probably don't at this point).  So to beat him you either have 
to use one of the Holy Crystals you just acquired or use the Dragon Slayer 
sword.  Both of these will take him out handily.  After defeating him, head 
right to get a Bark of the Dryad* and an Inscribed Fragment.

h) Salerno Academy (Hard)

Vermin  HP: 530  Weak: None  Drop: Feather, Beast's Fangs
Figment  HP: 650  Weak: none  Drop: Fire Storm, Fire Lance
Pongo Robustus  HP: 2300  Weak: Dark  Drop: Long Bow, Short Spear
Mantrap Plant  HP: 1800  Weak: Fire, Dark  Drop: Vegetable Seed, Beast's Fangs
Harpy  HP: 12000  Weak: Fire, Poison  Drop:  Bracelet of Zoe

Items found: Slanting Rain, Eye of Heaven, Icicle Edge, Element Scepter, Flame 
Jewel, Holy Grail, Faim Fenn, Tiara of the Holy Empress

This one's tricky because you have a time limit of sorts.  You must 
perform certain actions in order, and if you walk through too many rooms the 
puzzle will reset.  So follow the directions below exactly.

Cut down the vines that block your way.  Go down, down, left.  Walk in 
the water.  Notice there's now a little cloud of smell around you.  Go 
right, up, cut the vines and walk to the right, down (Slanting Rain 
skill), right.  Go up to the the vat and press X to get some Strong 
Acid.  Now go left, down, right (Eye of Heaven), left.  Walk through the vine 
with red flowers, then press X and you will be prompted to pour the Strong 
Acid on it.  Do so.  Now go back right and up, right and get some more acid.  
Then go left, down, left (walk next to the yellow flower to get a new scent), 
right, take the first passage up, walk through the yellow vine (do not use 
your acid) and examine the body to get a third scent.  Now go up, right, down, 
right and up.  Walk through the blue vine and use your acid on it.  Go back 
down, down, left (touch the yellow flower again), down, right and up, right 
and up, right and up (Icicle Edge spell), up, walk through the yellow vine, go 
left (Element Scepter), right, up, right.  There's a Flame Jewel and some more 
water for you to walk in.  Now go left, climb the vine, left, left, down the 
vine, walk through the red vine, and save your game.  Go left to fight the 
Harpy.  The Harpy gets really dangerous when it's close to dying, so make sure 
you have a team that can pull off lots of PWS moves.  High DME characters help 
as well.  After defeating the Harpy you get the Holy Grail*, Faim Fenn, and 
Tiara of the Holy Empress.

i) Cave of Oblivion (All)

See Chapter 1 for information on the various Caves of Oblivion.

9) Chapter 3 Walkthrough 

a) Camille Village - Recruit Kashell (Normal and Hard only)
b) Oddrock Caves (Normal and Hard only) (inside Camille Village)
c) Gorhia Cult Headquarters (Easy and Normal only)
d) Clockwork Mansion (Hard only)
e) Brahms Castle (Normal and Hard only) (on western island)
f) Cave of Oblivion

a) Kashell appears in Camille Village.  After recruiting him, go back to 
Camille Village and get the Vainslayer sword.  Also, you can now open the 
doors to the tomb that lead to the Oddrock Caves.

b) Oddrock Caves (Normal and Hard only)

Note that this dungeon does not appear on the World Map.  It is part of 
Camille Village, and only available after recruiting Kashell.

Lesser Vampire  HP: 400  Weak: none  Drop: Sage, Vegetable Seed
Lesser Vampire  HP: 2500  Weak: none  Drop: Broken Spear, Broken Blade
Knight Fiend  HP:  2500  Weak: none  Drop: Falchion, Warhammer
Necromancer  HP: 1000  Weak: none  Drop: Icicle Edge, Stone Torch
Drow Shaman  HP: 1000  Weak: none  Drop: Sap Power, Icicle Edge
Dragon Zombie  HP: 13,400  Weak: Fire, Lightning, Holy  Drop: Broken 
Armor, Neckless Doll
Greater Demon  HP: 22,000  Weak: None  Drop: Poison Blow

Items found: Bastard Sword, Defend, Flare Baselard, War Hammer, Trick 
Step, Eye of Heaven, Sap Guard, Dragon Slayer, Golden Fowl, Grand Sting

Go right to fight another Dragon Zombie and get a Bastard Sword.  Then 
go left, left, up (Defend skill), down.  There is a stone statue moving 
on the ground here.  This is not an enemy and you cannot destroy it.  If it 
touches you you will take some minor damage and freeze for a few 
seconds.  Also, there are eyeballs stuck to the ceiling which shoot 
beams that produce the same freezing effect.  Just avoid these as best 
you can.  Go left, up the ladder, left (find a Flare Baselard), right, 
down the ladder, down, right.  There is a wall of sludge here that you 
cannot get through.  To pass, you have to get one of the eyeball beams 
to freeze the sludge.  Place a crystal on the ground where the beam will 
bounce off at an angle.  Once you've done that, just break the sludge with 
your sword and go right, down and to the right (War Hammer and Trick Step 
skill), left, left.  There's another Dragon Zombie here, guarding an Eye of 
Heaven, Sap Guard spell, and a Dragon Slayer sword (yay!).  Now head right, up 
and to the left, down.  Use a crystal to bounce the beam as before, but this 
time you have to bounce the beam several times to reach the sludge on the far 
left.  Place one crystal on the bottom, one on the ceiling, and another on the 
bottom.  If the beam is still missing the sludge, jump and put one more 
crystal on the ceiling, which should do the trick.  Nw go left, break through 
one more piece of sludge, fight another Dragon Zombie, go left, down and to 
the right, down, and save your game.  Head right and face the Greater Demon.  
If you have the Daemon Slayer from Nethov Swamp this is very easy.  Otherwise, 
just use PWS combos starting with your mage.  After beating him you get the 
Golden Fowl* and the Grand Sting.

c) Gorhia Cult Headquarters (Easy and Normal only)

Lesser Vampire  HP: 2500  Weak: None  Drop: Broken Spear, Broken Blade
Thaumaturgist  HP: 2200  Weak: Poison  Drop: Shadow Servant,Heal
Knight Fiend  HP: 2500  Weak: None  Drop: Falchion,Warhammer
Necromancer  HP:1000  Weak: None  Drop: Icicle Edge, Stone Torch
Will-O'-Wisp  HP: 6500  Weak: Dark  Drop: Lightning Bolt
Noble Vampire:  HP: 10,500  Weak: None  Drop: Citrine

Items found: Guts, Mithril Ore, Eye of Heaven, Lapis Lazuli, Ether 
Scepter, Poison Check, Fairy Ring, Quartz Gem, Sap Power, Adept Illusion

Go right, right to get the Guts skill.  Then left, the first path down 
that you get to, right, up, right, right, down and to the left.  Save 
your game.  Then go right, right to fight a Thaumaturgist and two Lesser 
Vampires.  There is a Mithril Ore in this room.

Now you will find that all the rooms are filled with monsters.  In order to 
proceed, you must kill 8-10 monsters.  At that point you will hear a bell 
ringing, and the last boss will show up in the bell tower.

Make your way back to the main hallway.  Then go left and down (Eye of 
Heaven), up, right and up, right, right (save your game), right, up and 
to the left, left.  If you killed enough monsters you will fight the 
Noble Vampire and 3 Will-O'-Wisps.  The Wisps are amazingly annoying.  
If you reduce their hit points to half or less, they will commit suicide and 
do massive damage on your whole party.  Try damaging them about 1/3 of their 
life first, then doing a big PWS chain on the next round to kill them before 
they explode.  Also, if you use a Shadow Crystal, you can kill all the Wisps 
in one shot.  After defeating them you get the Gargoyle Statue and Incense 
Burner of Darlis*.

In this same room, there are some chests high above you.  To reach them, you 
will have to build crystal steps. The minimum number of steps you need is 
three on top of a large crystal. From here you can jump up and grab the second 
chain stretched across the room by holding Up on the controller.  If you're 
having trouble making steps this high, you can use the artifact chests left 
after you defeat the boss for extra height.

Here you can get a Lapis Lazuli, Ether Scepter, Poison Check, and Fairy
Ring.  Then go left, take the second door up (Quartz Gem), down, the first 
door down (Sap Power), up, then the second door down (Adept Illusion).

d) Clockwork Mansion (Hard)

Necrophidius  HP: 3600  Weak: None  Drop: Beast's Fangs, Bastard Sword
Chimera  HP: 20000  Weak: None  Drop: Bracelet of Zoe

Items found: Eye of Heaven, Adept Illusion, Guts, Mirage Robe, Mirror of 

This is a really short dungeon but it contains one doozy of a puzzle.  
Go right, right, right, right (Eye of Heaven), left, down, left (Adept 
Illusion, Guts), right, up, left, up, right, right, right to reach the 
puzzle area.  You can press Select to display your map.  Everytime you 
move into a room, every room's orientation changes 90 degrees except for the 
room you're entering and the room you're leaving.  There's more than one 
solution, but here's a good one from Steven Bruck's Hard Mode FAQ:

Go down, jump across the water to the right (note: you have to start at 
the edge in order to make it over the water), right, right, up, left, 
left, up, up, jump across the water to the right, right, down, down, 

If you fall down or get stuck, just stand still for a minute and a 
samurai head will come in the room.  Touch it and you will be 
transported back to the beginning of the puzzle.

Once you're through the puzzle, save your game and go right to face the 
Chimera.  It can really do a lot of damage to your whole party, so be 
careful.  If you have the Beast Slayer from Brahms Castle it will make 
short work of your foe.  After defeating it you get the Mirage Robe* and the 
Mirror of Pleiades*.

e) Brahms Castle (Normal and Hard)

Important:  If you are concerned about the ending you get, you should 
not complete this castle yet.  You can take all the treasures, but don't visit 
the boss until a later chapter (see the section on Endings for more 

Lesser Vampire  HP: 2500  Weak: None  Drop: Broken Spear, Broken Blade
Demon Servant  HP: 2000  Weak: None  Drop: Chainmail, Falchion
Vampire Lord  HP: 5000  Weak: None  Drop: Shadow Servant, Invoke Feather
Succubus  HP: 2000  Weak: None  Drop: Dampen Magic, Heal
Ram Guardian  HP: 25600  Weak: None  Drop: Vegetable Seed, Ebony Powder
Brahms  HP: 52000  Weak: None  Drop: N/A

Items found:  Unicorn Horn, Moonflax, Normalize, Burgundy Flask, Beast 
Slayer, Combo Counter, Nightshade, Heal, Flare Baselard, Vegetable Seed, 
Throw, Warhammer, Lapis Lazuli, Mithril Ore, Savory, Stone Torch.

This castle does not appear in Spiritual Concentration.  It is on the 
island west of Artolia.  Look for a red dot on the map that wasn't there 

You have a time limit in this castle.  The time only passes while you 
are walking around, not while you are in battle.  If time runs out, you 
are sent back to the World Map.  Many of the treasure chests are facing 
the wrong way, so pick them up and move them in order to open them.

Right, up, up, left (Unicorn Horn, Moonflax), right, right, take the 
first passage down (Normalize), up, the next passage down (Burgundy 
Flask), up, right, down (Beast Slayer), up, right, up the stairs (Combo 
Counter skill, Nightshade), down, down, down, down, down, left, up 
(Heal), down, left, left (Flare Baselard), right, right, up, up, left 
and up (Vegetable Seed), down, right and up (Throw skill), down, right, 
up the stairs to the right, up (Warhammer, Lapis Lazuli, Mithril Ore), 
down, down (Savory, Stone Torch), up, left, jump across to the left, 
left.  Here you face Brahms.  You can either "Fight on regardless" or 
"Pause to consider". Your Seal Rating will drop by 10 regardless of what you 
choose and if you defeat him or not.

f) Cave of Oblivion (All)
See Chapter 1 Walkthrough for information about the various Caves of 

10) Chapter 4 Walkthrough

a) Villnore - Recruit Aelia (Normal and Hard only)
b) Black Dream Tower (Easy and Normal only)
c) Cave of Thackus (Normal and Hard only)
d) Dark Tower of Xervah (Hard only)
e) Flenceburg - Recruit Lorenta and visit the Tower of Lezard Valeth 
(Normal and Hard only)
f) Cave of Oblivion

a) Aelia appears in Villnore (Normal and Hard only).  Recruit her.

b) Black Dream Tower (Easy and Normal only)

Grave Mist  HP: 2500  Weak: None  Drop: Sap Power,Sap Guard
Lesser Demon  HP: 2400  Weak: None  Drop: Lamellar, Bastard Sword
Monstrous Glowfly  HP: 7000  Weak: Dark  Drop: Normalize, Sap Guard
Harpy  HP: 6000  Weak: None  Drop: Rapid Bow, Invoke Feather
Dragon-Tooth Warrior  HP: 15000  Weak: Holy  Drop: Rapid Bow, 
Wise Sorcerer  HP: 25000  Weak: None  Drop: Holy Relic

Items found:  Vainslayer, Auto Item, War Hammer, Noise Arrow, Element 
Scepter, Hit, Splash, Quartz Gem, Dancing Sword, Lightning Bolt, Eye of 
Heaven, Fairy Bottle, Bewitching Statue

This tower is very confusing, so make sure you follow these directions 
exactly.  Go up, down (Vainslayer, Auto Item skill), left and up, up, 
left and up (War Hammer), right and down (Noise Arrow skill, Element 
Scepter), up, left and down, jump up and climb the "ladder" up, then go 
left and down, down, down, take the first door up and immediately pull 
left.  You can get the Hit skill, Splash skill, and Quartz Gem in this 
room.  If you fall to the bottom, you can either climb back up using 
Crystal Steps/Dust or you can exit out the bottom, which will put you 
near the dungeon's entrance (check your map).  Assuming you didn't fall, go 
up, right and up (Dancing Sword skill), down, far to the left and up, take the 
first passage up, up (Lightning Bolt spell, Eye of Heaven), down right and 
down (save your game), left and up.  Now you will fight the Wise Sorceror and 
a Dragon-Tooth Warrior.  If possible, kill the Sorceror first with archery and 
magic.  If you don't, killing the Dragon-Tooth Warrior will cause the Sorceror 
to become "possessed".  A possessed creature is healed of all damage, given 
double hit points, increased attack and magic power, and increased defense.  
You can still beat the Sorceror if this happens though.  After winning you get 
the Fairy Bottle* and the Bewitching Statue.

c) Cave of Thackus (Normal and Hard only)

Monstrous Glowfly  HP: 7000  Weak: Dark  Drop: Normalize, Sap Guard
Harpy  HP: 6000  Weak: None  Drop:  Invoke Feather, Rapid Bow
Mire Creeper  HP: 2200  Weak: None  Drop: Bastard Sword, Lamellar
Crab Giant  HP: 1000  Weak: Fire  Drop: Fresh Meat, Broken Bow
Dragon Zombie  HP: 15000  Weak: Holy  Drop: Mithril Ore, Aconite
Kraken  HP: 24000  Weak: Fire  Drop: Dampen Magic

Items found: Eye of Heaven, Strike Edge, Flare Baselard, Bracelet of 
Zoe, Coin of Fortune

The Crab Giants have extremely high RDM, so a mage with a fire spell is 
almost a necessity here.  Go left, left, left (jump up to find an Eye of 
Heaven), left (slide under the wall to find a Strike Edge skill), down.  
You'll see a rock floating in the water attached to a string.  Go down in the 
water next to it and cut the string with your sword.  Then immediately jump up 
onto the rock as it rises.  There are several floating rocks like this in this 
dungeon.  Now go right.  Save your game and talk to the ghost.  Then examine 
the dead body.  This is very important!  Now go right, down, left, down, left 
and up (Flare Baselard), down, right and up, up and to the left, left, jump 
across to the left, drop through the hole in the ground.  There is a ball 
floating on the other side of the water stream.  Jump and shoot it with a 
crystal to activate it.  Now go right, up and to the left, and activate the 
control panel.  Drop through the hole again (you can pick up the ball, but it 
doesn't do anything), go left, save your game, and go left.  You'll fight the 
Kraken and three Crab Giants.  They're all weak against fire, so bust out the 
fire spells.  You might want to use more than one mage.  When you win, you'll 
get the Bracelet of Zoe* and the Coin of Fortune*.  On your way out, talk to 
the ghost again for a little more experience.

d) Dark Tower of Xervah (Hard)

Lesser Demon  HP: 2400  Weak: None  Drop: Lamellar, Bastard Sword
Undead Carcass  HP: 4600  Weak: None  Drop: Raw Meat,Mandrake
Crying Soul  HP: 3650  Weak: None  Drop: Lightning Bolt, Fire Storm
Fire Elemental  HP: 6000  Weak: Ice  Drop: Sap Power, Sap Guard
Inferior  HP: 4900  Weak: Poison, Holy, Dark  Drop: Long Flail, 
Iron Golem  HP: 20000  Weak: None  Drop: Raptor's Claw, Burgundy Flask
Hel Servant  HP: 22000  Weak:  None  Drop: Dampen Magic

Items found: Eye of Heaven, Poison Blow x2, Warhammer, Bastard Sword, 
Auto Item, Hit, Quartz Gem, Mandrake, Mage Slayer, Flame Jewel, Flare 
Baselard, Holy Relic, Savory, Lightning Bolt, Invisibility Potion x2, 
Noise Arrow, Vegetable Seed, Lapis Lazuli, Manual of Resurrection, Holy 
Sword "Seraphy", Spear "Basilisk"

Go right (Eye of Heaven), take the top exit right, right (Poison Blow 
spell), up and to the left, left (Warhammer, Bastard Sword, Auto Item 
skill), right, right, down and to the left, left.  Take the middle exit 
right, right (Hit skill), up and to the left.  Slash the heart with your sword 
to get it pumping.  Now go right, down and to the left, left, take the bottom 
exit right, right (Quartz Gem, Mandrake).  There's a gaping maw with teeth in 
the floor.  Jump into it.  In the new room there is a Mage Slayer and a Flame 
Jewel hidden to the left at your feet.  Once you get these jump into the blood 
vessel in the middle. Now go right, jump into the middle of the teeth and wait 
for them to let you through.  Go right, climb the wall up and to the left 
(Flare Baselard, Holy Relic).  Now go right, take the bottom exit left, left 
(Savory).  Here you'll have to jump across the blood vessels.  But you must do 
it quickly or they will suck you in!  After you get across go left, left 
(Lightning Bolt spell), up and to the right to find an Invisibility Potion and 
another heart.  Hit this heart as before, but you must attack it many times in 
order to make it pump enough blood to open up all of the passages. Then go 
left, left (Noise Arrow skill), left (Invisibility Potion, Poison Blow), down 
and to the right (Vegetable Seed, Lapis Lazuli), right (if your way is blocked 
go back and hit the heart some more) and save your game.  Go right to face two 
Hel Servants.  This is a tough fight.  They do extreme damage to your 
characters, are mostly immune to magic, and if you don't kill them both at the 
same time they'll revive each other.  Take your strongest warriors with strong 
weapons here.  Attack one until its hit points are almost depleted, then 
switch and do the same to the other.  Then try to kill them both on the same 
turn.  The Guts skill will really help you in this battle.  After defeating 
them you get the Manual of Resurrection*, Holy Sword "Seraphy", and Spear 

e) Lorenta appears in Flenceburg (Normal and Hard).  After recruiting 
her you will be in the Tower of Lezard Valeth.

Tower of Lezard Valeth (Normal and Hard only)

Dragon-Tooth Warrior  HP: 15000  Weak: Holy  Drop: Breastplate, Rapid 
Blood Sucker  HP: 4000  Weak: none  Drop: Raptor's Claw, Ghoul Powder
Wise Sorcerer  HP: 4400  Weak: Poison  Drop: Stone Torch, Invoke Feather
Manticore  HP: 13000  Weak: none  Drop: Broken Bow, Broken Blade
Fatal Glimmer  HP: 9200  Weak: Dark  Drop: Poison Blow, Shadow Servant
Dragon Zombie  HP: 24000  Weak: Lightning  Drop: Broken Armor, Broken 
Dragon-Tooth Warrior  HP: 14000  Weak: None  Drop: n/a
Lezard Valeth  HP: 10000  Weak: none  Drop: n/a

Items found:  Book of Everlasting Life, War Hammer, Eye of Heaven, 
Splash, Nightshade, Frigid Damsel, Teachings of Asa, Creation Gem, Timer Ring, 
Ether Scepter, Dancing Sword, Lapis Lazuli, Citrine, Base Metal, Normalize.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not complete this dungeon in Chapter 4, Lezard will 
not appear at the end and you will be unable to recruit Mystina or get the "A" 
ending. Also, DO NOT leave the tower!  If you walk out and reenter, Lezard 
will not appear, destroying your chance at getting the A ending sequence! If 
you must leave the tower, let yourself die in battle. You'll reappear outside, 
but can still go back and fight Lezard.

This dungeon is considerably harder than any you've faced so far.  Make 
sure you use a party that you're comfortable with.  I really recommend 
the newly recruited Lorenta (even though she starts at level 1 in Hard), 
because she comes with an array of useful spells.  Teach her Shadow Servant 
(for the deadly Fatal Glimmers) and Poison Blow (for the Wise Sorcerers) and 
use Mystic Cross as her main attack.  The Manticores can be killed easily with 
a Beast Slayer if you went through Brahm's Castle.  So use Sap Guard on them 
and whack away.  The Dragon Zombies can be killed with Grimrist or a Dragon 
Slayer, but if you don't have that it's Sap Guard time again.  Don't be 
embarrassed to flee a fight here.  It can get out of hand quickly.  Your map 
is near useless here because the rooms are so packed together, so follow the 
directions below carefully.

Go up, left where you'll find yourself in an elevator.  Wait until it 
stops, then go right, up, right and down, left, up, right to find a Book of 
Everlasting Life.  Then go left, down, right, up, left and down, left 
(elevator again).  When it stops, go right, then back left again (nothing on 
this floor).  When it stops again, go right, down (save your game), left, up, 
left (another elevator).  Right (War Hammer, Eye of Heaven), left (elevator), 
right, down, right (Splash skill), left, up, left (elevator). Now go right, 
down (Nightshade, Frigid Damsel spell), right up left, down, right, take the 
first passage up, left (another elevator), right, up, left (Teachings of Asa), 
right, go far to the right and down, left and up, right, up, left (use your 
sword to activate the crystal), right, down, left, up, left, left and down, 
down, right (activate the crystal), left, up, up, right, down, down.  There's 
a magic circle on the floor which can be used to teleport.  Do so.  Now go 
right, up, left (Creation Gem, Timer Ring, Ether Scepter), right, down, left, 
and teleport again.  Now go left and up, up, left, take the first passage 
down, down.  Save your game and get the three treasures on the right of the 
teleporter (Dancing Sword skill, Lapis Lazuli, Citrine).  Go through the 
teleporter (Base Metal, Normalize spell) and go left.  You will face Lezard 
Valeth and two Dragon-Tooth Warriors.  The warriors are easy to kill with a 
Dragon Slayer, but if you do that Lezard will be possessed twice.  So use 
archery and magic to kill him first (rather easily), then deal with the 

f) Cave of Oblivion (All)

See the Chapter 1 Walkthrough for information on the various Caves of 

11) Chapter 5 Walkthrough 

a) Villnore - Recruit Badrach (may occur in Chapter 6)
b) Crell Monferaigne - Recruit Jayle (may occur in Chapter 6)
c) Hai Lan - Recruit Shiho (may occur in Chapter 6)
d) Flenceburg - Recruit Mystina (Normal and Hard only)
e) Gerabellum - Recruit Lucain (Normal and Hard only)
f) Arkdain Ruins (All)
g) Arkdain Ruins - Recruit Grey (may occur in Chapter 6)
h) Citadel of Flame (Hard only)
i) Cave of Oblivion (All)

a) Badrach may appear in Villnore.  After recruiting him, go to the 
graveyard in Camille Village and get the Handwoven Bandanna.

b) Jayle may appear in Crell Monferaigne.  There is an easy battle here 
against Genevieve.

Genevieve  HP: 10000  Weak: None  Drop:  N/A

c) Shiho may appear in Hai Lan.  Recruit her if she does.

d) Mystina appears in Flenceburg (Normal and Hard only, and only if you 
completed the Tower of Lezard Valeth in Chapter 4).  After recruiting 
her, go to her room in Flenceburg to get the Infinity Rod.

e) Lucian appears in Gerabellum (Normal and Hard only).  Recruit him.

f) Arkdain Ruins (All)

Rib Forager  HP: 6800  Weak: None  Drop: Estoc, Footman's Axe
Brackish Muck  HP: 7000  Weak: None  Drop: Burgundy Flask, Base Metal
Necrophiliac  HP: 6000  Weak: Poison  Drop: Mystic Cross, Lightning Bolt
Raver Lord  HP: 16000  Weak: None  Drop: Tome of Alchemy

Items found:  Raptor's Claw, Sap Power x2, Stun Magic, Ranseur, Ether 
Scepter x2, Sap Guard x2, Dark, Nightshade, Resist Magic, Eye of Heaven, Stun 
Check, Darkness Arrow, Estoc, Vegetable Seed, Resist Damage, Lapis Lazuli, 
Quartz Gem, Savory, Beast Slayer, Combo Jewel, Daemon Slayer, Holy Wand 
"Adventia", Robe of Bryttain, Star Guard, Mighty Check.

A relatively short dungeon, but almost every treasure chest has a 
monster in it.  Very annoying.

Right (Raptor's Claw), right (Sap Power spell), right (Stun Magic 
skill), up (Ranseur), up and to the left (Ether Scepter, Sap Guard 
spell), down (Dark skill), up, right, down, left, down (Nightshade), 
make a crystal and jump up and to the right (Resist Magic skill, Eye of 
Heaven), right, right (Stun Check), right, up (Darkness Arrow skill, 
Estoc, Vegetable Seed), down, right, down and to the left (Ether 
Scepter, Resist Damage skill, Lapis Lazuli), right, up and to the left, 
left, drop down and exit up, up, right (Quartz Gem, Sap Power spell, 
Savory).  Kill the monsters to exit the room.  Build a crystal step and 
use the dust trick to reach the upper platform where the save point is.  
Left (Beast Slayer, Sap Guard spell), right, jump up over the save point to 
reach a Combo Jewel and a Daemon Slayer.  Go right to fight three Raver Lords.  
Pretty easy fight, just keep your hit points up.  Stun/Mighty checks help.  
After beating them you get the Holy Wand `Adventia', Robe of Bryttain, and a 
Star Guard.  There is a Mighty Check behind the girl in the crystal.  You 
can't do anything with the girl in the crystal, so just leave for now.

g) Grey may appear in the Arkdain ruins.  Recruit him if he's available.

h) Citadel of Flame (Hard only)

Beetle Giant  HP: 5000  Weak: Ice  Drop: Nightshade, Aconite
Rib Forager  HP: 6800  Weak: None  Drop: Estoc, Footman's Axe
Necrophiliac  HP: 6000  Weak: Poison  Drop: Mystic Cross, Lightning Bolt
Fire Elemental  HP: 15200  Weak: Ice  Drop: Sap Power, Lightning Bolt
Gelatinous Ooze  HP: 7500  Weak: None  Drop: Iron Ore, Foxglove
Figment  HP: 3500  Weak: Ice  Drop: Fire Lance, Sap Guard
Fire Elemental  HP: 36000  Weak: Ice  Drop: Bracelet of Zoe

Items found:  Eye of Heaven, Shadow Servant, Soul Slayer, Dark Savior, 
Ghoul Powder, Estoc, Stone Torch, Ranseur, Flame Jewel, Eternal Lamp, 
Infernas, Holy Water of Mithra.

Icicle Swords are highly recommended here.  They'll kill most of the 
monsters here in 1 hit, including the boss.

The first room contains an Eye of Heaven.  But it's a pain to get 
because of the fireballs dropping on you from the sky.  Inch your way to the 
right, avoiding the fireballs and slashing them with your sword.  
There's no way to get through this easily.  Go right.  In this room, 
you'll need to do a "crystal bounce" to get across to the right and 
reach the Shadow Servant spell.  From here go down.  You'll find a Soul 
Slayer and a machine with a floating orb.  Press the X button to 
activate the machine.  Now go up, crystal bounce, take the new exit up.  
There's a Dark Savior spell, Ghoul Powder, Estoc, and a Stone Torch 
spell in this room.  Use the crystal bounce three times to move across 
the platforms at the top of the room.  Now go up.  This room contains a 
Ranseur and a Flame Jewel (on the left side, use a crystal to reach it).  
The exit from this room is in the middle, on a platform that is hard to 
reach.  The best way to get to it is to form a cloud of dust on the edge of 
the platform, then use that as a step to reach the platform.  You get some 
Event Experience for doing this.  Now go up, left and down, down, activate the 
machine on the left, take the new passage up, save your game, and go up.  
There is a pot on the left side of the room that you can pick up with the X 
button.  Throw the pot so that it goes under the wall.  Walk to the right side 
of the pot and pick it up again (you may have to do this several times to get 
it past the wall).  Holding the pot over your head, walk to the right.  More 
fireballs appear.  Try and catch them in the pot.  After you've caught 
several, the fireballs stop and the boss, a Fire Elemental appears.  Destroy 
him with an Icicle Sword or Ice magic.  After defeating him, you get the 
Eternal Lamp*, Infernas*, and Holy Water of Mithra*  Wow, three good artifacts 
in one shot.

i) Cave of Oblivion (All)

See the Chapter 1 Walkthrough for information about the various Caves of 

12) Chapter 6 Walkthrough 

a) Lost City of Dipan (all)
b) Sunken Shrine (Hard only)
c) Cave of Oblivion (all)

a) Lost City of Dipan (All)

Barbarossa  HP: 62700  Weak: None  Drop: N/A
Harpy  HP: 22000  Weak: Fire  Drop: Prismatic Missile, Poison Blow
Victory  HP: 10000  Weak: Lightning  Drop:  Flamberg, Full Plate
Lifestealer  HP: 25700  Weak: Lightning  Drop: Aconite, Raptor's Claw
Wise Sorceror  HP: 5600  Weak: Poison  Drop: Shield Critical,Dark Savior
Evil Eye  HP: 24900  Weak: None  Drop: Invisibility Potion, Neckless
                                       Doll  (Hard mode only)
Dallas  HP: 18000  Weak: None  Drop: Noble Banish
Gyne  HP: 18000  Weak: None  Drop: Noble Elixir
Walther  HP: 30000  Weak: None  Drop: Fairy Ring

Items found:  Eye of Heaven, Dark Savior, Ranseur, Triple Distress, 
Neckless Doll, Burgundy Flask, Invoke Feather, Estoc, Reflect Sorcery, 
Ether Scepter, Nightshade, Mystic Cross, Concentration, Ruin's Fate, 
Rust-red Circlet, Dragoon Tyrant

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not complete this dungeon in Chapter 6, 
Barbarossa will not appear and you will be unable to unlock the second 
part of the castle and fight the bosses.

Okay, as soon as you enter the city you're going to get spanked by 
Barbarossa.  Everything up until this point was a cakewalk.  You may 
need to seriously rethink your strategy on this guy.  Basically, you 
need to kill him in three rounds, or he'll nuke your whole party with 
Calamity Blast.  I suggest a mage with Sap Guard and Might Reinforce, as well 
as your heaviest-hitting fighters.  Don't pull any punches.  After you beat 
him, you get to do it again!  Just so the game knows you didn't get lucky the 
first time.

After you take care of business, you get to check out the rest of the 
castle.  Notice that the monsters here are all weak against Lightning or 
Poison.  Sounds like good spells for your mage to have would be 
Lightning Bolt and Poison Blow.  Also instant-kill swords like Grimrist 
will make things easier too.

Down, right, right, right, down, right, down and to the left, left, 
left.  You will find yourself in the castle of the past.  Exit the 
castle and go talk to every townsperson.  Then reenter the castle and 
notice that there's a staircase leading up that wasn't there in the 
castle's future.  Go up, right, right, up and to the left, left, up and 
to the right, right, up and to the left, left, left, push the bookcase, 
left.  After the cutscene, you'll be back in the present.  Go up on the 
same staircase in the main hall.  There's a save point.  If you want to 
fight monsters, you can retrace your steps to where the Queen was 
hidden, stopping in each side room along the way to pick up treasure 
chests.  Otherwise, you can fight the bosses first, then get the 
treasures when the monsters are gone.  The bosses are hidden above the 
save point.  You have to build a crystal step and make your way up to 
the stained glass window.  Break the window with your sword and go 
through.  After going left you will face Dallas, Gyne, and Walther.

Mages are key in this battle.  You'll need at least one, with Reflect 
Sorcery.  Sap Guard and Might Reinforce help too.  Basically, keep 
Reflect Sorcery going at all times.  Make sure you pop out plenty of 
gems to keep your mage's CT down.  Kill Gyne first because he can 
resurrect the others.  Unfortunately, Gyne also happens to be the 
hardest to kill.  He has a very high RDM, so make sure you have your 
strongest weapons equipped.  After Gyne falls, the other two are easy.  
Your prizes are a Rust-red Circlet and a Dragoon Tyrant.

b) Sunken Shrine (Hard only)

Giant Squid  HP: 42600  Weak: Poison, Holy  Drop: Fresh Meat,Savory
Red Lobster  HP: 20000  Weak: Poison, Holy  Drop: Fresh Meat,Ghoul 
Bream Giant  HP: 18400  Weak: Poison, Holy  Drop: Mystic Cross, 
Roper  HP: 17200  Weak: Poison, Holy  Drop: Broken Spear, Foxglove
Inferior Eye  HP:  40000  Weak: None  Drop: Raw Meat, Sacred Javelin
Gill-Man  HP: 15300  Weak: Poison  Drop: Composite Bow, Silver Mail
Wraith  HP: 100000  Weak: None  Drop: Magic Charm

Items found:  Eye of Heaven, Sacred Javelin, Dark, Angel Curio, Lapis 
Lazuli, Prismatic Missile, Ruin's Fate, Footman's Axe, Charge, Flame 
Jewel, Reflect Armor, Slashing Sword "Farewell", Tear of the Cosmos.

Nearly every enemy here can be killed in one hit from the Glare Sword.  
If you don't have one, you can still bust heads with the Mystic Cross 

Go right, right, right.  Jump on the pedastals in the water, then jump 
on the statue's head when it lowers.  Go right (Eye of Heaven), down, 
right, right, right.  Grab the stone with the X button and drag it to 
the left.  Now go left, left, left.  Jump on the left side of the 
clockwork apparatus and hang on until it reaches the bottom.  Now go 
right.  Pull out both sides of the basin with the X button.  Go right, 
take the middle exit right (Sacred Javelin), left, take the top exit 
right (Dark skill), right, right.  Hit the crystal twice with your 
sword.  Go left, left, take the top exit right, right, push the basins 
in, right, up (Angel Curio), down, left, pull the basins, left, left, 
bottom right, right.  Hit the crystal twice.  Go left, left, top right, 
right, push the basins in, right, up, left (Lapis Lazuli, Prismatic 
Missile).  Make a crystal and then shatter with your sword.  Pick up a 
fragment and walk with it into the water.  Release it with the circle 
button when you're standing under the switch.  Now go left.  Use a 
crystal to reflect the beam so that it hits the orb.  Go up, left 
(Ruin's Fate, Footman's Axe).  Ride a floating crystal fragment up just 
like you did in the Cave of Thackus.  Go left, and use two crystal 
fragments to operate the switches.  When you go up, start jumping as 
fast as you can.  Try to reach the top before the walls close.  You'll 
find a Charge skill there.  Now go right (Flame Jewel), up, right.  Use 
two crystals to bounce the beams.  Turn the second crystal into dust, 
and as it drifts down the beams will activate all the orbs.  Now go 
right and save your game.  Go right and face Wraith.  He can be killed 
instantly with the Holy Water of Mithra.  Otherwise, just slug it out 
with him.  Make sure you have everyone with Guts, because he can cast 
Gravity Blessing to wipe out the whole party.  After defeating him you 
get Reflect Armor, Slashing Sword "Farewell" and Tear of the Cosmos*.

c) Cave of Oblivion (All)

See the Chapter 1 Walkthrough for information on the various Caves of 

13) Chapter 7 Walkthrough 

a) Hai Lan - Recruit Suo.
b) Arkdain Ruins - Recruit Lyseria (Hard only)
c) Forest of Spirits (All)
d) Tombs of Amenti (Hard only)
e) Cave of Oblivion (All)

a) Go to Hai Lan and recruit Suo.

b) Lyseria appears in the boss room of the Arkdain Ruins.  (Hard mode 
only)  You have an easy fight against her before she joins you.

Lyseria  HP: 12000  Weak: None  Drop: n/a

c) Forest of Spirits (All)

Corrosive Vine  HP: 7000  Weak: Fire  Drop: Savory, Vegetable Seed
Corsair Beetle  HP: 3600  Weak: Fire  Drop: Burgundy Flask, Beast's 
Crustacean Monster  HP: 14300  Weak: Fire  Drop: Wassail-Rapier, Fine 
Mandragora  HP: 32500  Weak: Fire  Drop: Dampen Magic, Shield Critical
Viscous Clod  HP: 8049  Weak: None  Drop: Composite Bow, Full Plate
Harpy  HP: 23000  Weak: Fire  Drop: Reflect Sorcery, Dark Savior
Cockatrice  HP: 50000  Weak: Fire  Drop: Feather
Venemous Spider  HP: 30000  Weak: Holy  Drop: Chainmail, Long Sword
Sivapithecus  HP: 42000  Weak: Ice  Drop: n/a

Items found:  Eye of Heaven, Lucerne Hammer, Sap Power, Golden Egg x3, 
Dampen Magic x2, Sacred Javelin, Lapis Lazuli, Invoke Feather, Wassail-
Rapier, Timer Ring, Reflect Sorcery, Mystic Cross, Heal, Sylphan Robe, 
Accursed Flame Gem, Elven Bow, Arectaris.

Some monster notes:  the Crustacean Monsters are extremely hard to kill 
without Fire magic.  The Corsair Beetles have very high defense but 
magic kills them quickly.  Mandragoras are extremely dangerous!  If you 
encounter them it's best to flee.  They are far harder than any of the 
bosses here.  They can kill your entire party in one shot!  If you have 
the Infernas sword from the Citadel of Flame you can kill them easily, 

There's an Eye of Heaven in the first area.  Then go left, left, left 
and talk to the Elf.  She will take you to the Elven Village.  After you speak 
with the Elf, go right, right, take the first path up,  go left and up, left 
(Lucerne Hammer), up, go down at the path next to the Elf.  There is a save 
point, Sap Power spell, and a Golden Egg here.  Now go right and fight the 
Cockatrice.  After beating him go left, up, right and down, right, right 
(Dampen Magic spell), up (Sacred Javelin spell), down at the Elf (Lapis 
Lazuli, Golden Egg, Invoke Feather spell), right.  Here you fight the Venemous 
Spider.  Now go left, up, right (Wassail-Rapier), right, down, down, left.  
The Sivapithecus is high in the tree.  After defeating it, go left, down, 
down, left to find the Polar Fountain.  Talk to the Elf, then go right and 
immediately back left again.  The Fountain will be full, and you can get the 
Polar Drops.  Now go right, right, (Timer Ring, Golden Egg, Dampen Magic 
spell, Reflect Sorcery spell), left, down (Mystic Cross spell), left, left 
(Heal spell, Sylphan Robe), right, right, up, up, left, left.  Talk to the Elf 
and she will repair the Accursed Flame Gem.  Give the Gem to Odin - it's 
useless.  Now exit the Forest.

After exiting the Forest go back in.  A new area will be opened up.  Go 
left, left, left, left, down, left, down, left.  There is another 
Cockatrice here.  After defeating it you get the Elven Bow* and 
Arectaris greatsword.

d) Tombs of Amenti (Hard only)

Undead Slave  HP: 19000  Weak: Holy  Drop: Guard Reinforce, Icicle Edge
Lizardman  HP: 15000  Weak: Holy  Drop: Wassail-Rapier, Silver Mail
Dullahan  HP: 35000  Weak: None  Drop: Broken Blade, Broken Armor
Basilisk  HP: 22000  Weak: None  Drop: Basilisk Scale, Mandrake
Stealer Robin  HP: 9000  Weak: None  Drop: Raptor's Claw, Feather
Wise Sorcerer  HP: 10000  Weak: Poison  Drop: Guard Reinforce, Frigid
Ram Guardian  HP: 25600  Weak: None  Drop: Vegetable Seed, Ebony Powder
Akhetamen  HP: 130000  Weak: Holy  Drop: Ring of Healing

Items found:  Eye of Heaven, Flame Jewel x2, Base Metal, Darkness Arrow, 
Mithril Plate, Stone Check, Resist Magic, Ruin's Fate, Iron Ore, Mystic Cross, 
Mithril Ore, Lucerne Hammer, Unicorn Horn, Wassail-Rapier, Invoke Feather, 
Reflect Sorcery, Raven Slayer x2, Guard Reinforce, Basilisk Scale, Lapis 
Lazuli, Ether Scepter, Ambrosia, Ruby Music Box, Bracelet of Basilisk, Mask of 
the Dead King, Richebourg.

The Tombs aren't particularly hard, but they are long.  Many of the 
treasure chests have monsters in them.  You may want to equip a Scout 
Orb to get the first attack on them.  In the first room, there is an Eye of 
Heaven above the door.  You'll need to make some crystal steps to reach it.  
Now go right, and there is a Flame Jewel above the door.  Many of the 
remaining chests in the Tombs are hidden on high ledges like this. 
Now go right, up and to the left (Base Metal), right, right, right, up and to 
the left (Darkness Arrow skill),left, down, right (Mithril Plate), then take 
the upper right exit.  There is a Blue Gem in this room.  Pick it up, and the 
door will seal behind you.  To escape, form a crystal on the platform where 
the Gem was and shatter it with your sword.  The weight of the fragments will 
trigger the switch (like Raiders of the Lost Ark!).  Now go left, down and to 
the right (Stone Check), right, down and to the left, left (Save your game), 
up and to the right.  A giant head will come towards you.  To get past it, 
kneel and cut its beard and chin, then slide under it.  There is a Resist 
Magic skill in this room.  Go left, left.  Hit the bottom spike wall with your 
sword to stop it from moving, then jump over it when the top wall passes to 
reach the Ruin's Fate.  Now go right, take the bottom exit right, ride the 
moving platform to the upper right exit (remember this room, you may need to 
return to it later), ride the moving platform to the upper right exit(pick up 
an Iron Ore along the way), right, up, up and to the left (Mystic Cross 
spell), left (Mithil Ore), right, ride the spikes up to the right, right 
(Lucerne Hammer), down and to the left, left (Unicorn Horn), left, take the 
second exit down, use a crystal to jump to the door on the triangle above you 
(the left one), and from there jump to the door above the right triangle 
(press up here), jump on the spikes to ride up, left (Wassail-Rapier), up and 
to the right (Save your game), right, up and to the left, up and to the left.  
There is a Red Gem here.  Take it in the same way you did the Blue Gem. Now go 
right, down and to the left, cut the statue's chin and slide under, left, up, 
right (Invoke Feather spell), right, right (Reflect Sorcery spell), down and 
to the left.  From this point on, you will see floating heads in the air.  If 
you touch one, you will be teleported to the room to the right of the vertical 
passage you just came from.  To escape this room, you have to cut the three 
heads on the right wall with your sword.  You'll have to use crystals to reach 
the higher ones.  Keep hacking them until they stop making noise.  You may 
want to go through this once to get the Event Experience.  Continuing on, go 
left, down and to the right (Raven Slayer), right (Flame Jewel), down and to 
the left (Guard Reinforce spell), take the bottom exit left (Basilisk Scale), 
right, take the bottom exit right (Lapis Lazuli), left, take the top exit 
left, down, down, right (Raven Slayer), right (Save your game), right.  You 
will be asked a riddle in this room, but it doesn't matter which answer you 
choose.  They're all the same ("Man" is the classical answer).  Go right, pick 
up the Ether Scepter, then place the Blue and Red Gems on the pedastal in the 
center of the room.  You will now fight Akhetamen and two Undead Slaves.  He's 
fairly tough.  It's a good idea to have all of your party members with Holy 
resistance (Mighty Checks are your best bet).  You can nuke him with the Holy 
Water of Mithra, but wait until you damage him a bit or he'll cast Heal on 
himself.  After defeating him you get Ambrosia*, Ruby Music Box, Bracelet of 
Basilisk*, Mask of the Dead King*, and Richebourg.  Check your Evaluation 
level if you're the type to keep all artifacts.  Losing 25 points at once 
could put you in the danger zone here.

Now here comes the part many people have trouble with - getting out of the 
Tombs!  So for this dungeon only, you get a reverse walkthrough!

Left, climb the statue left, left, left, up, up, right, ride the spike
platforms to the upper right, let the floating head touch you, destroy the 
faces and go left, up and to the left, left, left, down, right, right, right, 
down and left (save point), left, down and right, down, drop down to the 
ground and go up, right, right, right, up and to the left, down, left, jump 
across to the left, up and to the left (stand on the edge of the block to 
avoid the flames), left, left, up, right, right, down and left, left, left, 
left.  And you're out!

e) Cave of Oblivion (all)

See the Chapter 1 walkthrough for information on the various Caves of 

14) Chapter 8 Walkthrough

a) Palace of the Dragon (Normal and Hard)
b) Arianrod Labyrinth (Hard only)
c) Celestial Castle (Hard only)
d) Cave of Oblivion (All)

a) Palace of the Dragon (Normal and Hard)

Grey Bones  HP: 27000  Weak: None  Drop: Lucerne Hammer, Damascus Sword
Dullahan Lord  HP: 40000  Weak: None  Drop:  Broken Spear, Broken Bow
Mage Lord  HP: 12000  Weak: Poison  Drop: Might Reinforce, Dampen Magic
Eternal Chimera  HP: 40000  Weak: None  Drop: Prismatic Missile, Shield
Dragonewt  HP: 20000  Weak: None  Drop: Broken Armor, Broken Spear
Dark Pudding  HP: 9200  Weak: None  Drop: Broken Blade, Broken Bow
Gandar  HP: 35000  Weak: None  Drop: n/a

Items found: Eye of Heaven, Wassail-Rapier, Lapis Lazuli x2, Quartz Gem 
x2, Guard Reinforce, Ether Scepter, Lucerne Hammer, Fire Storm, Burgundy 
Flask, Sacred Javelin, Eye of Heaven, Frigid Damsel, Shield Critical, Dragon 
Slayer, Lightning Bolt, Might Reinforce, Spell Reinforce, Savory, Prismatic 
Missile, Scroll of Golem, Hourglass of the Gods, Dragoon Faith, Great Spear 

Go right, right, press X at the picture twice (Full Moon Stone), left, 
take the second passage up, use the Full Moon Stone, down, left (Eye of 
Heaven, Wassail-Rapier), right, right (Lapis Lazuli), left, push the 
stone, up (Lapis Lazuli), right, right, right (Eclipse Stone), left, 
left, push the stone and go up (Quartz Gem, Guard Reinforce spell), 
down, left, down, left and up, use the Eclipse Stone, down, right and up 
(Ether Scepter), right, right.  Move the statues so the top one faces left, 
the left one faces right, the bottom one faces up, and the right one faces 
down.  Now go right and get the Crescent Moon Stone, left, left, take the 
first passage up (Lucerne Hammer, Fire Storm spell), down, left and up, 
(Burgundy Flask, Darkspot Stone), down, left, down, left and up, use the 
Crescent Moon Stone, left, left (Darkpath Stone), right, right, use the 
Darkpath Stone, left.  There are eight doors in this room.  You have to enter 
them in a certain order.  Numbered from one to eight starting at the far left, 
enter them in this order: third, seventh, fifth, fourth, second, first, sixth, 
eighth (the far right one is last).  After you do this go left (Sacred Javelin 
spell, New Moon Stone), right, right, use the New Moon Stone, left, left (Eye 
of Heaven).  Operate the machine at the top, then go right, right, use the 
Darkspot Stone, left, left (Frigid Damsel spell), up (Save your game), right, 
right (Shield Critical spell), up and to the left.  The next few rooms feature 
moving statues called Guardians.  If you touch one, it will teleport you to a 
poison-filled series of rooms.  To escape, you have to find a statue and use 
the Darkspot Stone to return to the main Palace.  The spot the Guardian 
teleports you to is random, so just keep looking for the statue.  Now, in this 
first Guardian room, you have to follow behind him.  When he gets to the end, 
jump over him (don't let him touch you!).  Follow behind him again and you 
will see him open a passage up.  Go up.  There is a Dragon Slayer in this 
room, and another Guardian.  Go right and up (Lightning Bolt spell, Quartz 
Gem), down (watch out for the Guardian), left and up, left (Might Reinforce 
spell, Spell Reinforce spell).  In this room you have to wait until the 
Guardian falls asleep.  There are three different ways you can accomplish 
this.  All three work but the third one is easiest to do.

1)Just follow behind him, jumping over him when he reaches the end and 
turns around.
2)Let him chase you a lot to tire him out.
3)Put a crystal in the center of the room (near the chest) and use it to jump 
over the Guardian when he comes by.

  If one method isn't working, try another one.  After 2-4 passes he 
will stop moving, and it will be safe to touch him and get the Blood-Red 
Stone.  Now go right, down, down, down and to the left, left, down, right, 
right, use the Blood-Red Stone, left (Save your game), left.  Here you will 
fight Gandar.  If you made it this far, he should be easy for you.  After 
defeating him, you get the Scroll of Golem, Hourglass of the Gods*, Dragoon 
Faith*.  Also the Great Spear "Dinosaur" is in this room on a high ledge.  To 
reach it, you need to build a combination of crystal steps with the treasure 
chests, then jump up using crystal dust.

When you leave, use the Full Moon Stone on the statue and go down, 
right/up, right, right/up to get a Savory and a Prismatic Missile spell.  Use 
the Eclipse Stone to return to the entrance.

b) Arianrod Labyrinth (Hard only)

Argent Knight  HP: 18000  Weak: None  Drop: Cranequin-Crossbow, Mithril 
Hell Gaze  HP: 20000  Weak: None  Drop: Reflect Sorcery, Shield Critical
Dark Sorceress  HP: 18700  Weak: Poison  Drop: Heal, Invoke Feather
Wraith Lord  HP: 65000  Weak: Holy  Drop: Poison Blow, Frigid Damsel
Silver Golem  HP: 80000  Weak: Ice, Lightning  Drop: Frigid Damsel,
                                                       Poison Blow
Spectator  HP: 24600  Weak: Ice  Drop: Neckless Doll, Savory
Demon "Wiead"  HP: 55700  Weak: None  Drop: Nightshade, Ghoul Powder
Ridiculer  HP: 18700  Weak: None  Drop: n/a
Demon "Vallan"  HP: 70000  Weak: None  Drop: Mithril Ore
Dark Lord  HP: 415000  Weak: Holy  Drop: Magic Blade "Cromrea"

Items found:  Eye of Heaven, Magic Blade "Cromrea", Eternal Fault, Wand 
of Apocalypse, Foul Slayer, Flame Jewel, Shadzard, Secrets of Zolon, 
Unicorn's Horn

This dungeon is built of teleporters.  Each room has one or two machines with 
numbers on them.  You can flip a switch to change the numbers. Basic math 
(agghh, math!) will tell you where you're teleporting to.  If the left machine 
says "3", and the right machine says "x5", then you will teleport to room 15.  
If there is no operand, just add the two numbers together.  Okay, ready for 
the shortest walkthrough ever?

(Eye of Heaven), 10, 8 (Magic Blade "Cromrea"), 18, 16, 21 (Wand of 
Apocalypse), 12, 13 (Eternal Fault), 12, 14 (Foul Slayer), 7, 6, 11 
(Flame Jewel), 17 (Save your game), 25.

In room 25 you will fight Dark Lord and two Demon "Vallan".  I highly 
recommend that you take three mages for this battle.  Kill one of the 
demons, but don't kill the other one.  Blast Dark Lord with magic (and a bow 
on Valkyrie) until he dies (which takes a very long time).  The reason you 
don't want to kill both demons is that Dark Lord won't attack while he's in 
the back row.  In the front row, he uses Insanity Blast about 90% of the time, 
which does extreme damage to all four party members.  Ouch.  Needless to say, 
Guts and Auto-Item (Union Plume-100%) are absolute necessities if you decide 
to slug it out in hand-to-hand with him.  After defeating him you get 
Shadzard*, Secrets of Zolon, and a Unicorn's Horn*.

c) Celestial Castle (Hard only)

Inferior  HP: 4900 Weak: Poison, Holy, Dark  Drop: Long Flail, 
Grey Bones  HP: 27000  Weak: None  Drop: Lucerne Hammer, Damascus Sword
Mage Lord  HP: 12000  Weak: Poison  Drop: Might Reinforce, Dampen Magic
Forager  HP: 44000  Weak: None  Drop: Mithril Plate, Cranequin-Crossbow
Monstrous Vermin  HP: 10200  Weak: None  Drop: Iron Ore, Feather
Harpy  HP: 30000 Weak: None  Drop: Base Metal, Nightshade
Haunt  HP: 62000  Weak: Holy  Drop: Heal, Sacred Javelin
Mandragora  HP: 32500  Weak: Fire  Drop: Dampen Magic, Shield Critical
Daemonic Baron  HP: 42000  Weak: None  Drop: Quartz Gem
Genevieve  HP: 188,000  Weak: None  Drop: Ether Scepter

Items found:  Eye of Heaven, Ghoul Powder x2, Flame Jewel, Wassail-
Rapier, Vegetable Seed, Shield Critical, Quartz Gem, Reflect Sorcery, 
Concentration, Lucerne Hammer, Aqua Vitae, Sword of Silvans, Armor of 
Aleph, Harp of Atrasia, Berserker Bow

I really, really, really hate the Celestial Castle.  Just thought I'd 
get that off my chest.  Go right, up and to the right, right, take the 
first passage down (Eye of Heaven), up, right and down, right and up 
(Ghoul Powder), down, left and up, left, left, down and to the right, up 
(Flame Jewel), right and down, go right and take the first passage up, down 
and right.  The bottom of the screen here is open air.  If you 
fall, you will be back on the World Map and will have to waste two 
periods to start the Castle over.  I highly recommend that you skip the 
treasure chests until after you beat the boss and the monsters are gone.  Most 
of the chests have explosion traps, so pay attention to which way you're 
facing when they blow you backwards.  Anyway, swing on the chains to the right 
(passing a Wassail-Rapier, Vegetable Seed, Shield Critical spell, Quartz Gem).  
In the next room, there's a Reflect Sorcery spell, Concentration skill, 
Lucerne Hammer, Aqua Vitae, and a Ghoul Powder.  Exit right, up, left.  Kill 
all the butterflies in this room with your sword, then go left.  In this room 
you have to kill the butterflies again, but each time the lasers hit you 
another butterfly is created.  Go left (Sword of Silvans), save your game, 
down, left, up, right, right, right, right, right, right, save your game, 
right.  Here you fight Genevieve and two Daemonic Barons.  The Pressed Flower 
and Bracelet of Basilisk help against her strong Poison Blows.  Items that 
resist Dark will help against her Cosmic Spear magic.  Otherwise just beat on 
her.  If you've still got a Holy Water of Mithra, you can use that to finish 
her off.  After defeating her you get Armor of Aleph*, Harp of Atrasia, and 
Berserker Bow*

d) Cave of Oblivion (all)

Check the Chapter 1 Walkthrough for information about the various Caves 
of Oblivion.

15) Jotunheim Palace

Vanir  HP: 14000  Weak: Poison  Drop: Guard Reinforce, Might Reinforce
Vanir  HP: 22000  Weak: None  Drop: Reflect Sorcery, Dampen Magic
Vanir  HP: 22000  Weak: None  Drop: Sap Power, Sap Guard
Vanir  HP: 22000  Weak: None  Drop: Dampen Magic, Shield Critical
Wise Sorcerer  HP: 10000  Weak: Poison  Drop: Sap Power, Sap Guard
Mithril Golem  HP: 100000  Weak: None  Drop: Vegetable Seed, Foxglove
Bloodbane  HP: 222000  Weak: None  Drop: Angel Curio
Surt  HP: 300000  Weak: None  Drop: n/a

Items found:  Mental Reaction, Freeze Check x3, Foxglove x4, Eye of 
Heaven, Flare Crystal x2, Vegetable Seed x3, Ether Scepter, Scarlet 
Edge, Demon Sword "Levantine", Lapis Lazuli, Noble Elixir

Jotunheim Palace is the default place for you to end up at the end of 
the game.  You can Divine items anywhere here, not just on the save 

Go up, up (Mental Reaction skill), left (Freeze Check, Foxglove), left, 
left (Foxglove, Eye of Heaven - these are below the ice bridge), left, 
left.  There are four pedastals  in this room, three of which have 
flames burning on them.  Jump across to the top left and press X to get 
the Red Flame.  Drop down to the bottom and place the Red Flame on the 
empty pedastal.  Now get the Blue Flame from the right hand side and put it on 
the bottom pedastal.  It will form Daisy Fire, which you can pick up.  Doing 
this opens the passage to Bloodbane later on.  Now return to the palace 

From the entrance go left, left, up and to the right, up, up (Flare 
Crystal, Vegetable Seed), down, down, left, left (Flare Crystal), down 
and right, right, down and left, left (watch out for the falling 
icicles), left (Freeze Check, Ether Scepter), left (Scarlet Edge skill), up 
and right, right, up and left, take the passage up,  up, left (Foxglove, Ether 
Scepter).  Now you need to go up and right.  You can jump off the ice 
platforms, but you may find it easier to get on the ledge below and use the 
crystal steps/dust trick to reach the overhang.  Now go right and save.  Be 
sure to save!  To the right is Bloodbane, arguably the hardest monster in the 
game.  This fight is optional, but you can try it to test your abilities.  All 
four party members will need maxed out Guts skills and either Auto-Item (Union 
Plume-100%) or Angel Curios.  A mage with Sap Guard and Might Reinforce helps 
immensely.  It also helps to have items that resist Fire (like Stun Checks) 
and Mighty Checks.  Bloodbane is just a tough customer.  Almost every one of 
his attacks hits the whole party for big damage, so you must have a way of 
reviving yourself.  He also casts Heal on himself every 10 turns (unless he's 
very near death) so you have a bit of a time limit as well.  When he gets 
seriously injured he'll start blowing you away with Gravity Blessing.  After 
defeating him you get the Levantine Sword, the strongest weapon outside of the 
Seraphic Gate.

Now go left, down and right, down, down, up and right, up and left, up 
and right, right, right, up and right.  You'll need to jump across the 
platforms here.  Make a crystal to stand on at the middle one for some 
extra jumping height.  There is also a Freeze Check and a Lapis Lazuli 
in this room (they're well hidden).  Now go right, right, down and left, left, 
left, left (Noble Elixir), left.  The Fires of Purgatoy are burning in this 
room.  Once you get it there is a time limit.  If you take too long it will 
burn out.  You must go to the right and fight each of the Vanir you encounter.  
You can't jump over them because the icicles will knock you back and you will 
run out of time.  The time spent in battles does not count towards the flame 
burning out.  From the Fires room run right (fight the Vanir), right (fight 
the Vanir), right.  There will be a passage up that wasn't there before.  Go 
through it.  If you didn't make it before the Fires burned out, just return to 
the Fires room and pick it up again.  Once you've made it through the passage 
go up (Foxglove), left (Vegetable Seed), up and to the left, left, up and to 
the left, left (Vegetable Seed, Noble Elixir), left and down, down, right.  
Save your game and go right.  You'll face Surt and two Vanir.  Surt's much 
easier than Bloodbane.  Once again, items that resist Fire will be a big help.  
After you defeat him, the game is over and you get the B ending.

16) Asgard Hill

Vanir  HP: 14000  Weak: Poison  Drop: Guard Reinforce, Might Reinforce
Vanir  HP: 22000  Weak: None  Drop: Sap Power, Sap Guard
Vanir  HP: 22000  Weak: None  Drop: Dampen Magic, Shield Critical
Phantom Lord  HP: 45000  Weak: Holy  Drop: ?,?
Fire Elemental  HP: 52000  Weak: Ice  Drop: Spell Reinforce, Sap Guard
Charon  HP: 52000  Weak: None  Drop: Spell Reinforce, ?
Ram Guardian  HP: 25600  Weak: None  Drop: Vegetable Seed, ?
Mind Flayer  HP: 54900  Weak: None  Drop: Haste Ring, ?
Bloodbane  HP: 222000  Weak: None  Drop: Angel Curio
Fenrir  HP: 250000  Weak: Fire  Drop: Ambrosia
Loki  HP: 400000  Weak: None  Drop: n/a

Items found:  Demon Sword "Levantine"

In order to reach Asgard Hill you must complete the steps for the A 
ending sequence.  Most of the regular enemies are simple enough.  The 
one fight to watch out for is the Mind Flayer/Ram Guardian combo.  If 
you kill the Ram Guardian first, the Mind Flayer will become possessed 
and then resurrect the Guardian.  You must kill the Mind Flayer first!  
Sap Guard may be needed.

Gee, and I thought the Arianrod Labyrinth walkthrough was short. All you do 
here is go up, up, up, up. and so on.  When you get to a savepoint, use it!  
First you'll run into Bloodbane.  Make sure at a bare minimum you have all 
four party members with maxed out Guts and either Auto-Item (Union Plume-100%) 
or Angel Curios.  Sap Guard and Might Reinforce help a lot as well.

Next is Fenrir.  You fight him the same way as Bloodbane, but watch out 
for his Frost Bait attack.  When he gets near death he will use this 
every single round.  It will either kill or freeze every member of your 
party.  If you don't have the Eternal Lamp, make sure that each party 
member has a Freeze or Mighty Check.  If you have the Infernas sword, 
you can kill him in one hit.  :)

Finally it's Loki.  At first you won't be able to hurt him.  Just make 
sure you survive for three rounds.  Then Valkyrie will power up like He-Man 
(you think I'm joking) and the battle will restart.  Again, just beat on him 
and make sure you have plenty of Union Plumes.  And that's the end!

After the credits don't turn the game off!  There's some more dialogue 
several minutes after the "Fin" screen appears.

17) Seraphic Gate

The Seraphic Gate is accessible from the title screen once your party 
has saved at the final Save Point (whether Jotunheim Palace or Asgard 
Hill).  Select Seraphic Gate, then your savefile to start.  Note that 
the Seraphic Gate is a one-way trip!  If you save in the Gate your party will 
not be able to return to the regular game!

Gill-Man Leader  HP: 30,000  Weak: Lightning  Drop:  ?,?
Fire Elemental  HP: 52,000  Weak: Ice  Drop: Spell Reinforce, Sap Guard
Unburied Dead  HP: 21,600  Weak: none  Drop: ?,?
Bream Giant  HP: 18,400  Weak: Poison, Holy  Drop: Mystic Cross, Normalize
Anemone  HP: 42,600  Weak:  none  Drop: Daemon Slayer, Beast Slayer
Hell Gaze  HP: 20,000 Weak: none  Drop: Shield Critical, Reflect Sorcery
Brutal Gaze  HP: 54,900  Weak: none  Drop: Lapis Lazuli, Wand of
Lesser Vampire  HP: 22,600  Weak: none  Drop: Beast's Fangs, Burgundy
Ancient Golem  HP: 120,000  Weak: none  Drop: Mage Slayer, Raven Slayer
Misery Seeker  HP: 47,700  Weak: none  Drop: ?,?
King Kraken  HP: 64,000  Weak: none  Drop: Dragoon Faith, ?
Unliving Vapor  HP: 52,300  Weak: Holy  Drop: ?,?
Unholy Terror  HP: 62,000  Weak: none  Drop: Dimension Slip, Lapis
Necro Centipede  HP: 41,600  Weak: Poison  Drop: ?,?
Larvae  HP: 282,600  Weak: none  Drop: ?,?
Venom  HP: 100,000  Weak: none  Drop: ?,?
Mummy  HP: 45,600  Weak: Fire  Drop: ?,?
Abyss  HP: 205,000  Weak: none  Drop: ?,?
Lycurgus  HP: 188,000  Weak: Poison  Drop: ?,?
Wise Sorcerer  HP: 260,000  Weak: Poison  Drop: ?,?
Dragon Tyrant  HP: 950,000  Weak: none  Drop: Lapis Lazuli, ?
Demon "Zorkreyl"  HP: 299,900  Weak: none  Drop: Lapis Lazuli, ?
Accused One  HP: 380,000  Weak: none  Drop: Lapis Lazuli, ?
Setkhefre  HP: 500,000  Weak: none  Drop: Noble Elixir, Noble Banish
Disaster Eye  HP: 500,000  Weak: none  Drop: Lapis Lazuli,?
Carnage Beast  HP: 652,000  Weak: Fire  Drop: Demon Sword "Nefarious", ?
Lich  HP: 546,000  Weak: none  Drop: Eternal Garb, ?
Vanir  HP: 22,000  Weak: none  Drop: Reflect Sorcery, Dampen Magic
Giant Lord  HP: 750,000  Weak: none  Drop: Wand "Mystic Sage", Holy
                                                      Wand of Telos
Loki Shade  HP: 752,000  Weak: none  Drop: Ethereal Divide, ?
Hamster  HP: 400,000  Weak: none  Drop: Dainslef, Wand "Mystic Sage"
Dark Valkyrie  HP: 440,000  Weak: none  Drop: Glance Reviver, ?
Lezard Valeth  HP: 100,000  Weak: none  Drop: Glance Reviver
Brahms  HP: 172,000  Weak: none  Drop: Razor Shaft
Freya  HP: 300,000  Weak: none  Drop: n/a
Gabriel Celeste  HP: 800,000  Weak: none  Drop: n/a
Iseria Queen  HP: 2,300,000  Weak: none  Drop: n/a

Items found:  Golden Egg x15, Spell Reinforce, Fire Lance, Gem of 
Creation, Mighty Check x2, Might Reinforce, Razor Shaft, Eternal Garb 
x4, Poison Blow, Sap Guard, Fire Storm, Soul Sword "Kusanagi", Wand 
"Mystic Sage", Frigid Damsel, Scout Orb, Ethereal Divide, Holy Wand of 
Telos, Lightning Bolt, Shield Critical, Demon Sword "Nefarious", Bloody-
Duster, Icicle Edge, Dainslef, Ether Laser, Lapis Lazuli, Wand of Exchange, 
Quartz Gem, Tri-Emblem, Book of Riddles #1-8, Angel Slayer

Many of the monsters in the Gate drop only one type of treasure or none 
at all.  There are eight locked doors in the Gate which can only be 
opened with a Flame Jewel.  The Flame Jewels are found in the Hard Mode 
dungeons.  You can still play through the Seraphic Gate without the 
Flame Jewels, but you will not be able to get the bonus characters and 
some of the best weapons.  In the following walkthrough, sections where 
you need a Flame Jewel are blocked off [*** like this ***].  If you 
don't have a Flame Jewel, just skip past that section and continue on 
with the walkthrough.  There is only one savepoint in the Gate, right at the 
beginning.  You can Divine items anywhere in the Gate, not just at the 

Go right, right (Golden Egg, Spell Reinforce spell), down and to the 
left, left (Golden Egg), right, down and to the right, right (Golden 
Egg), right, up and to the right, up and to the left (Fire Lance spell), up 
and to the left (Gem of Creation, Mighty Check), right, right, down and to the 
left, down and to the right (Might Reinforce spell), left, down and to the 
left, left, [*** up and to the left, left (Razor Shaft, Eternal Garb), right, 
right ***] up and to the right.  Step into the glowing sphere to teleport.  
Now go right, right and teleport again.  Go left (Golden Egg), [*** down and 
to the left, left (teleport), right.  Now you will fight Lezard Valeth, a 
Brutal Gaze, and a Hell Gaze.  This isn't too hard, just be sure to kill the 
two eyes at the same time to avoid them Restoring each other.  Try to knock a 
treasure chest out of Lezard to get the useful Glance Reviver.  After beating 
him he will join your party.  Go left (teleport), right, right ***] up and to 
the left, (Golden Egg, Eternal Garb, Poison Blow spell), left (Sap Guard 
spell, Golden Egg, Fire Storm spell), right, up and to the right, right 
(Golden Egg, Eternal Garb), up and to the left, left, left [*** up and to the 
right (Soul Sword "Kusanagi", Wand "Mystic Sage"), left ***], left.  Don't 
fall through the bottom of the screen!  Jump/swing across (Frigid Damsel 
spell, Mighty Check, Golden Egg, Golden Egg), left (form a large crystal to 
step on and jump up to the ropes), left (Scout Orb), left, down and to the 
right (teleport), left (Golden Egg), down and to the right, right [*** up and 
to the right, right (Golden Egg), right, right, down and to the left, 
(Ethereal Divide, Holy Wand of Telos), right, up and to the left, left, left, 
left ***], down and to the right.  Now fall through the bottom of the screen, 
hugging the left wall.  Pick up the Golden Egg.  [*** Go left, left (Eternal 
Garb, Lightning Bolt spell), up and to the right.  Here you will fight Brahms.  
He will probably kill the character he attacks, but he can't hurt more than 
one, so you should have no problem beating him if you have plenty of Union 
Plumes.  After you defeat him he joins you.  Now go left, down and to the 
right, right ***], drop down to the bottom, left (teleport, Shield Critical 
spell), right, down and to the right, right, down and to the right, drop down 
while hugging the right wall, go right [*** up and to the right, right, right 
(Golden Egg), up and to the left, down and to the left (Demon Sword
"Nefarious", Bloody-Duster), right, right, down and to the left, left, left 
***], down and to the right, down and to the left, left (Icicle Edge spell).  
Cut the panels in the floor with your sword and drop down.  Make sure you cut 
every panel.  [*** There is a locked door halfway down.  Go right (teleport), 
right, right.  Here you fight Freya.  
She's very strong, but she can't hurt more than one person at a time, so just 
keep Union Plumes available.  After defeating her she joins you.  Now go left, 
left (teleport), left ***]  At the bottom go left, left (teleport), left, drop 
down hugging the right wall.  Go right, down and to the right, down and to the 
left, left.  You should be at the top of the area where you cut all the panels 
in the floor.  You need to fall down from the very top straight through to the 
switch on the bottom.  Do a vertical jump to position yourself correctly.  If 
you fell from the very top, the switch will open the door on the right.  Go 
right (teleport), left, left (Golden Egg).  Climb the ropes up to the left.  
Go left and you will fight Gabriel Celeste.  He's a real wimp.  Just do some 
big PWS combos on him and he'll die easily enough.  He does have some 
dangerous attacks, but he won't last long enough to give you much of a 
problem.  After defeating him go down and to the right (teleport), left, up 
and to the right, up and to the right [*** up and to the left (teleport), 
left, left (teleport), left, up and to the right (Dainslef, Ether Laser), 
left, down and to the right (teleport), right, right (teleport), right ***], 
down and to the right, down and to the right (Golden Egg, Lapis Lazuli), down 
and to the left, down and to the left (Wand of Exchange, Quartz Gem), right, 
down and to the right, right, down and to the left, left, left.  Here you will 
fight Iseria Queen.  She's basically the same as Gabriel Celeste except she 
has more hit points and can inflict more damage.  Guts, Auto-Item(Union Plume-
100%), and/or Angel Curios are recommended.  If you have the Sylphan Robe, 
equip it on a mage to enable it to survive her Cosmic Spear attack.  After 
defeating her you get the Tri-Emblem.  You can now return to the save point 
(all enemies are gone) and save.  Exiting left from the save point gets you a 
Congratulation message.  The next eight times you defeat Iseria Queen you will 
get a Book of Riddles.  These don't do anything.  Each time you beat her after 
that you will get an Angel Slayer, the most powerful sword in the game (but 
with Attack Trust of 1.).

There are a couple of special battles in the Seraphic Gate.  On the last floor 
before you get to Iseria Queen, there is a floating eyeball.  
Usually it's three Disaster Eyes.  But sometimes it will be a Giant Lord and 
two Vanir.  The Giant Lord has all of Surt's voice samples that you can add to 
your Voice Collection.  I highly recommend having the Sap Guard spell before 
you fight him or you will have a hard time hurting him.  A few rooms later, 
right before Iseria Queen, there is a room with a knight walking around (the 
Dark Valkyrie) and a mage floating in the air.  The mage is usually a Loki 
Shade, but sometimes it will be four Hamsters.  The Hamsters are the hardest 
enemies in the game.  They are extremely small and very few attacks can 
actually hit them.  Your best bet for beating them is to have a mage (or two 
or three) cast Poison Blow on them every round.  I highly recommend equipping 
Angel Curios on all four party members for this fight.  Guts is usually not 
enough to survive.

Besides Gabriel Celeste, Iseria Queen, and the Giant Lord, other places 
to pad your Voice Collection are the Loki Shade (has all of Loki's voice 
samples), and the Dark Valkyrie (has all of Hrist's except her death samples).

18) Endings

a) "C" ending

To get the C ending, your evaluation must drop very low and stay there.  
The easiest way to get it is as follows:

When you get out of the Artolian Ruins and return to the World Map, go 
the the status screen and Rest (Start button) until the end of the Chapter.  
Continue to do this until your Evaluation drops to zero.  Once it has done 
that enter any dungeon and come back out again.  Freya will appear and 
berate you.  Then she will leave and you will have 1 Evaluation point.  Rest 
again until it drops back down to zero.  Then enter any dungeon and leave 
again.  Freya will come back and blow you to kingdom come.  She is extremely 
difficult to kill without a Gameshark. If you do defeat her the same thing 
happens as if you lost to her.

b) "B" ending

You get the B ending when you reach the end of Chapter 8 and you have 
not triggered either the C ending (by having a low Evaluation) or the A 
ending (by fulfilling the steps listed in the next section).  You will 
go to Jotunheim palace as listed in section 14 and once you defeat Surt 
you get the B ending.

c) "A" ending

In order to get the A ending you have to fulfill several requirements.  
Most of this information comes from Keith Rhee's best ending guide.  
Note that you cannot get the A ending in Easy mode.

You must finish the Tower of Lezard Valeth in Chapter 4.
You must recruit Mystina and Lucian in Chapter 5.
You must transfer Lucian to Valhalla in Chapter 5 or 6.
Your Seal Rating (not Evaluation!) must reach 37 or less during Chapter 7.

The tricky part is getting the Seal Rating low and keeping it low.  In 
Chapter 4, it's best to Transfer someone at the beginning of the Chapter, 
before you do anything else.  From there, play normally and be sure to 
complete Lezard's Tower.  Also take off Valkyrie's Nieblung Ring before the 
end of the chapter.  Do not replace it until Chapter 7.  (You can wear it in 
the dungeons, but don't forget to take it back off before the Sacred Phase.)

Now, you need to do the events that reduce your Seal Rating.  Either do
these after transferring a character in Chapter 4, or before doing
Spiritual Concentration in Chapter 5. First go to Gerabellum and talk to 
Lucian there.  Then go to Weeping Lily Meadow.  Then go through Brahms Castle 
and meet Brahms.  It doesn't matter if you decline to fight him, fight and 
beat him, or fight and lose to him.  Your Seal Rating drops the same amount 
either way.  Note that you can do these three steps in earlier Chapters, but 
it's best if you do them here to control your Seal Rating.

In Chapter 5, recruit Lucian and Mystina, as well as anyone else who shows up.  
Complete any dungeons you like, but remember that you must transfer Lucian in 
either Chapter 5 or 6. You should be able to transfer one additional person in 
either Chapter 5 or 6 (not both!) without hurting yourself (check your Seal 
Rating to make sure). In most cases you can transfer Yumei in Chapter 5 and 
Lucian in Chapter 6.

If your Seal Rating is already 37 or less after the Chapter 6-7 Sacred Phase, 
you will see a special scene at the beginning of Chapter 7. Otherwise, you 
will see the scene whenever you get your Seal Rating down to 37 during Chapter 
7. Once you see this scene you are in the clear so you may do whatever you 
want for the remaining Chapters (just don't let your Evaluation drop to zero 
or you'll get the C ending).

In Chapter 8, Spiritual Concentration will reveal something going on at 
Weeping Lily Meadow.  Once you visit there, the A ending sequence begins and 
you will not be able to return to the World Map!  So do everything else that 
you want to first before you go there.  If you choose not to go there then the 
game will continue with the B ending sequence at the end of Chapter 8.

Here are the amounts that each action affects your Seal Rating by:

Visit Lucian in Gerabellum:  -15
Visit Weeping Lily Meadow:  -15
Meet Brahms in his castle:  -10
Defeat Lezard Valeth in his Tower: -15
Recruit Mystina:  -10
Recruit Lucian:  -20
Recruit Lorenta, Lyseria: no change
Recruit any other characters:  -2
Not wearing the Nieblung Ring in the Sacred Phase:  -2
Wearing the Nieblung Ring in the Sacred Phase:  +2
Transferring each character:  +12 (including Lucian!)

Note that it doesn't matter if you choose to fight Brahms or not. 
Meeting him is sufficient to reduce your Seal Rating.

19) Characters

The following lists all the characters and their starting stats.  I 
think the stats for characters at starting levels greater than 1 may be 
random, but this should still give you an idea of their comparative 
strengths. Each character has a rating of * to ***** indicating how good they 
are overall. Since all mages are basically interchangeable, I gave them all 
the same rating (****).


"Come to me, Dark Warriors!  Battle awaits us!"

Modes available: all (Chapter 0)
Starting stats (level 1) DME: 1000  Str: 15  Int: 10  Agl: 10  Dex: 5

Attacks (sword):  Bolt Slash (1, 25), Moment Slide (1, 15), Vertical 
Raid (2, 24).  PWS:  Nibelung Valesti (varies, varies, 4 CT)

Attacks (bow):  Spread Shot (2, 20), Tri-Blast (3, 9), Infinity Blast 
(4, 24).  PWS:  Nibelung Valesti (varies, varies, 4 CT)

Optimum PWS position: second (sword), third (bow)
Damage multipliers for Nibelung Valesti
NV1Sword: 4 (eight hits of 0.5)
NV2Sword: 6 (0.5x8 + 2)
NV3Sword: 11 (0.5x8 + 2 + 5)
NV1Bow: 6 (0.5x12)
NV2Bow: 8 (0.5x12 + 2)
NV3Bow: 13 (0.5x12 + 2 + 5)

Well, you don't have a lot of choice about using her.  She's in all but 
a very few battles.  Luckily, she's quite good.  Her sword attacks are 
capable of hitting all types of opponents (she's one of a very few characters 
who can hit the hamsters), and equipping her with a bow is an even better 
option.  In fact, I recommend keeping her with a three-hit bow throughout the 
game, as she's the strongest bow user in the game. Her PWS has three different 
power levels which depend on the weapon she has equipped.  The third level is 
only available in the final battle of Asgard Hill and in the Seraphic Gate.

Rating *****


"I am Freya.  Recall the name on your journey to Hel."

Modes available: all (Chapter 0 temporarily), Hard (Seraphic Gate)
Starting stats (level 2) DME: 6064  Str: 208  Int: 214  Agl: 102  Dex: 101
Starting stats (level 30)  DME: 36001  Str: 431  Int: 532  Agl: 201  Dex: 182

Attacks: Critical Flare (6, 24), Aerial Blast (3, 21), Thunder Sword (5, 50).  
PWS: Ether Strike(1,10, 5 CT, x15 damage multiplier)

Optimum PWS position: fourth

Taking a look at her stats should give you an idea about how good she 
is.  She tags along in the Artolian Mountain Ruins to make sure you 
don't lose any fights.  In the Seraphic Gate, she may very well be your 
most powerful fighter, and her PWS does more damage than any other.  The 
only problem with her is that she has a very long delay between each 
attack.  This makes her a royal pain to combo with.  Her third attack is 
unblockable (except when you're fighting against her).

Rating *****


"Now die and be silent!"

Modes available: all (Chapter 0)
Starting stats (level 1)  DME: 2000  Str: 30  Int: 5  Agl: 10  Dex: 3

Attacks: Spinning Back-Knuckle (1, 15), High Wind (1, 30), Wrenching 
Swing (1, 25).  PWS: Final Blast (8,80, 6 CT, x.75 damage multiplier per hit)

Optimum PWS position: third

Arngrim is a powerhouse early on.  His PWS does decent damage and adds a 
huge amount of energy, but it has a tremendous charge time to match.  His 
normal attacks hit rather high, meaning he tends to miss short enemies.  He is 
very good at hitting flying creatures, though.  Not an exceptional character, 
but a good one.

Rating ****


"Valkyrie, do you even need our help?"

Modes available: all (Chapter 0)
Starting stats (level 1) DME: 300  Str: 2  Int: 15  Agl: 20  Dex: 3

Jelanda is the first mage you get, and will serve you well in the early 
chapters.  Her Fire Storm spell is weak, but it adds a great deal of 
energy to the combo gauge.  This will be the only way you will be able 
to get the meter up to 100 until you get some better weapons.  She also 
comes equipped with the highly useful Heal.

Rating ****


"I pledge my strength to the Lady Valkyrie!"

Modes available: Normal and Hard (Chapter 2)
Starting stats (level 1) DME: 1500  Str: 10  Int: 6  Agl: 10  Dex: 5

The best character outside the Seraphic Gate.  His normal attacks are good, 
and his PWS does insane damage.  But the PWS adds very little energy, so make 
sure you use it last in a chain.  With a Combo Jewel or Energy Ring he can 
fill up the energy gauge by himself.  A good candidate for transfer also.

Attacks: Smash Axe (1, 24), Prisoner Fang (1, 30), Triple Thrust (3, 
30).  PWS: Justice Stream (10, 25, 2 CT, x.86 damage multiplier per hit)

Optimum PWS position: fourth

Rating *****


"Reap the judgement of the gods."

Modes available: all (Chapter 1)
Starting stats (level 1)  DME: 1500  Str: 10  Int: 6  Agl: 10  Dex: 5

Attacks: First Slash (1, 15), Rising Slash (2, 24), Piercing Crusade (2, 20).  
PWS: Extreme Void (2, 30, 3 CT, x3.75 damage multiplier per hit)

Optimum PWS position: fourth

You will usually end up transferring him because of his high Hero Value, but 
is a good addition to the party as well.  His PWS does very strong damage, one 
of the highest in the game. His normal attacks are almost identical to those 
of Valkyrie (with sword).

Rating ****


"With enemies like this even I might have a chance!"

Modes available: all (Chapter 1)
Starting stats (level 1)  DME: 700  Str: 10  Int: 6  Agl: 10  Dex: 5

Attacks: First Shot (1, 5), Twin Shot (2, 10), Aiming Wisp (2, 10).  
PWS: Layer Storm (varies, 5 per hit, 2 CT, x.66 damage multiplier per hit)

Optimum PWS position: first

He's pretty bad.  The only good thing about him is his PWS.  It does a 
variable number of hits depending on the enemy's size and positioning.  Seven 
is a common number of hits, but I've seen as many as 18 against large enemies.  
He doesn't even make good transfer material because his Hero Value is so low.  
Also, his third attack is unblockable, so use it to set up combos.

Rating *


"All right!  Feeling good!"

Modes available: Normal and Hard (Chapter 3)
Starting stats (level 1)  DME: 2000  Str: 10  Int: 6  Agl: 10  Dex: 5

Attacks: Low Swing (1, 10), Beast Tackle (2, 30), Air Pressure (1, 15).  
PWS: Flashing Blade (3, 69, 5 CT, x1.17 damage multiplier)

Optimum PWS position: third

He is weaker than Arngrim, with slightly better normal attacks and a much 
worse PWS.  Some of his voice samples are annoying, but his enthusiasm can be 

Rating **


"For my honor!  Finishing Strike: Guilty Break!"

Modes available: all (Chapter 2, 3, or 4)
Starting stats (level 1)  DME: 800  Str: 10  Int: 6  Agl: 10  Dex: 5

Attacks: Diseased Needle (2, 2), Tri-Stinger (3, 3), Restrain Flame (1, 
50).  PWS: Guilty Break (9, 72, 2 CT, x.72 damage multiplier per hit)

Optimum PWS position: third

The best archer, other than Valkyrie.  His first attack, Diseased Needle, 
actually poisons the enemy.  I cannot begin to tell you how useful that is.  
And his PWS is very good as well, doing 9 auto-hits and adding 72 to the 
energy gauge.

Rating ****


"I have drawn daikichi. excellent fortune!"

Modes available: all (Chapter 2, 3, or 4)
Starting stats (level 1)  DME: 300  Str: 5  Int: 16  Agl: 10  Dex: 5

Another mage.  Her Lightning Bolt is quite a bit stronger than the other 
spells you'll get get early in the game.  And after you recruit her you can 
get Dragonbane, a very useful weapon.  If you're lucky enough to get her in 
Chapter 2, you can pretty much win every battle in Chapters 2 and 3 just by 
casting Lightning Bolt on all enemies with Dragonbane equipped.

Rating ****


"Go back to the hole you crawled in from!"

Modes available: all (Chapter 2, 3, or 4)
Starting stats (level 1)  DME: 300  Str: 5  Int: 16  Agl: 10  Dex: 5

Yet another mage.  If you don't cry the first time you see her recruitment 
scene, you are one heartless individual.  Nothing really special about her, 
but she does have some hilarious animations in battle.

Rating ****


"Now you have felt my strength."

Modes available: Normal and Hard (Chapter 4)
Starting stats (level 1)  DME: 1400  Str: 10  Int: 20  Agl: 5  Dex: 15

Attacks: Roundkick (2, 6), Sonic Edge (1, 15), Spinning Edge (3, 24).  
PWS: Dreaded Dragon (1, 45, 3 CT, x7.5 damage multiplier)

Optimum PWS position: fourth

Her attacks and PWS do strong damage.  But if you equip her with a three-hit 
weapon be sure that you change the order her attacks come in or you'll never 
hit with all of them.  A strong character, but you'll get tired of hearing her 
voice after a while.

Rating ****


"Now your future is emptiness!"

Modes available: all (Chapter 2, 3, or 4)
Starting stats (level 1)  DME: 1300  Str: 8  Int: 3  Agl: 20  Dex: 25

Attacks: Senko-Zan (2, 10), Koei-Zan (1, 5), So-Enbu (2, 24).  PWS: 
Senko-jin (15, 30, 2 CT, x.375 per hit)

Optimum PWS position: first

Jun's major redeeming feature is his PWS.  It does decent damage, spread out 
among 15 hits and 30 energy.  This makes him the ideal leadoff man in a PWS 
chain.  By building up the hit meter he lets the other characters do more 
damage. His normal attacks are rather poor though. Good luck connecting with 
them all.

Rating ***


"I cannot suffer you to live!"

Modes available: Hard (Chapter 7)
Starting stats: (level 1)  DME: 300  Str: 1  Int: 50  Agl: 20  Dex: 5

Kind of annoying, and butt ugly.  She's one of the stronger mages.  Don't 
transfer her to Valhalla, or she'll be gone for good.  But if you do, you'll 
get to see her horribly ugly portrait during the Sacred Phase.  Good for a 

Rating ****


"Killing is thirsty work!  I need a drink."

Modes available: all (Chapter 5 or 6)
Starting stats (level 1)  DME: 800 Str: 5  Int: 1  Agl: 20  Dex: 35

Attacks: Flare Shot (1, 15), Fifth Way (varies, 1 per hit), Lunatic Shot 
(varies, 1 per hit).  PWS: Sphere Strike (1, 30, 2 CT, x3.75 damage 

Optiumum PWS position: first (fourth is a waste of the damage bonus)

His attacks don't do good damage, don't build up the energy gauge well, and 
his PWS is a very bad joke.  But there is one thing he's good at.  He's the 
best character for knocking experience crystals out of the enemies.  He can 
help your party level up fairly quickly.  Just make sure you bring some real 
characters along to actually hurt the enemies.  This is an expert's character, 
not for beginners.

Rating **


"I invoke the power of the Glacial Blade!  Finishing Strike: Icicle 

Modes available: all (Chapter 5 or 6)
Starting stats (level 1)  DME: 1000  Str: 10  Int: 25  Agl: 8  Dex: 8

Attacks: Razor Edge (1, 15), Mortal Razor (1, 25), Energy Cannon (3, 
15).  PWS: Icicle Disaster (8, 58, 2 CT, 2 hits at x.75, 6 hits at x.15)

Optimum PWS position: second

He has the coolest voice samples of any character.  Unfortunately, he's not a 
good choice for battle.  He has some extreme problems dealing damage to the 
enemies, with the weakest PWS in the game.  Easily the weakest of the three 
heavy knights.  The little wisps that trail after him are unblockable, though.

Rating *


"Such a will to live!"

Modes available: Normal and Hard (Chapter 4)
Starting stats (level 1)  DME: 300  Str: 2  Int: 26  Agl: 2  Dex: 3

Yep, another mage.  She's fairly useful when you first get her because she 
comes with the Mystic Cross spell.  But I don't care for her voice and that 
stupid staff flying around in battle really aggravates me.

Rating ****


"Feast your eyes on me.  It'll be your last vision of beauty."

Modes available: Normal and Hard (Chapter 5)
Starting stats (level 1)  DME: 300  Str: 10  Int: 30  Agl: 10  Dex: 10

She has some funny voice samples, but many are so muted you can barely hear 
them.  One of the better mages in the game.

Rating ****


"It's a blessing I cannot look upon you."

Modes available: all (Chapter 5 or 6)
Starting stats (level 1)  DME: 300  Str: 3  Int: 18  Agl: 2  Dex: 1

If you use her be sure to give her an attack spell since she doesn't come with 
any.  Otherwise she's just another mage.

Rating ****


"I don't think so."

Modes available: all (Chapter 5 or 6)
Starting stats (level 1)  DME: 1000  Str: 12  Int: 8  Agl: 8  Dex: 8

Attacks: Gleam Charge (1, 25), Round Dance (1, 15), Hind Edge (1, 10).  
PWS: Eternal Raid (7, 56, 4 CT, x.75 damage multiplier)

Optimum PWS position: second

An average character.  Well balanced, with a decent PWS.  Be careful using her 
PWS against flying opponents.  It will often miss.

Rating ***


"My path is strewn with corpses!"

Modes available: all (Chapter 7)
Starting stats (level 1)  DME: 1000  Str: 30  Int: 7  Agl: 7  Dex: 18

Attacks: Shisen (1, 25), Hyo-Reppa (1, 10), Yasha-Uchi (2, 16).  PWS: 
Hyoso-Hojin (6, 48, 3 CT, x.75 damage multiplier)

Optimum PWS position: second

A rather average character who makes good transfer material.  He has some 
great voice samples.  The PWS is a little weak.

Rating ***


"My life's ambition... reduced to nothing!"

Modes available: Normal and Hard (Chapter 8)
Starting stats (level 1)  DME: 1300  Str: 8  Int: 80  Agl: 2  Dex: 5

He is potentially the most powerful mage.  He can have more DME than Lezard by 
using Bracelets of Zoe, and his intelligence is usually slightly higher by the 
time he reaches level 30.

Rating ****


"... and take this!"

Modes available: Normal and Hard (Chapter 5)
Starting stats (level 1)  DME: 1000  Str: 10  Int: 15  Agl: 8  Dex: 8

Attacks: Air Slash (1, 25), Slanting Blow (1, 15), Shining Bolt (12, 
36*).  PWS: Round Rip Saber (5, 40, 3 CT, x.75)

*Although it's supposed to add 36, Shining Bolt will usually add a full 100 to 
the energy gauge. It also does more damage when this happens.  Seems to be a 
glitch, but it's a good one.

Optimum PWS position: first

Rather unremarkable, except for one thing.  His third attack, Shining Bolt, is 
the best normal attack in the game.  It can crush guards easily, and it knocks 
out a slew of gems and a treasure chest against a fallen enemy.  Teamed with 
Badrach and a couple of sword users, you can get 40 experience crystals in one 
round.  He is also capable of filling up the energy gauge by himself due to 
the strange properties of Shining Bolt.  Only his weak PWS keeps him from 
being a 5-star character.

Rating ****

Lezard Valeth


Modes available: Hard (Seraphic Gate)
Starting stats (level 30)  DME: 21296  Str: 97  Int: 564  Agl: 101  Dex: 98

A powerhouse mage.  He's got great voice samples and a funny personality. He's 
the only character who can't reach 90,000 DME by equipping two Bracelets of 
Zoe, so keep an Ambrosia for him.

Rating ****


"Ha!  A real battle!  Glorious!"

Modes available: Hard (Seraphic Gate)
Starting stats (level 30)  DME: 32817  Str: 266  Int: 521  Agl: 130  
Dex: 121

Attacks: Bloody Knuckle (1, 30), Deadly Raid (2, 30), Immortal Blow (3, 
30).  PWS: Bloody Curse (17, 42, 2 CT, ? damage multiplier - same overall as 
Aelia and Belenus for power)

Optimum PWS position: first

Another powerful fighter.  His PWS does the most hits in the game - up to 17 
(not counting unreliable Llewelyn).  Comboing is a bit tricky with him, as you 
have to pause slightly in between his attacks.

Rating *****

20) Item lists

I think I have every item in the game at this point. If you find an item 
that's not on these lists let me know and tell me where you found it.

In the "Equipped by" fields, the following abbreviations are used:

V  -  Valkyrie only
R  -  Freya only
W  -  Warriors only (includes swordsmen, heavy knights, archers, 
spearmen, samurai, Freya, and Brahms)
S  -  Sorcerers only
F  -  Females only
M  - Males only
FW - Female warriors only
MW - Male warriors only
FS - Female sorcerers only
MS - Male sorcerers only

Normal Swords

These weapons can be equipped by Valkyrie, Belenus, Jayle, and Lucian.  Ones 
marked with an asterisk (*) after their name can also be equipped by Arngrim, 
Kashell, Grey, Jun, and Suo. The Jewelled Blade "Grimrist" can also be 
equipped by Jun and Suo.

Antler Sword, Colichemarde, Viking Sword, and Walloon Sword can be transmuted 
into Flare Gems.  Pallasch, Reiter Pallasch, Schweizer Sword, and Sinclair 
Saber can be transmuted into Flare Crystals.

Gram, Holy Sword "Seraphy", Ice Coffin, Lightning Edge, Magic Blade "Cromrea", 
Radiance Sword, Reiter Pallasch, Ruin's Fate, Scarlet Forge, Schweizer Sword, 
Sinclair Saber, Slashing Sword "Farewell", and Sword of Silvans will allow 
Valkyrie to use her level 2 Nibelung Valesti.

Angel Slayer, Dainslef, and Glance Reviver will allow Valkyrie to use 
her level 3 Nibelung Valesti.

Name/Attack Power/Attack Trust/Hit/Hit Trust/Number of attacks/Converted 

Angel Slayer*            20000/1    700/210 OOO      0
Antler Sword               100/30    90/32  OXX     15
Bastard Sword*             290/50   146/48  OXX     20  6% Break
Beast Slayer*              200/100  500/175 OOO    800  5% Break, does
                                              extreme damage to beasts
                                              (Pongo, Manticore, etc.)[1]
Broad Sword*               130/20    65/26  XXO      5  6% Break
Colichemarde               150/25   120/45  OOX     35
Daemon Slayer*             200/100  500/175 OOO    800  5% Break, does
                                              extreme damage to daemons
                                             (Succubus, Inferior, etc.)[1]
Dainslef                  8000/35   300/100 OOO      0  Slay Holy [2]
Damascus Sword*            700/5    250/82  OXO    200  3% Break
Demon Sword "Levantine"   2200/40   ???/90  OOO    ???  gets stronger
                                                   as DME decreases [4]
Dragon Slayer*             200/100  500/175 OOO    800  5% Break, does
                                              extreme damage to dragons
                                             (Lizardman, Dragon-tooth
                                              Warrior, etc.)[1]
Estoc*                     570/45   200/62  XOO     40  8% Break
Faim Fenn                   60/1    100/25  OOO   1750
Flare Baselard*            300/60   150/52  XOX    650  5% Break,
Glance Reviver            6000/75   300/95  OOO      0  Slay Dark [2],
                                           8% chance of killing a non-
                                           boss enemy instantly and
                                           healing user by amount equal
                                           to enemy's max hit points.
Glare Sword*              1200/1    300/85  OXO   3750  Slay Poison[2],
                                                   may petrify enemy
Gram*                     2000/44   270/92  OOO      0  Slay Dark [2]
Holy Sword "Seraphy"       200/45   200/75  OXO   4000  10% chance of
                                          doubling magic gems, Holy+90%
Ice Coffin                 550/64   300/92  OOO   3000  Absorb Ice [3],
Icicle Sword*             1200/1    300/85  OXO   3600  Slay Ice [2],
                                                   may freeze enemy
Jewelled Blade "Grimrist"  100/1    100/30  XXO   1500  Slay Lightning [2]
Lightning Edge              70/62   100/40  OOX    500  Absorb
                                                       Lightning [3],
Long Sword*                 98/35    87/31  OXX     10  5% Break
Magic Blade "Cromrea"*    1800/49   240/77  OXO   6000  -70% Normal
                                      damage, +50% PWS damage, Dark+50%
Moonflax*                  200/20   130/37  OXO    700  5% Break,
Pallasch                   200/26   180/50  OOO     75
Radiance Sword             170/64   200/64  OOO   1000  Absorb Holy[3],
Reiter Pallasch            400/16   250/82  OOO    210
Ruin's Fate*               400/27   200/60  OOX   1500  5% Break,
Scarlet Forge              230/62   200/67  OOO   2000  Absorb Fire[3],
Schweizer Sword            620/40   220/70  OXO    210
Sinclair Saber             600/20   200/65  OXX     75
Slashing Sword "Farewell"  320/47   210/62  OOO  10000  damage
                                               increases with each hit
Sword of Silvans*          800/30   260/75  OOO   2550  10% chance to
                                              paralyze Undead, Holy+50%
Valkyrie-Favor*           1600/29   350/102 OOO  14000
Viking Sword                70/7     90/27  XXO     15
Walloon Sword              300/12   140/40  OXX     35
Wassail-Rapier*           1120/65   240/65  OXO     70  7% Break

[1] Against these enemies, your Attack is multiplied by x30, and you ignore 
the enemy's RDM.

[2] Against an enemy weak to this element, each hit will do damage equal to 
the enemy's maximum HP, with no damage reduction at all.

[3] Normal magic spells of this element (like Lightning Bolt) will heal the 
user. The absorption does not apply to Great Magic (like Gravity Blessing) or 
elemental physical attacks (like the Harpy's Thunder Strike).

[4] The formula seems to be (%DME lost + 1)* base damage. So if you are at 50% 
DME, the sword's strength will be 3300.


These weapons can be equipped by Arngrim, Kashell, and Grey.

Hack-Blade, Striking-Sword, Two-Handed-Sword, and Zweihander can be 
transmuted into Thunder Gems.  Brandish-Sword, Brutish-Edge, Claymore, 
and Flamberge can be transmuted into Thunder Crystals.

Name/Attack Power/Attack Trust/Hit/Hit Trust/Number of attacks/Converted 

Arectaris                 750/1   400/115  OXO  10000  Holy+50%
Bahamut Tear             1200/40  300/90   OOO   3500  PWS damage+30%,
Brandish-Sword            400/25  200/55   OOO    400
Brutish-Edge             1600/25  220/67   XXO    400
Claymore                  800/22  190/57   XXO    200
Demon Sword "Nefarious" 13000/25  300/90   XXO      0  Slay Ice [1]
Elemental Edge            80/32   100/40   OOO    500  PWS damage+30%,
Flamberge                200/22   170/52   OOO    200
Grand Sting              500/55   340/95   XXO   1500  Lightning+50%
Hack Blade               100/15    80/45   XXO     50
Ignite Sword             450/45   200/70   OXX   1000  PWS damage+30%,
Infernas                 285/45   220/70   OOO   1000  Slay Fire [1],
                                                       drains DME
Shadzard                 900/70   250/72   OOO  15000  Slay Lightning [1]
Striking-Sword           500/7    100/30   XXO    100
Two-Handed-Sword          80/15    80/45   XOX     50
Vainslayer               270/55   160/57   OOX    750  5% Break,
Violet Forge            1200/42   200/70   OXX   2000  PWS damage+30%,
Zweihander               150/22   100/45   OOX    100

[1] Against an enemy weak to this element, each hit will do damage equal to 
the enemy's maximum HP, with no damage reduction at all.

Yamato Swords

These weapons can be equipped by Jun and Suo.

No-Dachi, Seventh Sword, Tachi, and Wa-To can be transmuted into Ice 
Gems.  Kongou-To, Masamune, Muramasa, and Shisen-To can be transmuted 
into Ice Crystals.

Name/Attack Power/Attack Trust/Hit/Hit Trust/Number of attacks/Converted 

Ana-no-Murakumo Blade   500/43  300/92  OOO   4000  Reduces CT by 1,
Demon Blade             200/48  200/67  OOO   2500  Reduces CT by 1,
Go-Shorai Blade          50/40  100/40  OXO    750  Reduces CT by 1,
Kongou-To               600/5   220/70  XXO     80
Masamune                400/27  280/75  OOO    400
Muramasa               1000/27  230/77  OXX    400
No-Dachi                300/20  180/60  XOX     40
Scarlet Lotus Sword     140/10  100/50  OOX   1500  Fire+50%
Seventh Sword           150/20  165/46  OXO     40
Shisen-To               200/37  200/60  OOO     80
Soul Sword "Kusanagi"  2990/40  200/90  OOO  25000  Slay Holy [1]
Tachi                   100/30  110/37  XOX     20
Ten-Horin Blade         150/41  200/66  OOO   1500  Reduces CT by 1,
Wa-To                    70/20  120/45  OXX     20

[1] Against an enemy weak to this element, each hit will do damage equal to 
the enemy's maximum HP, with no damage reduction at all.


These weapons can be equipped by Lawfer and Aelia.

Awl-Pike, Boarding-Pike, Corsesca, and Winged-Spear can be transmuted 
into Poison Gems.  Ahlspiess, Halberd, Pole-Axe, and Saber-Halberd can 
be transmuted into Poison Crystals.

Name/Attack Power/Attack Trust/Hit/Hit Trust/Number of attacks/Converted 

Ahlspiess              1200/40  220/70  XOX    400
Arc Wind                600/52  300/92  OOO   4000  +20 CP/level,
Awl-Pike                100/24  95/30   OXX     50
Boarding-Pike           300/15  120/35  XOX    100
Corsesca                150/22  100/35  OXO    100
Crimson Edge           1200/24  240/70  OOO   6050  Fire+90%
Dragoon Tyrant          300/10  299/99  OOO   7500
Eternal Fault           900/82  300/92  OOO  10000  Poison+90%
Ethereal Divide        3300/50  350/112 OOO      0
Fine Halberd           1000/30  230/62  XOX    200  1% Break
Footman's Axe           500/29  180/50  OXX     35  2% Break
Glaive                   95/27   75/33  XOX      5  5% Break
Great Spear "Dinosaur" 3000/68  220/75  XXO   6000
Halberd                 200/25  160/45  OOO    200
Heart Piercer           150/37  200/62  OOO   2100  +20 CP/level,
Holy Halberd            200/45  200/65  OOO   3100  +20 CP/level,
Long Flail              250/27  130/37  XXO     15  5% Break
Lucerne Hammer         1100/30  240/77  XXO    100  2% Break
Pole-Axe                600/30  180/55  XOX    200
Ranseur                 600/29  200/65  XXO     40  5% Break
Saber-Halberd           400/32  240/65  OOO    400
Short Spear             100/27   80/35  OXX     10  5% Break
Spear "Basilisk"        200/21  150/52  OOX   2500  10% chance of
                                                    Stoning enemy
Spear "Dark Angel"       65/42  120/40  OXO   1250
Spinning Spear           50/35  100/35  OOO   1250  +20 CP/level,
Warhammer               300/27  140/50  OXX     20  5% Break
Winged-Spear             80/30   70/22  XXO     50


These weapons can be equipped by Valkyrie, Llewelyn, Janus, and Badrach.

Bolt-Crossbow, Crossbow, Rapid-Crossbow, and Windlass-Crossbow can be 
transmuted into Holy Gems.  Arbalest, Bolt-Aqqar, Fire-Crossbow, and Serstine-
lock-Gun can be transmuted into Holy Crystals.

Arbalest, Berserker Bow, Bolt-Aqqar, Crescent Arrow, Elven Bow, Fire-Crossbow, 
Foul Slayer, Last Avenger, Serstine-lock-Gun, Shiny Rupture, and Supreme 
Crossbow allow Valkyrie to perform her level 2 Nibelung Valesti.

Razor Shaft allows Valkyrie to perform her level 3 Nibelung Valesti.

Name/Attack Power/Attack Trust/Hit/Hit Trust/Number of attacks/Converted 

Arbalest            600/45   180/60   OXX    200
Berserker Bow      2400/1    350/112  XXO  10000  Poison+50%
Bolt-Aqqar         1200/52   230/62   OXX    400
Bolt-Crossbow        60/32    90/37   XOX     50
Composite Bow       300/50   120/40   OOX     80  5% Break
Cranequin-Crossbow  500/55   220/65   OOO    200  5% Break
Crescent Arrow      150/22   200/65   OOO   1500  Lightning+50%
Crossbow            100/22    70/22   XXO     50
Elven Bow           700/67   500/135  OOO   8500
Fire-Crossbow       200/1    140/40   OOO    200
Foul Slayer         600/1    400/100  OOO   3300  ???
Last Avenger        400/22   300/95   OOO   3500  Fire+50%
Long Bow            100/45    70/27   OOX     25  5% Break
Mage Slayer         200/100  500/175  OOO    800  5% Break, does extreme
                                                  damage to mages
                                                 (Necrophiliac, Drow
                                                  Shaman, etc.)[1]
Rapid Bow           150/45    90/32   OOX     40  5% Break
Rapid-Crossbow      150/22   120/40   OOX    100
Raven Slayer        200/100  500/175  OOO    800  5% Break, does extreme
                                                  damage to birds
                                                 (Vermin, Harpy, etc.)[1]
Razor Shaft        3000/30   300/105  OOO      0
Serstine-lock-Gun   400/12   200/65   OOO    400
Shiny Rupture       200/22   200/70   OOO   2500  Poison+50%
Short Bow           100/45    50/22   OOX     10  5% Break
Soul Slayer         200/100  500/175  OOO    800  5% Break, absorbs DME
Supreme Crossbow     50/22   100/35   OOO   1000  Holy+50%
Windlass-Crossbow   150/22   120/40   XOO    100

[1] Against these enemies, your Attack is multiplied by x30, and you ignore 
the enemy's RDM.

Magic Wands

These weapons can be equipped by Jelanda, Nanami, Yumei, Lorenta, 
Mystina, Shiho, Lyseria, Gandar, and Lezard Valeth.

Crystal Wand and Ruby Mace can be transmuted into Shadow Gems.  Alchemy Wand 
and Deluge Scepter can be transmuted into Shadow Crystals.  Element Scepter 
and Ether Scepter can be transmuted into Tomes of Alchemy.

Note that breakable wands only have a chance of breaking if you perform 
a PWS with them.

Name/Attack Power/Converted MP/Special

Absolute Force        600   3250
Accepter Rod          400   2250
Alchemy Wand          500    200
Crystal Wand          250    100
Deluge Scepter       1000    400
Dragonbane            600   2500
Element Scepter       300   1000  50% Break, can cast Great Magic [1]
Ether Scepter        1600   2000  30% Break, can cast Great Magic [1]
Holy Prayer           200   1250
Holy Wand "Adventia"  750   7500
Holy Wand of Telos   9920  20000
Infinity Rod          880      0  10% Break, can cast Great Magic [1]
Noble Desire         1200   4250
Ruby Mace             120     50
Unicorn's Horn       1300  19000  can cast Great Magic [1]
Wand of Apocalypse   1750  10000  can cast Great Magic [1]
Wand "Mystic Sage"   8500      0  can cast Great Magic [1]

[1] When performing a PWS, the normal triple-spellcast will be replaced by a 
full-motion video that does damage to all enemies.


These weapons can be equipped by Brahms.

Name/Attack Power/Attack Trust/Hit/Hit Trust/Number of attacks/Converted 

Bloody-Duster   8000/32  400/125  OOO  0
Bloody-Knuckle  1500/40  300/100  OXX  0

Ether Weapons

These weapons can be equipped by Freya.

Name/Attack Power/Attack Trust/Hit/Hit Trust/Number of attacks/Converted 

Ether Laser  7800/3   800/215  OOO  0  Slay Dark [1]
Ether Freeze  300/70  300/100  XOX  0

[1] Against an enemy weak to this element, each hit will do damage equal to 
the enemy's maximum HP, with no damage reduction at all.


Name/Equipped by/Reduce Damage/Defend Trust/Converted MP/Special

Aerial Garland             V     40/4     950  Poison-50%
Anointed Garland           S     16/1     180
Anointed Tiara             S      8/1      90
Crown of Felmar            All    2/1     300  Dark-50%
Dragoon Faith              W    200/20  14000  Lightning-50%
Duel Helm                  W     20/2     150
Empress Garland            R    100/10      0  +80 Avoid
Feathered Helm             V     10/1     250  Ice-50%
Feathered Tiara            V      5/1     125  Fire-50%
Handwoven Bandanna         MW     5/1      35  Holy-50%
Mask of the Dead King      All  100/10  15000  Weak against Holy
Rust-Red Circlet           MS    20/2    5000  Holy-50%
Sallet                     W      5/1      25
Seraphic Garland           V     80/8    1500  Holy-50%
Silver Sallet              W     10/1      75
Silver Tiara               S      4/1      20
Supreme Garland            S     24/2     460
Tiara                      S      2/1      10
Tiara of the Holy Empress  FS    15/1     400  Dark-50%
Valiant Helm               W     80/8     600
Valor Helm                 W     40/4     300
Winged Helm                V     20/2     350  Lightning-50%


The Mirage Robe can be transmuted into a Bracelet of Zoe

Name/Equipped by/Reduce Damage/Defend Trust/Defend/Converted MP/Special

Aegea Garb        V      55/1/5       90  Dark-50%
Anointed Cloak    S     250/1/0      125  Fire-50%
Anointed Garb     S     600/30/0     200
Armor of Aleph    W    2000/192/2  25000  Poison-90%
Breastplate       W     320/22/0     100
Chainmail         W     100/1/0       50
Cloak             S      30/1/0       20  Fire-50%
Cuirass           W      50/1/0       90
Divinity Garb     V    1000/90/10    740  Lightning-50%
Duel Armor        W     300/22/2     250
Eternal Garb      All  3000/280/0      0  Lightning-90%, +20 Avoid
Eternal Shine     R      10/101/100    0
Full Plate        W     820/72/0     200
Heraldic Garb     V     120/1/10     190  Poison-50%
Lamellar          W     320/2/0      100
Leather Armor     W     100/1/0       50
Mirage Robe       S     400/10/0    2250  Poison-90%, +100 Avoid
Mithril Plate     W    1600/150/0    900  Holy-90%
Radiant Garb      V     350/23/10    340  Holy-50%
Reflect Armor     W    1500/150/0   3100  Holy-90%
Robe of Bryttain  FS   1400/140/0   2000  Holy-90%
Seraphic Garb     V    1700/160/10  1900  Ice-50%
Silver Cloak      S      70/1/0       60  Fire-50%
Silver Mail       W     820/52/0     200
Silver Cuirass    W     100/6/1       60
Supreme Garb      S    1200/90/0     400
Sylphan Robe      S    1800/180/0   3050  Dark-90%
Valiant Armor     W    1500/144/4   1000
Valor Armor       W     800/73/3     500


Name/Equipped by/Reduce Damage/Defend Trust/Defend/Converted MP/Special

Blaze Guard      All  0/15/15   900  Fire-50%, counterattacks
Duel Guarder     W   20/17/15    30
Extreme Guard    All  0/20/20  2500  Fire-50%, counterattacks
Gauntlet         W    5/10/10     5
Glare Guard      All  0/15/15   900  Dark-50%, counterattacks, petrifies
Icicle Guard     All  0/15/15   900  Ice-50%, counterattacks, freezes
Silver Gauntlet  W   10/11/10    15
Star Guard       W    0/20/20 15000  Holy-50%, counterattacks
Valor Gauntlet   W   40/24/20    60
Valiant Guarder  W   80/30/22   170

Leg Protection

Name/Equipped by/Reduce Damage/Defend Trust/Avoid/Converted MP/Special

Duel Greaves     W    8/1/100   60
Elven Boots      S   20/2/60    25  Ice-50%
Greaves          All  2/1/25    10
Leather Boots    S    1/1/10     2
Orihalcon Boots  R   10/1/0      0
Silver Greaves   W    4/1/50    30
Suede Boots      S    5/1/30     5  Ice-50%
Valiant Greaves  W   32/3/250  300
Valor Greaves    W   16/1/150  150


Name/Equipped by/Converted MP/Special

Angel Curio  All  1200  30% Break, Revives upon death
Bracelet of Zoe  All 2100  Adds 300 DME at level up
Brisingal  R  0  Adds 100 Defend
Combo Jewel  All  1500  Adds two energy with each hit
Crack Ring  W  750  Makes Guard Crush easier
Curse Check  All  400  Prevents Curse, Holy-50%
Earring of Healing  F  40  Restores 10% DME per round
Emerald Necklace  All  5000  Adds 100 CP at level up
Energy Ring  W  750 Adds two energy with each hit
Fairy Earring  FS  900  Reduces CT by 1
Fairy Ring  All  1700  Reduce CT by 2
Fragment of Lapis Gem  S  800  Ice-50%, RDM+10
Freeze Check  All  600  Prevents Freeze, Ice-50%
Gem of Activity  All  1500  Increases CT gems that appear
Gem of Creation  All  1500  Increases experience crystals that appear
Goddess Pendant  M  12  Dark-50%
Haste Ring  W  750  Reduces CT by 1
Magic Bangle  S  110  Magic attack up 30%
Magic Charm  All  650  25% Break, immune to magic damage
Material Earring  FS  750  Max DME up 15%
Material Gem  All  2000  Max DME up 30%
Mighty Check  All  7500  Holy-90%, immune to abnormal status
Nibelungen Ring  V  0  Dark-50%, affects Seal Rating
Paralyze Check  All  100  Prevents Paralyze, Lightning-50%
Poison Check  All  50  Prevents Poison, Poison-50%
Power Bangle  W  110  Attack up 30%
Pressed Flower  W  50  Poison-90%
Protect Charm  All  650  30% Break, immune to physical damage and
                         abnormal status
Protect Jewel  All  175  Reduce damage up 30%
Resist Charm  All  650  25% Break, immune to abnormal status
Resist Jewel  All  175  Resist up 30%
Ring of Healing  W  Restores 5% DME per round
Ring of Learning  All  75  Gained experience up 30%
Scout Orb  All  100  Increases chance of attacking first
Stone Check  All  200  Prevents Stone, Dark-50%
Stun Check  All  600  Prevents Faint, Fire-50%


The Mirror of Pleiades transmutes into the Incense Burner of Darlis

Name/Equipped by/Converted MP/Special

Amber of Happiness  All  5  ???
Angel Lips  All  15  Increases Negotiator
Coin of Fortune  All  150  Gained experience up 60%
Creation Gem  V  0  Allows Special transmute
Creation Jewel  V  0  Allows High-level transmute
Demonic Tome  All  15  Increases Demon Int
Dimension Slip  V  0  Can walk through all non-boss enemies
Enemy Search  V  0  Red Orb appears when enemies in room
Flame Bandanna  All  25  Increases Brave
Malice Search  V  0  Hostile enemies flash red
Mirror of Pleiades  All  2650  50% chance of reflecting enemy spell
Monster Tome  All  25  Increases Monster Int
Pearl of Karula  All  20  Increases Swimming
Phoenix Feather  All  750  10% Break, Revives upon death
Rabbit's Foot  All  5  ???
Shell of Laliu  All  40  ???
Skull of Devone  All  30  Increases Undead Int
Sleipnir's Mane  All  15  Increases Valkyrie's running speed, Nimble???
Teachings of Bethanus  All  5  ???
Timer Ring  V  0  Slows speed of moving enemies
Treasure Search  V  0  Blue Orb appears when treasure in room

Other Items and Artifacts

Name/Converted MP/Normal Transmute/Creation Gem Transmute/Creation Jewel 

Aconite  5  Flare Crystal/Flare Crystal/--
Accursed Flame Gem  0  --/--/--
Adept Illusion  0  Dancing Sword/--/--  skill
Ambrosia  2500  --/--/--  increases DME by 6000
Aqua Vitae  25  Quartz Gem/Icicle Guard/--
Attack Pow  0  Defend/--/--  skill
Auto Item  0  Cure Condition/--/--  skill
Avoid  0  Guts/--/--  skill
Banish  5  --/--/--  cures abnormal status
Bark of the Dryad  400  --/Dimension Slip/--
Base Metal  0  Ebony Powder/Crack Ring/Gem of Illusion
Basilisk Scale  0  Union Plume/Union Plume/Union Plume
Beast's Fangs  0  Holy Crystal/Holy Crystal/--
Bewitching Statue  400  Gem of Activity/False Arrow/Unicorn Horn
Book of Riddles 1  0  --/--/--  Message from programmers
Book of Riddles 2  0  --/--/--  Message from programmers
Book of Riddles 3  0  --/--/--  Message from programmers
Book of Riddles 4  0  --/--/--  Message from programmers
Book of Riddles 5  0  --/--/--  Message from programmers
Book of Riddles 6  0  --/--/--  Message from programmers
Book of Riddles 7  0  --/--/--  Message from programmers
Book of Riddles 8  0  --/--/--  Message from programmers
Book of Everlasting Life  5  --/Lapis Lazuli/Icicle Sword
Broken Armor  0  Chainmail/Breastplate/Glare Sword
Broken Blade  0  Broad Sword/Bastard Sword/Glare Guard
Broken Bow  0  Long Bow/Rapid Bow/Cranequin-Crossbow
Broken Spear  0  Glaive/Warhammer/Crimson Edge
Burgundy Flask  0  Shadow Crystal/Shadow Crystal/--
Charge  0  Strike Edge/--/--  skill
Charge Break  180  --/--/--  reduces CT at cost of DME
Citrine  0  Lapis Lazuli/Quartz Gem/Quartz Gem
Combo Counter  0  Slanting Rain/--/--  skill
Combo Potion  75  --/--/--  increases special attack gauge
Concentration  0  --/--/Mental Reaction  skill
Cure Condition 0  Auto Item/--/-- skill
Dampen Magic  200  Sap Power/--/--  spell
Dancing Sword  0  Adept Illusion/--/--  skill
Dark  0  --/--/Reverie  skill
Dark Savior  200  Shadow Servant/Sacred Javelin/--  spell
Darkness Arrow  0  --/--/False Arrow  skill
Defend  0  Attack Pow/--/--  skill
Ebony Powder  0  Skill Potion/Skill Potion/Material Potion
Elixir  7  --/--/--  restores DME
Eternal Lamp  4100  --/--/--  party cannot be frozen
Eye of Heaven  1000  --/--/--  allows you to see unvisited areas of
                               dungeon on map
Fairy Bottle  550  Gem of Creation/Orihalcon/Gem of Illusion
False Arrow  0  --/--/Darkness Arrow  skill
Feather  0  Elxir/Prime Banish/Noble Elixir
Fire Lance  200  Fire Storm/Icicle Edge/--  spell
Fire Storm  200  Fire Lance/Frigid Damsel/--  spell
Flame Jewel  0  --/--/--  opens locked doors in Seraphic Gate
Flare Crystal  20  Ice Crystal/Ice Crystal/Ice Crystal  Casts Fire
Flare Gem  5  Ice Gem/Ice Gem/Flare Crystal  Casts Fire Lance
Foxglove  3  Union Plume/Union Plume/Union Plume
Fresh Meat  0  Banish/Prime Elixir/Noble Banish
Frigid Damsel  200  Icicle Edge/Fire Storm/--  spell
Gargoyle Statue  500  Angel Curio/Angel Curio/Angel Curio
Gem of Illusion  1500 --/--/--  acts as Spectacles
Ghoul Powder  2  Ice Crystal/Ice Crystal/--
Golden Egg  4000  Bracelet of Zoe/--/--  increases STR, INT, AGL, DEX
Golden Fowl  2300  --/--/--  lays Golden Eggs
Guard Reinforce  200  Spell Reinforce/--/--  spell
Guts  0  Avoid/--/--  skill
Harp of Atrasia  7500  --/--/--
Heal  200  Normalize/--/--  spell
Holy Crystal  20  Shadow Crystal/Shadow Crystal/Shadow Crystal  Casts
                                                      Mystic Cross
Holy Gem  5  Shadow Gem/Shadow Gem/Holy Crystal  Casts Sacred Javelin
Holy Drop  150  --/--/--  increases  STR, INT, AGL, DEX
Holy Grail  10000  Bracelet of Zoe/--/--  makes Holy Drops
Holy Relic  10  --/Quartz Gem/Icicle Sword
Holy Water  25  Lapis Lazuli/Blaze Guard/--
Holy Water of Mithra  5000  --/--/--  damages Undead creature
Hourglass of the Gods  12500  --/--/--  restores five periods of time
Ice Crystal  20  Thunder Crystal/Thunder Crystal/Thunder Crystal  Casts
                                                        Icicle Edge
Ice Gem  5  Thunder Gem/Thunder Gem/Ice Crystal  Casts Frigid Damsel
Icicle Edge  200  Frigid Damsel/Fire Lance/--  spell
Incense Burner of Darlis  3000  Mirror of Pleiades/--/--  increases
                                                        party's DME
Inscribed Fragment  600  Trap Search/Trap Search/Trap Search
Invisibility Potion  2  Lucid Potion/Lucid Potion/Lucid Potion
Invoke Feather  200  Shield Critical/--/--  spell
Iron-Barred Key  0  --/--/--
Iron Ore  0  Ebony Powder/Energy Ring/Ring of Activity
Lapis Lazuli  0  Enemy Search/--/Last Trial
Last Trial  0  --/--/Resist Damage  skill
Lightning Bolt  200  Prismatic Missle/Poison Blow/--  spell
Lucid Potion  300  --/--/--  makes character invisible
Magic Pow  0  Hit/--/--  skill
Mandrake  1  Thunder Crystal/Thunder Crystal/--
Manual of Resurrection  2000  --/Orihalcon/---
Material Potion 0  --/--/--  increases DME
Mental Reaction  0  --/--/Magic Pow
Might Potion  9  --/--/--  increases attack power
Might Reinforce  200  --/--/--  spell
Mithril Ore  0  Earring of Healing/Ring of Healing/Ring of Learning
Mystic Cross  200  Sacred Javelin/Shadow Servant /--  spell
Neckless Doll  5  Scout Orb/Haste Ring/Gem of Creation
Nectar Potion  13  --/--/--  prevents abnormal status
Nightshade  1  Combo Potion/Combo Potion/Combo Potion
Noble Banish  150  --/--/--  cures abnormal status
Noble Elixir  600  --/--/--  restores DME
Noise Arrow  0  Wait Reaction/--/--  skill
Normalize  200  Heal/--/--  spell
Orihalcon  50000  --/Creation Jewel/Gram
Poison Blow  200  Stone Torch/Lightning Bolt/--  spell
Poison Crystal  20  Holy Crystal/Holy Crystal/Holy Crystal  Casts
                                                     Poison Blow
Poison Gem  5  Holy Gem/Holy Gem/Poison Crystal  Casts Stone Torch
Prime Banish  60  --/--/--  cures abnormal status
Prime Elixir  150  --/--/--  restores DME
Prismatic Missile  200  Lightning Bolt/Stone Torch/--  spell
Quartz Gem  0  Malice Search/--/Scarlet Edge
Raptor's Claw  0  Poison Crystal/Poison Crystal/--
Raw Meat  0  Elixir/Prime Banish/Noble Elixir
Reflect Sorcery  200  Dampen Magic/--/--  spell
Resist Damage  0  --/--/Triple Distress  skill
Resist Magic  0  --/--/Noise Arrow  skill
Reverie  0  --/--/Dark  skill
Richebourg  17250  --/--/--
Ruby Music Box  10000  --/--/--
Sacred Javelin  200  Mystic Cross/Dark Savior/--  spell
Sage  0  Banish/Prime Elixir/Noble Banish
Sap Guard  200  Dampen Magic/--/--  spell
Sap Power  200  Sap Guard/--/--  spell
Savory  4  Banish/Prime Elixir/Noble Banish
Scarlet Edge  0  --/--/Charge  skill
Scroll of Golem  10000  --/--/--
Sealed Box  2500  Noble Elixir/Noble Elixir/Noble Elixir
Secret of Damascus  1000  Fairy Earring/Fairy Earring/Fairy Earring
Secrets of Zolon  15000  --/--/--
Secure Potion  10  --/--/--  prevents fainting
Shadow Crystal  20  Flare Crystal/Flare Crystal/Flare Crystal  Casts
                                                         Shadow Servant
Shadow Gem  5  Flare Gem/Flare Gem/Shadow Crystal  Casts Dark Savior
Shadow Servant  200  Dark Savior/Mystic Cross/--  spell
Shield Critical  200  Invoke Feather/--/--  spell
Skill Potion  0  --/--/--  increases CP
Slanting Rain  0  Combo Counter/--/--  skill
Spectacles  1  --/--/--  show enemy's hit points, weaknesses, and
Spell Reinforce  200  Reflect Sorcery/--/--  spell
Splash  0  Throw/--/--  skill
Steal Magic  0  --/--/Stun Magic
Stone Torch  200  Poison Blow/Prismatic Missile/--  spell
Strike Edge  0  Scarlet Edge/--/--  skill
Stun Magic  0  --/--/Steal magic  skill
Teachings of Asa  5  Lapis Lazuli/--/--
Tear of the Cosmos  2500  --/--/Holy Water of Mithra
Throw  0  Splash/--/--  skill
Thunder Crystal  20  Poison Crystal/Poison Crystal/Poison Crystal Casts
                                                         Lightning Bolt
Thunder Gem  5  Poison Gem/Poison Gem/Thunder Crystal  Casts Prismatic
Tome of Alchemy  300  --/--/--  turns non-boss enemies into crystals
Trick Step  0  Noise Arrow/--/--  skill
Triple Distress  0  --/--/Last Trial  skill
Unicorn Horn  0  --/--/Unicorn's Horn
Union Plume  50  --/--/--
Vegetable Seed  2  Elxir/Prime Banish/Noble Elixir
Wait Reaction  0  Trick Step/--/--  skill
Wand of Exchange  3100  --/--/--  switches back-row enemies with front-
                                  row ones

This is a list of which items are available from Divine Items in each Chapter.

Chapter 0
Spectacles, Elixir, Union Plume, Might Potion, Nectar Potion, Lucid Potion, 
Antler Sword, Viking Sword, Two-Handed-Sword, Hack-Blade, Ruby Mace, Sallet, 
Cuirass, Aegea Garb, Tiara, Feathered Tiara, Cloak, Gauntlet, Greaves

Chapter 1
Banish, Secure Potion, Awl-Pike, Winged-Spear, Wa-to, Tachi, Crossbow,
Bolt-Crossbow, Fairy Earring, Poison Check, Rabbit's Foot, Amber of Happiness, 
Teachings of Bethanus

Chapter 2
Prime Elixir, Prime Banish, Combo Potion, Lightning Edge, Spinning Spear, 
Elemental Edge, Holy Prayer, Go-Shorai Blade, Supreme Crossbow, Silver Sallet, 
Feathered Helm, Silver Cuirass, Heraldic Garb, Silver Tiara, Silver Cloak, 
Silver Gauntlet, Silver Greaves, Paralyze Check, Freeze Check, Stun Check

Chapter 3
Walloon Sword, Colichemarde, Boarding-Pike, Corsesca, Zweihander, Striking-
Sword, Crystal Wand, Seventh Sword, No-Dachi, Rapid-Crossbow, Windlass-
Crossbow, Power Bangle, Magic Bangle, Protect Jewel, Resist Jewel, Combo 
Jewel, Material Earring, Stone Check, Angel Curio, Protect Charm, Magic Charm, 
Resist Charm, Angel Lips, Shell of Laliu, Sleipnir's Mane, Demonic Tome

Chapter 4
Noble Elixir, Noble Banish, Charge Break, Radiance Sword, Heart Piercer, 
Ignite Sword, Accepter Rod, Ten-Horin Blade, Crescent Arrow, Duel Helm, Winged 
Helm, Duel Armor, Radiant Garb, Annointed Tiara, Annointed Cloak, Duel 
Guarder, Duel Greaves, Suede Boots, Material Gem, Curse Check, Pearl of 
Karula, Flame Bandanna

Chapter 5
Sinclair Saber, Pallasch, Halberd, Pole-Axe, Claymore, Flamberge, Alchemy 
Wand, Shisen-To, Kongou-To, Fire-Crossbow, Arbalest, Fairy Ring, Monster Tome

Chapter 6
Orihalcon, Scarlet Forge, Holy Halberd, Violet Forge, Absolute Force,
Demon Blade, Shiny Rupture, Valor Helm, Aerial Garland, Valor Armor,
Divinity Garb, Anointed Garland, Anointed Garb, Valor Gauntlet, Valor Greaves, 
Elven Boots, Skull of Devone

Chapter 7
Reiter Pallasch, Scweizer-Sword, Ahlspiess, Saber-Halberd, Brandish-Sword, 
Brutish-Edge, Deluge Scepter, Masamune, Muramasa, Serstine-Lock-Gun, Bolt-

Chapter 8
Ice Coffin, Valkyrie-Favor, Arc Wind, Bahamut Tear, Noble Desire, Ama-no-
Murakumo Blade, Last Avenger, Valiant Helm, Seraphic Garland, Valiant Armor, 
Seraphic Garb, Supreme Garland, Supreme Guard, Valiant Guarder, Valiant 

21) Skills

"Warrior" here refers to a swordsman, spearman, heavy knight, samurai, 
Freya, or Brahms. It does not include archers.  The numbers afterward 
indicate how many CP it takes to raise its level.

A) Reaction skills.

Unless otherwise specified, these skills activate automatically in 
combat when conditions are right.  You can set up two of these skills at once.  
They will have no effect if not set up!

First Aid  All  Randomly heals a party member other than yourself.
             Amount healed depends on skill level and person's max DME.

Auto-Item  All  Will use an item when needed.  Extremely useful at the
               end of the game.  On the set up screen, press the square
                button and move the directional pad to choose the
               percentage chance that each item will be used. Don't put
                every item at 100% or they won't be used at the right
                time. For example, set Union Plume to 100%, Elixir to
                99%, Banish to 98%. That way the most important item
                will be used first.

Throw  Warriors  Shoots up to two small projectiles before an attack.
                 These do light damage and add 1 to the energy gauge.

Cure Condition  All  Randomly cures abnormal status of party member
                     other than yourself.

Guts  All  The most useful skill in the game.  When killed, you may
           revive with single-digit DME.  Works about 60% of the time
           at level 8.

Adept Illusion  Sorcerers  Increases a sorcerer's chance of dodging

Dancing Sword  Sorcerers  A horrible skill.  Whenever you dodge an
                          attack, press the character's button to
                          counterattack.  Doesn't work all the time,
                          rarely connects, does lousy damage, and worst
                          of all, your character can't attack the
                          following turn!

Last Trial  Sorcerers  When killed, the enemy who killed you suffers
                       damage and sometimes a status ailment.  Not bad,
                       except for the fact that you have to die to make
                       it work!

B) Support skills

All of these skills activate automatically when conditions are right.

Splash  Warriors  Each hit on enemy inflicts additional damage (20%?)
                  and adds 1 more to energy meter.

Reverie  Warriors  Shadows follow warrior and inflict additional
                   attacks that cause 30% of regular attack damage.
                   These do add to the hit meter, but not the energy
                   meter.  Also works on counterattacks.  The shadow
                   can be "killed", but this is only likely in long

Combo Counter  Warriors, Archers  Can use all your attacks on a counter.

Noise Arrow  Archers  Inflicts Silence on enemy.  Rather effective, but
                      do not use it on Wise Sorcerers!  They will start
                      using their Fiendish Shape move every round when

Triple Distress  Archers  Decreases enemy's chance of avoiding,
                          guarding, and counterattacking.

Steal Magic  Sorcerers  When an enemy is killed, absorb a portion of
                        its max hitpoints as DME.

Stun Magic  Sorcerers  All magic attacks (including Wait Reaction!)
                       have a chance to inflict Faint on enemies.

Concentration  Sorcerers  When a PWS is performed, your DME is reduced
                          and your CT may go down.  Yes, "may". See the
                          glitches section for more details. Don't use
                          this skill.

C) Attack skills

All of these skills require a button input of some kind to activate.

Scarlet Edge  Warriors  Tap the attack button quickly to knock an enemy
                        to the ground.  Uses DME.

Charge  Warriors        Tap the attack button quickly to inflict extra
                        damage.  Uses DME.

Strike Edge  Warriors  Tap the attack button quickly to inflict Faint
                       on enemy.  Uses DME.

Dark  Warriors         Hold the directional button left before pressing
                       the button to attack the enemy from behind.
                       Useful for juggling combos.  If Valkyrie is the
                       only person in the party, she can attack from
                       the back row with this skill.

Trick Step  Warriors   You have to hold the directional button right,
                       not left, before attacking to make this work.
                       May cause the enemy to whiff a counterattack,
                       giving you a free shot.  Doesn't work often
                       enough to be useful.  If Valkyrie is the only
                       person in the party, she can attack from the
                       back row with this skill.

Slanting Rain  Archers  Press the directional button left immediately
                        after pressing attack to launch a single strong
                        hit at all enemies.

Darkness Arrow  Archers  Press the directional button left immediately
                         after pressing attack to launch a weak attack
                         at all enemeies that supposedly reduces their
                         avoid rate. Doesn't seem to work.

False Arrow  Archers  Press the directional button left immediately
                         After pressing attack to shoot three arrows
                         that force an enemy to block. I guess this
                         is supposed to set up guard crush combos.

Mental Reaction  Sorcerers  Press the sorcerer's button when they have
                         Charge time, and their CT will drop to zero.
                         Consumes a huge amount of DME.

Wait Reaction  Sorcerers  Awesome skill!  Press the sorcerer's button
                         when they have CT, and a familiar will fly out
                         and damage enemy.  The familiar is considered
                         a magic attack for most purposes, so it is
                         unblockable!  Great for starting combos.  It
                         won't hit very short enemies, though.

D) Status skills

These skills satisfy the requirements for transferring characters to 
Asgard.  Some also increase stats (they'll say if they do).  Note that 
there is no reason to increase the non-stat-raising skills for characters that 
can't be transferred (like Valkyrie and Arngrim).  They don't do anything 

The one oddball skill in this section is Counter, available to Warriors 
and Archers.  This is actually a combat skill.  When a character dodges 
an attack, press their button to perform a counterattack on the enemy.

Tactics  All  5/5/10/10/20/20/30/30

Hear Noise  All  5/5/10/10/20/20/30/30

Find Trap  All  5/5/10/10/20/20/30/30

Survival  All  15/25/35/45/55/65/75/85

Identify  All  5/5/10/10/20/20/30/30

Leadership  All  5/5/10/10/20/20/30/30

Fight  All  10/10/20/20/30/40/50/60

Trick  All  5/5/10/10/20/20/30/30

March  All  5/5/10/10/20/20/30/30

Formation  All  5/5/10/10/20/20/30/30

Attack Pow  Warriors, Archers  5/10/20/30/40/50/60/70

Defend  All  10/20/20/25/25/30/30/40

Avoid  All  5/15/15/25/25/35/45/55

Hit  Warriors, Archers  5/10/15/20/25/30/40/50

Resist Damage  All  5/5/10/20/30/40/50/60

Magic Pow Sorcerers  20/20/30/30/40/40/50/60

Resist Magic  All  5/5/10/10/20/20/30/30

Monster Int  All  5/5/10/10/20/20/30/30

Undead Int  All  5/5/10/10/20/20/30/30

Demon Int  All  5/5/10/10/20/20/30/30

Counter  Warriors, Archers  20

22) Hints and Tips

Remove Freya's weapon in the Artolian Ruins and she'll have a much more 
useful attack!

Run away!  Fleeing works 70% of the time, and not only will you escape 
the battle, but the monster will be gone from the screen for good!  
Also, it only takes one person to flee, so you can have your mage Heal 
the party or cast Invoke Feather or Normalize on someone before you 

Sap Guard and Might Reinforce are very useful spells for bosses.  Unlike most 
games, stat-reducing spells actually work on bosses in Valkyrie Profile!

Might Reinforce and Spell Reinforce say they can be used only once per 
battle but can actually be used as much as you want!  (They only have an 
effect every ten turns though).  Guard Reinforce really is once per 

Invincibility:  Guts level 8, Auto-Item (set Union Plume to 100%), Angel 
Curio. Even the Hamsters can't beat all of that.

Invincibility part 2: Sap Power, Guard Reinforce, Tri-Emblem, and 
Protect Jewel. Iseria Queen's Empress Massacre only does about 30 damage to 

Invincibility part 3: Using a Lucid Potion prevents an enemy from targeting
you.  But attacking by pressing your character's button causes the potion to 
wear off.  However, you can still use commands from the menu (press Select)!
You can even cast magic from the menu and you'll still be protected by the
Lucid Potion!

Weapons that can kill certain elemental weaknesses instantly are very useful.  
Especially Grimrist, because you find it so early in the game.  The weapons 
that can score instant kills are Grimrist (Lightning), Infernas (Fire), 
Shadzard (Lightning), Glare Sword (Poison), Icicle Sword (Ice), Gram (Dark), 
Demon Sword "Nefarious" (Ice), Soul Sword "Kusanagi" (Holy), Dainslef (Holy), 
Glance Reviver (Dark).  The last four are of dubious value, since there's so 
few enemies that are weak to them that late in the game.

Enemy protected by Reflect Sorcery?  Start a combo with a weapon attack, then 
use a spell.  Reflect Sorcery won't stop spells used in combos!


If you transfer Lyseria, she's gone for good. You will not get her back 
in Jotunheim Palace or the Seraphic Gate.

If Valkyrie is the only character in the party, the game will lock up 
when an enemy performs Great Magic or when Valkyrie performs her PWS 
with a bow equipped. Both of these can be prevented by having a second 
character in the party, even if that character dies during the fight.

During the fight against Hrist with Brahms, Arngrim, Mystina, and 
Lezard, the game will lock up if Mystina attempts to cast Great Magic.

If you attempt to rewind the text during Gandar's recruitment scene by 
pressing the L buttons, the game will lock up.

The game will sometimes freeze after a battle is over. This is pretty 
rare, but seems to happen most often in Brahms Castle and the first 
section of the Seraphic Gate.

Sometimes a loud buzzing will be heard over the regular sounds. The only way 
to get rid of it is to save your game and then reset your 

Characters will sometimes have delayed PWS voice samples or sometimes 
start saying all of their voice samples one after the other. This 
happens most often with Grey and Janus.

In the Citadel of Flame, you can get stuck in the ceiling if you're hit 
by the fireballs while opening the chest in the first room.

Also in the Citadel of Flame, attacks (by characters other than Janus) 
will sometimes poison the enemies.

If Valkyrie does her bow attacks when the enemy is very close, a strange 
pillar of fire animation appears instead of the normal animation.

The Concentration skill does not work properly. It's supposed to drop your CT
to 2 after using a PWS. Instead, the results vary by spell:

fire storm: 5 to 2
fire lance: 5 to 3

stone torch:5 to 3
poison blow:5 to 3

prismatic missle: 10 to 10
lighting bolt: 9 to 9

dark savior: 5 to 3
shadow servent: 5 to 5

fridgid damsel: 5 to 5
icicle edge: 5 to 5

sacred javelin: 5 to 3
mystic cross: 6 to 6

Technical Info

Thanks to the great work of some people on the and 
message boards, we now have some hard data on the nuts and bolts of the game.

These are the stat gains per level. The formula for DME gains is currently 
unknown. You get an extra-large boost to DME at levels 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25,
29, 33, 39, 49, 79, and 89.

Swordsmen(this includes Grey even though he's listed as a heavy knight, 
all Samurai, Valkyrie (regardless of weapon equipped), Freya, and Brahms in 
addition to the standard swordsmen)

Str: 6-10
Int: 10-14
Agl: 2-6
Dex: 1-5


Str: 1-5
Int: 15-19
Agl: 1-5
Dex: 1-5

Heavy Knights(Kashell and Arngrim)

Str: 10-14
Int: 3-7
Agl: 1-5
Dex: 1-5


Str: 2-6
Int: 10-14
Agl: 3-7
Dex: 3-7


Str: 4-8
Int: 8-12
Agl: 2-6
Dex: 1-5

Next we have the order of power for each character's PWS, also by SSJVegeta69. 
Note that this does not include Valkyrie's bow PWS (which should be comparable 
to the sword ones). Also note that your mileage will vary in an actual game 
when characters have different strengths and weapons with different attack 

"All tests were done with everyone at equal attack power(11,700). And they did 
not have weapons equipped, because being unequipped results in the highest 
possible attack thrust, so each hit will do maximum damage possible. Yes, I 
used a gameshark for this to ensure that high of a base strength. Here are the 
following damage totals in order. Keep in mind that characters with higher 
strengths mean nothing in this list, as my attack power was exactly the same 
for everyone. My first test resulted in a three-way tie between Brahms, Aelia, 
and Belenus for damage. After that I increased my attack power even further 
for a bigger difference. The difference between Aelia and Belenus is still 
quite moot. In a normal game, his higher strength would give him more damage 

2.Valkyrie 3:153,000
8.Valkyrie 2:83,000
12.Lleweln:62,500(since his does a random number of hits, I took the 
damage from 7 hits, since the menu description says "about 7 hits". If 
you're fighting a big enemy and it can get in 17 or so hits, it'll 
actually be the third strongest PWS in the game!)
18.Grey:31,500(Hah, pathetic....)

Another version of the PWS power rankings comes from metroid composite, who 
ranks them in order of the damage multipliers each PWS receives. Note that 
these numbers are relative to one normal attack (like Valkyrie swinging her 

1.  Freya: x15
2.  Valkyrie(bow, level 3): x13
3.  Valkyrie(sword, level 3): x11
4.  Meteor Swarm or Celestial Star GM: x10.5
5.  Lawfer: x8.6
6.  Valkyrie (bow, level 2): x8
7.  Belenus, Aelia, Brahms, Calamity Blast GM: x7.5
8.  Janus: x6.5
9.  Valkyrie(sword level 2 or bow level 1), Arngrim, Dragon Bolt or
    Absolute Zero GM: x6
10. Jun: x5.625
11. Jayle: x5.25
12. Llewelyn (7 hits): x4.62
13. Suo, Carnage Anthem or Petro Disruption or Dragon Orb or Gravity
    Blessing or Seraphic Law GMs: x4.5
14. Lucian, Badrach: x3.75
15. Kashell: x3.51
16. Crystal Strike or Cosmic Spear or Ifreet Caress GM: x3
17. Grey: x2.4

This table lists the damage multipliers for all spells.

Fire Storm: 1 hit at 1.5x, Fire
Fire Lance: 2 hits at 1x, Fire
Icicle Edge: 3 hits at 1x, Ice, adds Freeze
Frigid Damsel: 3 hits at 1x, Ice, adds Freeze
Dark Savior: 3 hits at 1x, Dark
Shadow Servant: 3 hits at 1x, Dark
Mystic Cross: 4 hits at 1x, Holy
Sacred Javelin: 5 hits at 1x, Holy
Lightning Bolt: 3 hits at 1x, Lightning
Prismatic Missile: 5 hits at .75x, Lightning
Stone Torch: 1 hit at 1x, Poison, adds Petrify
Poison Blow: 1 hit at 4x, Poison, adds Poison

Ifrit Caress: 1 hit at 3x to all, Fire
Calamity Blast: 5 hits at 1.5x to all, Fire
Crystal Strike: 2 hits at 1.5x to all, Ice
Absolute Zero: 4 hits at 1.5x to all, Ice
Cosmic Spear: 1 hit at 3x to all, Dark
Meteor Swarm: 7 hits at 1.5x to all, Dark
Celestial Star: 7 hits at 1.5x to all, Holy
Seraphic Law: 3 hits at 1.5x to all, Holy
Dragon Bolt: 4 hits at 1.5x to all, Lightning
Gravity Blessing: 3 hits at 1.5x to all, Lightning
Carnage Anthem: 3 hits at 1.5x to all, Poison
Petro Disruption: 3 hits at 1.5x to all, Poison
Dragon Orb: 3 hits at 1.5x to all, Ice

Here's the experience tables for all characters, from Orlandu17.

Level Exp After 
1 0 2000 
2 2000 5000 
3 7000 5000 
4 12000 5000 
5 17000 10000 
6 27000 10000 
7 37000 10000 
8 47000 10000 
9 57000 22500 
10 79500 22500 
11 102000 22500 
12 124500 22500 
13 147000 30000 
14 177000 30000 
15 207000 30000 
16 237000 30000 
17 267000 60000 
18 327000 60000 
19 387000 60000 
20 447000 60000 
21 507000 80000 
22 587000 80000 
23 667000 80000 
24 747000 80000 
25 827000 180000 
26 1007000 180000 
27 1187000 180000 
28 1367000 180000 
29 1547000 240000 
30 1787000 240000 
31 2027000 240000 
32 2267000 240000 
33 2507000 300000 
34 2807000 300000 
35 3107000 300000 
36 3407000 300000 
37 3707000 300000 
38 4007000 300000 
39 4307000 400000 
40 4707000 400000 
41 5107000 400000 
42 5507000 400000 
43 5907000 400000 
44 6307000 400000 
45 6707000 400000 
46 7107000 400000 
47 7507000 400000 
48 7907000 400000 
49 8307000 500000 
50 8807000 500000 
51 9307000 500000 
52 9807000 500000 
53 10307000 500000 
54 10807000 500000 
55 11307000 500000 
56 11807000 500000 
57 12307000 500000 
58 12807000 500000 
59 13307000 500000 
60 13807000 500000 
61 14307000 500000 
62 14807000 500000 
63 15307000 500000 
64 15807000 500000 
65 16307000 500000 
66 16807000 500000 
67 17307000 500000 
68 17807000 500000 
69 18307000 500000 
70 18807000 500000 
71 19307000 500000 
72 19807000 500000 
73 20307000 500000 
74 20807000 500000 
75 21307000 500000 
76 21807000 500000 
77 22307000 500000 
78 22807000 500000 
79 23307000 600000 
80 23907000 600000 
81 24507000 600000 
82 25107000 600000 
83 25707000 600000 
84 26307000 600000 
85 26907000 600000 
86 27507000 600000 
87 28107000 600000 
88 28707000 600000 
89 29307000 700000 
90 30007000 700000 
91 30707000 700000 
92 31407000 700000 
93 32107000 700000 
94 32807000 700000 
95 33507000 700000 
96 34207000 700000 
97 34907000 700000 
98 35607000 700000 
99 36307000 700000 

Finally, just a little info on how the derived stats are calculated:

Attack power(non-mages) = Strength + weapon's Attack power
Attack power(mages) = Intelligence + weapon's Attack power
Hit = Dexterity + weapon's Hit
Avoid = Agility + greaves' Avoid
Resist(non-mages) = Intelligence/2
Resist(mages) = Intelligence/2 + weapon's Attack power

Note that Strength and Dexterity seem to have no benefit to mages. So 
use your Golden Eggs and Holy Drops on non-mages instead.

Damage is (ATK-RDM) x damage multiplier for physical attacks,
(MAG-Resist) x damage multiplier for magic attacks.  Because RDM is
subtracted before you multiply, RDM affects all characters equally,
whether they have one strong move or several weaker ones.

The Wait Reaction skill is a magic attack that works like a physical one.  Its 
formula is (MAG-RDM) x multiplier. The multipliers for each level are:

Level 1: x.14
Level 2: x.15
Level 3: x.17
Level 4: x.19
Level 5: x.20
Level 6: x.22
Level 7: x.23
Level 8: x.25

25) Solo games

Just like in Star Ocean 2, you can complete a game with only one character!  
Of course, that character is Valkyrie, since she is the only character who 
can't be removed from the party.  In this section I'll list some of the tips 
you can use to complete your game.  You can also do pseudo-solo games with 
Valkyrie in the back row where she can't attack or be attacked and one other 
character.  So far I've completed a Jelanda game on Easy and a Lawfer game on 

Try Normal difficulty first.  You'll need the Creation items that can't 
be obtained in Easy.

The first dungeon is hell.  You'll be burning elixirs like crazy just to stay 
alive.  Spend your first 20 CP on Counter.  It'll be your main source of 
damage.  When you finally get to level 2, spend your CP on anything that 
increases your Avoid rating (Fight and Hear Noise).  The game get a lot easier 
now.  Divine a Feathered Tiara and wear it for the boss fight.

After the Artolian Mountain Ruins, create a Bolt-Crossbow.  This weapon will 
increase your damage capability and also allow you to guard crush the Dragon 

In each following Chapter, create the strongest 3-hit bow available (except 
Fire Crossbow - it sucks).  These will make the game easy.  Don't use swords.  
The bows inflict much more damage.  The 150 attack Crescent Arrow in Chapter 4 
does more damage than the 1200 attack Icicle Sword!

Some other useful skills are Combo Counter, Auto Item (set Elixir to 100%), 
Slanting Rain.

The best items include Mirror of Pleiades, Earring of Healing (very 
important!), Bracelet of Zoe (you'll need lots of hitpoints towards the end), 
Phoenix Feather (should last you throughout the game - you won't die often).

There is a bad glitch in the game.  If Valkyrie is the only person in the 
party, the game will freeze when an enemy casts a Great Magic.  This includes 
Lezard, Barbarossa, Gandar, Bloodbane, and Surt.  To get by this problem, 
include a second low-level party member and let them die.  The game won't 
freeze as long as you started the battle with at least 2 people.  The game 
will also freeze if Valkyrie tries to perform her bow PWS.

Towards the end of the game you'll have the Gram sword.  It's better than your 
normal bows, especially against high-RDM enemies like Gyne.  However, once you 
get the Elven Bow from the Forest of Spirits, you'll probably want to switch 
back to bows.  The Elven Bow does roughly the same amount of damage as Gram 
with the Reverie skill.

26) Thanks

Keith Rhee for his Best Ending guide
Steven Bruck for his Hard Mode guide
Aryuze RV for his Debug Mode FAQ
F. Pelayo for some great information about Transferring
Zach Keene and RockyTheHercules for the CP costs on skills
SSJVegeta69 and Orlandu17 for much of the Technical Info section
BrandoSerge for the levels you get large DME boosts at
Polizei for the Lucid Potion trick
Lingks for the Concentration glitch
Zach Keene for various help
The RPGDL crew, notably metroid composite, NeoElfboy, and MeepleLard for 
various help
Marcus Sanders, Volatile Hamster, Kojichan, Daniel Choi, Orlandu17, and
Polizei for filling in some of the dropped items
gaiaswill for cracking the solo game glitch
Everyone on the Valkyrie Profile Message Board for their great hints, 
espcially odman01.
CjayC for making Gamefaqs the best source of videogaming information in 
the world

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