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PUBG Best Guns Guide: All of the Best Guns in PUBG for Miramar and Erangel

When you drop into a match against 99 other players, you will want to make sure you have the best guns in PUBG. This will ensure that you have the best odds in your favor whenever you come upon another player. Though it is technically possible to win a match without firing a shot, it’s still important to know all about the best guns in the game.

List of All the Best Guns in PUBG

In order to list all of the best guns in PUBG, we will need to break them down category by category starting with the versatile Assault Rifle class. Here are the best guns in the Assault Rifle class.

List of All the Best Guns in PUBG: Assault Rifles

Scar-L: Let’s kick off the best guns in PUBG by detailing one of the most versatile of all the Assault Rifles. Though it might not pack the same punch as other AR’s, the Scar-L has far less recoil than other ones, giving you the ability to easily control it in a gunfight even at medium range.

List of All the Best Guns in PUBG: LMG

M249: Unfortunately, the M249 is rather tricky to acquire as it is mostly found in drop crates. However, it is more than worth the effort to get it. With its insane firepower and rate of fire, this baby is excellent at laying down cover fire, pounding enemies hiding in buildings, and more.

List of All the Best Guns in PUBG: Pistols

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P18C: Though its damage is lower than most, the high magazine size and the highest rate of fire for a pistol make this bad boy worth a go at the start of a match.

List of All the Best Guns in PUBG: Shotguns

S1897: This shotgun is one of the best. Able to one-shot any unarmored opponent, this baby is great for taking down enemies in close quarters while raiding buildings.

List of All the Best Guns in PUBG: SMG

Vector: The high damage and low recoil give you one of the best options for low range encounters. The only issue is its magazine, so we recommend gentle handling and some precious mods.

List of All the Best Guns in PUBG: Sniper Rifles

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AWM: There is no arguing that the AWM is perhaps the best gun in the game overall. Its damage output ensures that one shot will kill any unarmored enemy and two shots will take care of anyone else. Add to that the fact that any headshot is golden, and you have yourself one of the best guns. Better jump on those drop crates.

List of All the Best Guns in PUBG: Miramar

R45: Of the Miramar exclusive guns, we recommend the R45. This revolver is great as a secondary weapon, with fast reload times and iron sights that make it great for medium range fights. Good luck!