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Fortnite Remote Explosives Explained: What They Do, Release Date, More

Epic Games is once again releasing a brand new weapon for players to use in Battle Royale. This time, it’s the Fortnite Remote Explosives. These nifty little bombs are new explosives players will be able to use in the game, adding a new weapon for players to consider when searching houses and such for loot.

The Fortnite Remote Explosives are the latest addition to the wide range of arsenal for players to use in Battle Royale, following up on recent releases like the Sticky Grenade, Crossbow, Hunting Rifle, and more. But what do the Remote Explosives do? Let’s dig deeper into what they do and how you can utilize them.

Fortnite Remote Explosives Explained

The Fortnite Remote Explosives are the latest explosive weapon for players to use. As the name obviously implies, these explosives are similar to a sticky bomb in which they can be placed on a surface and it will stay there until the user remote detonates them from a different location.

Fortnite Remote Explosives open up a whole lot of possibilities for strategy for players to utilize during Battle Royale. The possibilities are seriously endless and it is certain to be a major help during the endgame of each match when the area is really small and it can turn into a cat and mouse chase.

For example, a player could build a fortress to hide in like usual at the end of the match, but can strategically place the Fortnite Remote Explosives below or behind them where they are most vulnerable and give unsuspecting foes a nice surprise.

You could even set up traps to explode and fall on top of enemies that infiltrate your fortress. Of course, you can also use it to blow up other players. The Fortnite Remote Explosives are expected to release this week with the new update.