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Kingdom Come Deliverance Saddlebags: Where to Get Horse Saddlebags

Weight can be a serious issue in this medieval game, as Henry is only able to carry so many items on his own before he reaches his limit. Thankfully, Kingdom Come Deliverance saddlebags allow you to carry more items in the game. This is great and a sure necessity if you’re looking to carry more armor, weapons, and items.

Kingdom Come Deliverance saddlebags are your best bet at quickly increasing your carry capacity. These upgrade items that you can equip on your personal horse allows your horse to become like a second inventory space to carry around important items that you need or want. Here’s how to get a saddlebag.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Saddlebags: Where to Get Horse Saddlebags

It’s actually surprisingly easy to find Kingdom Come Deliverance saddlebags, but because the game doesn’t exactly explain it to you, you can play hours and hours of the game without realizing they even exist. Here’s where you can find them and buy them for your horse.

You can find Kingdom Come Deliverance saddlebags at almost any major town actually. You simply need to visit any horse merchant where you buy horses and can purchase a saddlebag to equip on your horse. This increases the carry capacity for your horse so you can carry more items around.

Each town’s horse merchant can vary in what Kingdom Come Deliverance saddlebags they offer for sale, so it’s worth traveling around and checking different locales to see which has the best. Also, we recommend checking your horse’s stats because each horse has a different carry capacity stat that affects how much they can carry.