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Fortnite NGINX Forums Error Explained: How to Fix The NGINX Error

The Fortnite NGINX forums and website error is plaguing many users that are attempting to access the official website. This may seem like a weird error, but it is an unfortunate one that is occurring right now and is preventing players from accessing the site for any reason from accessing the forums to reading up on the latest Battle Royale updates.

The Fortnite NGINX error is one that is affecting players across the globe, as almost anyone that attempts to visit Epic Games’ official website will find themselves most likely faced with this error or a simple 404. But why is this happening right now, and what can be done to fix it?

Fortnite NGINX Forums Error Explained: How to Fix The NGINX Error

The reason behind the Fortnite NGINX is a simple one to explain. Quite frankly, there are far too many users trying to visit the official website for the game than the site servers can handle. This overload is causing the website to crash and give users the NGINX forum error.

The Fortnite NGINX 404 error is specifically caused by the launch of the sign ups for the iOS beta invite only test event for Battle Royale. To sign up, users must visit the website and input their details there. With such a massive influx of visitors, the website is simply unable to handle it.

Because of this, the Fortnite NGINX error isn’t easily fixed. This fix is totally in Epic Games’ hands and it will require some patience on your part. We recommend checking the official game Twitter in the meantime, as you can find updates there on the situation. We also recommend attempting to visit the site on a different browser like Chrome or Firefox. Good luck!