Fortnite Xbox One Crossplay Announced, Players Able to “Opt Out”

Epic Games has announced Fortnite Xbox One crossplay support, allowing Xbox players to play with and against gamers on other platforms. What’s more, a player moving between platforms will enjoy cross-progression and cross-purchases, meaning content won’t have to be bought twice, and rank and Battle Pass tiers will be synced across devices.

Those who don’t want to go up against PC and/or mobile players can “opt out” of crossplay. Players who opt out of crossplaying with others will only face opponents on the same platform.

As explained by Epic Games, the feature is totally optional, but is intended to “make it easier to play together with friends”:

“With each new platform we support and every update we ship, we strive to bring Fortnite to more people, and make it easier to play together with friends. And, as always, cross-play is opt in.”

Fortnite Xbox One Crossplay: Compatible Platforms

fortnite xbox one crossplay

Fortnite Xbox One crossplay means Xbox players will soon be able to play against gamers on Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. The wide array of devices is certainly going to make for some interesting encounters, particularly in the PvP Battle Royale mode.

Unfortunately, the announcement of Fortnite Xbox One crossplay does not mention PS4. It doesn’t look like Sony and Microsoft will be joining forces on this occasion.