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COD WW2 The Handler: How to Find the Gun You Get From the New SMG Skills Weekly Order

If you’ve loaded up CoD WW2 since the latest update, you’ll likely have noticed a new Weekly order that rewards you a weapon called The Handler for 100 kills with a silenced SMG. Unfortunately, there’s a glitch with The Handler in CoD WW2 that doesn’t highlight where it’s at once you complete the weekly order. This makes a weapon that seems incredibly easy to get a real frustration when you can’t find out how to equip it. Read on below, and we’ll tell you where to find The Handler in the equipment list.

Call of Duty WW2 The Handler: Where to Find it

The first thing you need to do to get this new gun is to grab the weekly order. It should be available for everyone on all platforms right now, so either hit the HQ and head over to Major Howard and take it, or use the new shortcut on the multiplayer screen to it quicker.

Once you have the order, you need to get 100 silenced SMG kills. This isn’t too hard if you’ve got one with a few attachments. Even an average player should rack up 100 kills in 1-2 hours in CoD WW2 if all they use is an SMG. Even if the Airborne Division isn’t your jam, use this time to level up your favorite SMG, you’ll never know when it’ll come in handy.

What is The Handler in CoD WW2?

Once you have the 100 silenced SMG kills you can turn the weekly order in for The Handler. But wait, where is it? This is where the glitch comes in. Even when you’re rewarded with The Handler in Call of Duty WW2, you won’t get the little green star that usually points out where your newest equipment is.

The Handler actually isn’t a new gun at all. It’s a variant of the M1928 Thompson. You won’t get a notification telling you where it is, but if you look under the M1928 variants, you’ll see it there.

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