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Best Place to Find Fortnite Supply Llamas: Fortnite Llama Locations

One of the changes that came with the Fortnite 3.3 update is Fortnite Supply Llamas. What is the best place to find Fortnite Supply Llamas? Well, Epic Games provided a few hints about it during a Battle Royale developer update video, which give us an idea of what to expect. Starting with the Season 5 Battle Pass you’re tasked with finding one llama to complete a challenge. We have the scoop on how to find the supply llama locations in Fortnite below.

What Is the Fortnite Supply Llama?

As explained by Epic Games, the Fortnite Supply Llamas “are randomly found around the island, and will help you out in a pinch.” They act similarly to treasure chests and ammo cans, and so drop loot when interacted with.

It isn’t clear what kind of loot the Fortnite Supply Llamas will drop, but with the developers saying that the rewards will help “in a pinch,” we think they will be very powerful, and help to turn the tide of battle. Perhaps they will be less common than airdrops and treasure chests, and contain better loot? We won’t have to wait long to find out!

Fortnite Supply Llamas: Why a Fortnite Llama?

If you haven’t played Fortnite Save the World, you may wonder why a Fortnite Llama is even a thing. Well, in the PvE portion of the game, Llamas are essentially loot boxes, granting random rewards. There’s a huge variety of Llamas to buy and earn, with special variants popping up during events.

Best Place to Find Fortnite Supply Llamas

The Season 5 Battle Pass tasks players with finding a supply llama during a match, but there’s not much hint as to where you can find one. Unfortunately, the llamas spawn in random locations each time you play, so there’s not really any trick to finding one.

There is some consolation though. Three supply llamas spawn in random locations each Fortnite match, and you only need one. Other players will no doubt be scouring the map to find them too, but hey, three chances to find a llama is better than one.